A couple silhouetted by the setting sun on a boat out in the water.

Who Is Learning the Lines?

Learning the Lines is not one person; it’s a whole family! If you’re into sailing, you may already know about Learning the Lines.

There’s a wide world on the water. Learning the Lines is about the journey of becoming a part of that world.

If you have a love for the water, then you might want to discover what Learning the Lines is all about. Take a look! 

A couple silhouetted by the setting sun on a boat out in the water.

Who Is Learning the Lines?

Learning the Lines is a family of YouTubers who document their journey of learning how to sail the world. It’s a long journey, and they figured people might want to come along for the ride. 

Their family began with Jordan and Randi Collinet, two high school sweethearts. They have since welcomed two children and become a part of other families worldwide through their informative vlogging.

Though Jordan and Randi graduated from the University of Florida with bachelor’s degrees, they decided that living a “run of the mill” life wasn’t for them. They took to the seas instead.

A marina in the morning sun filled with power and sailboats with the city skyline in the distance.

What Is Learning the Lines Known for? 

Viewers know Learning the Lines best for their visual documentation of their journey. Over the past eight years, the couple has worked with several vessels. They enjoy purchasing and restoring sailing boats, and the best part is sharing their hard work with others. 

In October of 2017, Jordan and Randi happened upon an opportunity for a free boat. The 1978 Endeavor 32 was free on Craigslist, and it was in great need of repair. The couple was happy to take on the project. 

Over the past few years, they have successfully turned an old beater in the harbor into a fully electric cruiser. The vessel, named Freebie, now uses zero fossil fuels to function. The couple and their children live aboard the Freebie, and it’s a comfortable life at that.

If you enjoy a good ol’ DIY boat refab, check out this sailing couple from Brazil: Odd Life Crafting.

Why Does Learning the Lines Travel in a Sailboat?

The Learning the Lines family spends their lives sailing. Boating is their passion, and that passion came from Randi’s father. He, too, loves the water. Randi grew up boating, and she caught the bug for overseas travel early in life. 

Throughout learning to sail and the ins and outs of a vessel, she and her husband uncovered a passion for the process. Their now-famed video journeys began as an attempt to share what they were doing with family, but the YouTube audience caught on quickly. 

For several years, they have supported their lifestyle and explored the world through their YouTube success. They live and play on the S/V Freebie, the 1978 Endeavor 32 they fully restored and converted for solar/electric power. 

A white woman in a tank top and sunglasses smiles as she cruises out on a boat in the water.

Learning the Lines’s Top YouTube Videos

If you want to know what Learning the Lines is all about, you must visit their YouTube channel. Here is a brief overview of a few of their most popular videos. 

Dirt Cheap Fifty-Two Foot Dream Yacht!

A scrapyard boat piques Jordan and Randi’s interest, and they consider buying the yacht!

This video chronicles Jordan and Randi’s journey to check out an old Irwin 52 they spotted in a scrapyard. The vessel is something to behold, but not for the reasons you might think.

It’s a total rehab. The boat’s layout is fascinating, but it’s not in good shape. Randi loves it, while Jordan seems a bit more hesitant to invest. 

Dirt Cheap Sixty-Eight Foot Dream Pirate Ship

While in Florida, Learning the Lines tours a pirate ship for sale.

You won’t see any skull and crossbones flags in this video, but you will get a good look at a 68’ 2007 George Buehler cutter rig. It’s quite a steal at $119,000, as the previous owner may have invested more than a million dollars in the rehab of the vessel before he passed away. 

This Ninety-One Foot Steel Dream Yacht is Astonishing

Take a tour with Jordan and Randi on this custom-built 1957 Feadship with intricate woodwork.

It’s all in the title of this video. The yacht the couple explores in this video blog is stunning. You’ll need some deep pockets to consider purchasing this custom-built 1957 Feadship 91’ motor sailor.

The owner refurbished the vessel in 2017, and it seems they spared no expense in the rebuilding of this historic boat. You’ll enjoy taking the walkthrough with Learning the Lines. 

This Weird Boat Can Take You Anywhere!

Learning the Lines loves to tour unique boats, like this 1995 Pacific Seahouse.

In yet another boat tour, the couple takes you on a journey through a 1995 Pacific Seahouse 32-footer. It’s just a little guy, and Randi doesn’t shy away from pointing out some weird features about the vessel. They conclude that this boat is best for a couple without children. 

Where Can You Connect with Learning the Lines? 

If you are interested in learning more about the lessons and explorations of Learning the Lines, there are many ways to contact the couple.

They don’t shy away from the internet, as social media is a big part of their gig. You can check them out on Instagram and Facebook, and they also have an account with Patreon. You may want to start your investigation by looking up their YouTube channel or visiting their website

Are there any sailing YouTube channels you follow regularly? 

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