A family takes a photo outside of their Class C Motorhome

Why Less Junk More Journey Is Ditching Fifth Wheel for Class C Motorhome

Would you go from a fifth wheel to a Class C motorhome? That’s precisely what Less Junk More Journey is doing. This article will explore why and what it means for their YouTube channel. 

Let’s start by getting a sneak peek inside their Class C motorhome. We’ll also tell you more about their upcoming trip. 

Buckle up, and let’s go.

A family takes a photo outside of their Class C Motorhome

Famous YouTubers “Less Junk More Journey” Ditch New 5th Wheel for Class C Motorhome

Nathan and Marissa of Less Junk More Journey are two of the OG RV YouTubers. They live full-time in a 40’ Grand Design Solitude fifth wheel and travel the country documenting their journey.

Along with their two young children, they teach others about RVing, provide gear reviews, and cover some of the most epic family-friendly destinations. 

Recently, they’ve decided to ditch their fifth wheel for a 24’ Class C motorhome. That’s right; they’re packing a family of four into a tiny motorized RV. They’ll travel down the west coast of California in a 2018 Winnebago Minnie Winnie.

But don’t worry, they’ll keep their fifth wheel too. While they feel slightly concerned about how to pack for a trip in the Class C RV, they’re excited about the journey.

LJMJ’s West Coast Roadtrip Plan

Less Junk More Journey (LJMJ) has always wanted to explore the west coast of California. They’ll spend a couple of months embarking on the road trip in their Class C RV. They plan to drive Highway 1, see the redwood forest, Yosemite National Park, Big Sur, and more.

A small RV will make the trip much more manageable than towing a large fifth wheel. So LJMJ will make the trip in their Class C while towing their Jeep behind. 

Why a Small RV Is Better for Traveling the West Coast

The west coast of California has a lot of windy and tight roads. Therefore, traveling with a large rig can be challenging and dangerous. This is one of the reasons LJMJ decided to take a small RV on the trip. 

Additionally, a small RV works better for traveling the west coast for all of the fantastic national parks. Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to find a large enough campsite for big rigs in national parks.

Since LJMJ’s fifth wheel is 40’, they can rarely get into a national park. But with the small Class C motorhome, they can seamlessly navigate campgrounds and stop in parking lots along the way. 

In the showdown between East Coast versus West Coast: who has the best camping?

Class C Motorhomes Versus Fifth Wheels

There are pros and cons to both Class C motorhomes and fifth wheels. The most obvious difference is that a Class C is motorized while a fifth wheel is a pull-behind.

A fifth wheel requires having a truck to tow it. Both a Class C and fifth wheel setup will require engines to maintain. 

Practically speaking, one of the biggest reasons someone chooses a fifth wheel over a Class C motorhome is the living space.

They have a lot more space and take on the feel of a small apartment. You can even find layouts with two bedrooms, lofts, kitchen islands, walk-in pantries, two bathrooms, laundry, and more. 

Additionally, a fifth wheel is an excellent option for more extended stays or stationary RVers. In contrast, a Class C motorhome is more conducive to long road trips and getting off the beaten path.

Why Did LJMJ Choose a 24ft Minnie Winnie Class C Motorhome?

LJMJ chose a 2018 Winnebago Minnie Winnie for their two-month west coast road trip. The 24’ motorhome can sleep up to five people. As a family of four, they’ll have two people sleep on the rear corner double bed and two people on the bunk over the cab. 

The u-shaped dinette also converts into a bed if they need extra space. Plus, it has room for the family to enjoy meals and lounge. And it has seatbelts for the kids to sit while driving.

A Class C Motorhome parked in a desert campground surrounded by short trees and picnic tables.

The Minnie Winnie has a full bathroom and a small kitchen. One thing that it does lack is storage space, but it does have a nice size wardrobe.

Nathan and Marissa will have to do some problem-solving to get all of their clothes and essentials to fit. But since Less Junk More Journey is their name, we don’t think they’ll have any issues.

The Minnie Winnie sits on a Ford E350 chassis with a 7.3L V8 premium engine. It has a trailer hitch capacity of 7,000 lbs, so they can easily tow their Jeep.

It also has good safety features such as LP, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors. And it has a child seat tether anchor for their youngest.

Are They Worried About West Coast Fuel Prices?

Fuel prices have risen and typically cost more in California, no matter what. So one of the reasons that LJMJ is traveling the route in a small Class C RV is fuel prices.

They’ll likely get better gas mileage in a gas-powered Class C than with their diesel engine truck pulling a heavy fifth wheel. 

Are California Camping Reservations Impossible?

LJMJ is trying to book campgrounds with short notice. Unfortunately, this isn’t the best idea for reservations in California during the spring or summer.

Typically, we recommend booking far in advance because the campgrounds fill up quickly, especially near the coast. 

But it’s not impossible to find some open spots, especially if you have a small rig. Going with the 24’ Class C motorhome, LJMJ has better chances of getting last-minute reservations than if they had their fifth wheel.

In addition, they can more easily boondock in parking lots or other places in a small RV.

A lone Class A motorhome parked in a flat campground in the mountains. overlooking the peaks.

How Much Does It (Usually) Cost to Rent a Motorhome for 2 Months?

Renting a motorhome can be a great idea to get your feet wet in RVing or for a short trip. But it can be pricey.

Renting a standard Class C motorhome from a company like Cruise America costs close to $400 per night in California. You’ll find varying prices if you rent from an individual motorhome owner on a website like Outdoorsy. 

The same model and year that LJMJ will travel in costs about $170 a night from Outdoorsy in Los Angeles. If you plan to rent a motorhome, shop around a little before booking something. And always read the reviews and fine print if renting from an individual.

Where Can You Follow Less Junk More Journey’s Travels?

We highly recommend subscribing to Less Junk More Journey’s YouTube channel. They also have a website full of everything you need to know about RVing. Additionally, you can find them on Instagram and Facebook. 

Nathan, Marissa, and their kids are inspiring to watch navigate full-time RV life and travel the country. And we think you’ll particularly like them because they’re real about the ups and downs of it all.

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