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Who Is Hourless Life?

It seems like people have jumped on the full-time travel bandwagon in recent years. Individuals, couples, and families embrace the lifestyle as remote work and learning become widely adopted by many.

However, some have been doing it long before it was popular. If you’ve not discovered Eric, Brittany, and Caspian Highland of Hourless Life, we’re about to introduce you to an incredible family. Let’s take a closer look at them and see how their story can inspire you!

The Backstory of Hourless Life

Eric and Brittany hit the road full-time in 2014. Then their son, Caspian, was born in 2016.

That means their son has spent his entire life on the road. That’s a pretty epic way to spend your childhood!

It wasn’t until 2018 that the Highlands came across the idea of driving around the world. They had two international overlanding adventures to Mexico and fell in love with everything about the lifestyle. On October 9, 2021, Hourless Life crossed the US border into Mexico to start their epic international adventure.

As a family, their mission is to “Love. Explore. Study. Share.” Everything they do as a family and on their channels is to help fulfill their mission.

They want to love people while exploring and studying the world around them, and they want to share their experiences with others. They seek to inspire and encourage others to either follow in their tracks or create a whole new path for themselves.

What Type of Vehicle Does Hourless Life Travel With?

While many travelers hit the road in RVs, Hourless Life travels in a Jeep Gladiator they’ve named Dauntless. However, this isn’t just any Jeep Gladiator.

Over seven weeks, the couple visited a handful of different shops to get their Gladiator ready for a 10 to 15-year journey around the world. They upgraded their suspension and electrical system and added an auxiliary fuel tank, among other mechanical upgrades.

They have a solid understanding that you’re never really done upgrading a vehicle of this sort. However, while they may have had less money in their bank account after the build, they had everything they needed to hit the road. 

A Jeep Gladiator drives down a two track through the woods.

The Future Travel Plans of Hourless Life

They plan to travel the world as a family for the next 10 to 15 years and see every habitable continent. They plan to raise their family on the road and share their adventures with their followers.

The Top 3 YouTube Videos from Hourless Life

Hourless Life shares their adventures on their YouTube channel. Here are three of their most popular videos that will give you a taste of what to expect from them.

#1. Jeep Gladiator Overland Build

Watch the install of the Alu-Cab Canopy Camper on Hourless Life’s Jeep.

In this video, Hourless Life installs the Alu-Cab Canopy Camper on top of their Jeep Gladiator. This will serve as the family’s living quarters and, with pricing starting at over $9,000 for these, it was their most expensive upgrade to their Gladiator.

Eric did an incredible job documenting the installation and narrating it, so you know exactly what is taking place and why they chose this product for their home on wheels.

#2. US Overlanding Travel Log

Explore Moab with the Hourless Life family.

Hourless Adventure shot this travel vlog while overlanding in Moab, Utah. They joined their friend Chris for a trail run and camping adventure, and met another full-time overlanding family that’s also planning to drive around the world.

They brought viewers along as they explored Moab and all that it offered. If you’re considering a trip to Moab, they did an incredible job of showing how much adventure the area offers.

#3. Overlanding 101: A Day in the Life

What the day-to-day is like for a family living the overland life.

Are you considering the overlanding life? Eric and Brittany capture what an entire day of overlanding as a family looks like in this 44-minute video.

They cover everything from their morning routine, packing up, what a typical day looks like, finding a new spot, setting up camp, and their evening routine. You get a true sense of what life is like for this family on the road. 

Where Else Can You Follow Hourless Life?

You can follow their adventures by visiting their website or following them on Instagram and Twitter. If they inspire you to take your own adventures, make sure you tag them to let them know!

A man swings over a lake with a waterfall crashing into it

Be Inspired for Your Own Adventure

Hourless Life inspires families and others who dream of traveling and seeing the world. Their goal is to love, explore, study, and share for not only the next 10 to 15 years, but for the rest of their lives.

With their adventures on full display, they can now inspire you to embark on your own exciting journey. Step out of your comfort zone and see what the world is like while overlanding. You never know what you’ll learn about yourself. 

We’re excited to see where their travels take them and what kind of adventures they get into as a family. 

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you travel?

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