Is Enjoythejourney.Life Breaking Up?

Tom and Cheri, of YouTube channel Enjoythejourney.Life, have hit a bump in the road. Broken bones and angry viewers are just a few of the issues they address in their recent video. Some are evening asking if it’s time to throw in the towel.

Let’s dive in and see!

Why Is Logan Leaving the Channel?

While Cheri and Logan were visiting family in South Carolina, Logan fell while skateboarding and broke his leg in two places. He initially decided to stay in South Carolina with friends while he recovered.

However, during that time, he and his friends searched for a house for all of them to live in.

Cheri then flew alone back to Tom at the RV. Logan had joined Tom and Cheri on their journey for nearly six months, but it seems that has come to an end.

The couple will continue on without him, though Logan will still assist with the channel’s editing behind the scenes.

Why Are Their Viewers Pissed Off?

In a previous video, Tom shared the secret to finding reservations while traveling full-time. A few viewers didn’t like some of the tactics that Tom and Cheri used to achieve this. But you can’t please everyone, and Tom and Cheri certainly don’t mind ruffling a few feathers every now and then.

One viewer didn’t like that the couple spent weeks in the Florida Keys, which is often a hard-to-get location. They thought it was excessive and that the couple should have been considerate of others by limiting their stays in areas known for high demand.

Another viewer didn’t like that Tom suggested booking a site for a month and not staying for the entirety of the reservation. The viewer complained that it was selfish and prevented other RVers from booking stays.

In the video’s comments, several people complained about a website Tom suggested using. It allows campers to create searches that automatically alert the user when sites that meet their criteria become available. Viewers felt this provided an unfair advantage and made it even more difficult to book sites at a time when campgrounds are often full.

It’s easy to understand the frustrations of these viewers. Finding camping spots has become increasingly difficult in the past year as RVing has gained popularity. It can be difficult to hear stories of other RVers getting to spend weeks in a location you can only dream about. 

With such high demand for RV parks and campgrounds, it’s only a matter of time before the market responds. We should start seeing new campgrounds popping up all over the country in the coming years.

Where Will the Channel Go from Here?

Tom and Cheri seem set on continuing their journey by using the resources they described in their video.

The couple has since installed a solar battery and plans to spend extended periods of time boondocking. Tom hopes to convince Cheri to attempt 30+ days of boondocking, but Cheri seems unconvinced for now. 

With summer quickly approaching and campgrounds filling up like never before, they will need that solar battery more than ever. Being able to boondock during the busiest times of the year will grant them access to camping spots that are less in-demand than typical RV parks and campgrounds.

Learn More About

If you’d like to learn more about Tom and Cheri there are several ways to connect with them and follow their journey. You can visit their website, connect with them on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, or join their insider community. You may even get lucky and get to be neighbors with them on your next adventure!

Tom and Cheri share the good, the bad, and the ugly of full-time RVing and often take a lot of heat for doing so. You don’t reach their status on YouTube without having a thick skin. 

Do you have any reservation secrets you’d share with other RVers?

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