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RV Unplugged Winners Show Off Their New RV

Would you participate in a reality competition show hosted by Todd from the National RV Training Academy?

What if we added Phil and Stacy from Today Is Someday as your coaches? That’s precisely what Irene Iron Travels and other RVers chose to do last year with the opening season of RV Unplugged.

Let’s learn more about the show and the 2023 winners!

Who Is Irene Iron Travels?

Aaron, Chris, and their two dogs are Irene Iron Travels. The name comes from their online fitness and nutrition coaching business, Irene Iron Fitness.

Chris is a NASM-certified personal trainer and Precision Nutrition Level 2 nutrition coach, while Aaron runs the website and YouTube channel.

Irene Iron Travels is a full-time RVing couple that hit the road in January 2019 in an Airstream Interstate Class B.

After more than two years in the van, they moved into a rooftop tent. They spent about five months in the rooftop tent before buying an Outdoors RV travel trailer.

Today, you’ll discover they have changed rigs again and own a 33-foot fifth wheel.

Irene Iron Travels shares their adventures on YouTube and Instagram. They currently have over 57,000 YouTube subscribers and almost 7,600 Instagram followers.

What Is RV Unplugged?

RV Unplugged is a competition series on YouTube. Phil and Stacy from Today Is Someday are the competition coaches.

It’s a “series that will put your skills and endurance to the test. Whether you’re a seasoned RVer or just starting out, this is your chance to showcase your skills and win big.”

Contestants live in their RV while facing challenges like cooking, building, exploring, and surviving.

Various episodes featured contestants ziplining across rugged terrain, building a solar-powered system to make the perfect margarita, and winning a game of capture the flag.

Season One is in the books, and Season Two will start in June 2024. 

What Did Irene Iron Travels Win From RV Unplugged?

Irene Iron Travels won RV Unplugged and went home with $10,000.

But, by participating in the competition, Aaron and Chris formed connections with Alliance RV.

Now, they not only upgraded their travel trailer to an Alliance fifth wheel, but they’re brand ambassadors.

What RV Did Irene Iron Travels Upgrade To?

After winning RV Unplugged, Irene Iron Travels became brand ambassadors with Alliance RV, one of the newest brands to hit the RV industry.

The duo and their lovable pups upgraded their travel trailer to an Alliance Paradigm 295MK. This unit is the shortest of the Paradigm lineup at 33 feet 3 inches.

The floorplan typically includes a rear sleeper sofa, entertainment center with an electric fireplace, dual reclining loveseat, free-standing dinette, kitchen island that’s prepped for a dishwasher, residential 12-volt refrigerator, and second countertop area with a stove.

The front of the fifth wheel has the bedroom with a king bed, a huge wardrobe closet that’s prepped for a washer and dryer, a flip-top dresser at the foot of the bed, and a standard bathroom.

Irene Iron Travels made some custom changes to the floorplan, which we’ll look at closer below.

What Does Irene Iron Travels Love About Their Alliance Paradigm 295MK?

Because Aaron and Chris are working with Alliance RV, they were able to make specific changes to the floor plan to suit their travel lifestyle better.

They eliminated the dinette, installed a queen bed instead of a king, sliced the cabinetry in the bathroom, and replaced the sofa in the rear with a wall-to-wall desk.

1. Mud Room Entryway Instead Of Dinette

When you enter the Alliance Paradigm 295MK, you usually have a dinette to the left of the entry door.

However, Irene Iron Travels chose to use that space for a mud room entryway and a place for the dogs instead.

Now, they have a place to store shoes, hang coats, set up dog bowls, and whatever else they choose to do with that space.

2. Queen Bed Instead of King

In the bedroom, they decided to go with a queen bed, although Aaron thought they’d like the king-sized option.

Chris wanted a smaller bed to allow for space to walk around.

She also felt like the room would feel bigger with a smaller bed. They’re happy with that decision.

3. Bathroom Upgrades

Aaron and Chris love the upgraded countertop in the bathroom.

It lightens the bathroom space since the standard option is dark.

They also asked for the cabinetry to be sliced so that there’s usable space on the countertop to put lotion, toothbrushes, hair products, etc.

They love how it turned out and didn’t lose much storage space by choosing this option.

4. Bedroom Storage

The flip-top dresser at the foot of the bed and the huge wardrobe closet offer much more storage than they had in their travel trailer.

The drawers of the dresser at magnetically strong so they won’t open during travel.

And Chris is excited to have the washer and dryer added to their rig.

5. Desk In Living Area

Finally, Aaron and Chris are trying out a rear desk option for Alliance RV.

The desk is eight feet long, and 110-volt and USB plugs are at either end.

There are three drawers in the center that separate the two workspaces.

It looks beautiful and really opens the living space. They’re excited to try it out and see how it works for their travel lifestyle.

Follow Irene Iron Travels And Their Adventures In Their New Alliance Paradigm!

Just one week after leaving with their new Alliance Paradigm, Aaron and Chris experienced their first problems and acknowledged that even new RVs will have issues. But they’re very happy with their new fifth wheel.

They’ve since upgraded their boondocking capabilities by installing 2750 watts of Rich solar panels, four Battle Born Battery Game Changers, and dual Victron Multiplus II inverters in parallel.

If you want to follow Irene Iron Travels, check them out on YouTube or Instagram. They upload a video about once a week and include all kinds of topics related to RVing, from suspension upgrades to dry camping experiences to must-visit stops in the U.S.

Check them out today!

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