A black and white photo of a man with a shocked expression on his face and the word 'exposed' written over his face.

RV Odd Couple EXPOSED by Visitors to Their Campground

If you follow RVers on YouTube, you’ve probably heard of the RV Odd Couple. John and Mercedes are perhaps the most controversial RVers on the internet, and they tend to say and do things that make heads turn.

So why did Jason and Dellynn of Our Not So Perfect life choose to expose them, and what did they learn as a result? 

In this article, we discuss what the most explosive YouTube RV couple is like behind the scenes and what it means for other YouTubers. Let’s dig in. 

A black and white photo of a man with a shocked expression on his face and the word 'exposed' written over his face.

The RV Odd Couple: RVing’s Most Controversial YouTubers

Meet John and Mercedes from The RV Odd Couple. They once had a beautiful home on the ocean in Florida with dolphins swimming in their backyard.

They looked like they had it all; a boat in the backyard and holiday decorations adorning the exterior. But inside, everything was falling apart.

According to the RV Odd Couple, Mercedes had filed for divorce, and they were living in separate areas of the house. To give their marriage a fighting chance, they knew they had to give up everything and start with a clean slate. 

After moving into an RV full-time, they now share the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of their lives on YouTube. They don’t shy away from expressing their opinions, and they don’t sugarcoat their life.

Love them or hate them, John and Mercedes keep it real because they know how exhausting it is to wear a facade. 

The Real RV Odd Couple, EXPOSED by Campground Visitors

In January of 2022, RV YouTubers ‘Our Not So Perfect Life’ decided to take a trip to the RV Odd Couple’s campground. Like their YouTube channel, things were less than perfect.

Construction vehicles were everywhere, and piles of gravel were ready for leveling. It was a clear work-in-progress with much potential.

With John’s seemingly hot head, what do you think happened when a massive dump truck became deeply stuck in the mud at their campground?

A dump truck stuck in the mud.

He grabbed his skid steer and calmly helped the driver out of the messy situation, of course. Yes, it turned out that despite John and Mercedes’s abrasive YouTube style, they have genuine hearts of gold.

They wanted nothing more than to provide the best experience for visitors and workers at their campground, and they never shy away from an opportunity to serve others. 

Why Did the ‘Our Not So Perfect Life’ YouTube Channel Expose the RV Odd Couple?

So, why did Our Not So Perfect Life choose to “expose” the RV Odd Couple? They, too, embrace the concept of a beautifully imperfect life.

Jason and Dellynn live in their RV full-time to get the most out of life and “make everyday life beautiful.” They wanted to know who John and Mercedes were behind the YouTube Channel.

It turned out that they were the same people they portrayed themselves to be. They’re real people with imperfect lives and big hearts. 

Watch the video below and see for yourself! 

How Audiences Responded to the Exposed Truth

How did viewers react to the exposed truth about The RV Odd Couple? With nothing but positivity! The RV community deeply values authenticity.

One viewer commented: “Kudos to you! Loved the “YouTube Twist!” You showcased another (and yourselves) in a most delightful, clever, humorous and respectful manner!  Your hard work comes through and is such a source of entertainment and fun! (Believe me we can all use a little more of that these days!) Thank you and keep it up!”

Another said: “I just KNEW it was going to be super positive. Those guys are so authentic. I think of all the channels I’m subbed to for RV’s, I TRUST these two. And I really enjoy their passion. Even John’s!”

Believe us; these are just two of many!

Are YouTubers Fake?

Does all this love for authenticity shine light on the gilded age of RVing? Is RV life glamorized too much on YouTube and social media? Some may wonder if other RV YouTubers are fake. 

The answer to these questions depends on who you ask. If you ask us, however, YouTubers pick and choose what parts of their lives they share for many legitimate reasons.

People can have privacy, and just because they aren’t sharing all their interpersonal conflicts, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re being “fake.” However, there is a real hunger for content that shows the reality of living in a home that moves, and we will always applaud those who dare to show up authentically. 

A woman with an excited and shocked expression on her face as she reads something on her smart phone in a cafe.

Who is ‘Our Not So Perfect Life’? 

Our Not So Perfect Life is a YouTube channel created by Jason and Dellynn where they document their adventures living full-time in their fifth wheel with their two kids and dog. Like the RV Odd Couple, Jason and Dellynn want to get the most out of life through adventure and keeping it real, even on the internet.

Their videos show what real RV life looks like and not just the highlights. Their content is an apparent attempt to give viewers an unfiltered look at full-time travel. While they were following The RV Odd Couple, they had never met them in person, and it’s refreshing to get an honest behind-the-scenes look at their lives. 

Where Else Can You Find ‘Our Not So Perfect Life’? 

In addition to YouTube, you can find Our Not So Perfect Life on Facebook and Instagram. If you’re interested in accurate content that doesn’t glamorize RV life but instead takes an exciting and authentic look at this alternative way of living, follow them on social media platforms and subscribe to their YouTube channel! We promise you; it won’t be boring!

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