A woman in a swimsuit reaching for something on a bed in a luxurious bunk near the ocean sunset.

Would You Stay at a ‘Glampground’?

Although tent camping is an extremely popular pastime, some avoid it because of several uncomfortable characteristics. Maybe staying at a glampground might change your opinion of the great outdoors. 

Some people don’t enjoy sleeping on the ground, and inclement weather can turn a tent into a muddy wet mess. Some campsites have no restrooms and showers, and you can’t really wire a tent for an air conditioner. 

But you can avoid all of these negative details and still have a night under the stars in comfort. Glampgrounds are the new take on tent camping. They embellish the best parts of traditional campgrounds with upgraded elegance, comfort, and high-end amenities.

A woman in a swimsuit reaching for something on a bed in a luxurious bunk near the ocean sunset.

Glamp + Campground = Glampground. Get It?

Who wouldn’t want to experience camping with all of the glamour of a five-star hotel? Experience feather-light memory foam beds adorned with goose-down comforters and a hot tub right out your canvas door. 

A “glampground” offers the perfect mixture of lodging amid Mother Nature with the pampering of a boutique lodge. Glampgrounds take tent camping to a luxurious level. 

What Is Considered Glamping? 

Normal tent camping consists of staying in a simple tent surrounded by nature. On the other hand, glamping expands the camping experience with more comfort, luxury, and access to modern amenities. 

Glamping tents become much larger with a voluminous bed and other furniture. Lighting is a key element, with electricity readily available. So a private coffee maker is not out of the question.

And running water with access to a private bath makes glamping a pampered experience in the outdoors.

A woman relaxes in a secluded hammock with canvas glampground tents behind her.

Have you heard of Autocamp? These glamping sites allow you to just enjoy the destination in a tent or RV site — and you just have to show up!

The Difference Between Camping and Glamping

The overall distinction between camping and glamping is the exposure to comfort and elegant amenities. Glamping still offers great outdoor encounters without the uncomfortable aspects of tent camping. 

Sure, it may cost five or six times as much as a typical campsite, but considering the convenience of lodging amenities offered and a cozy bed, the price difference may be worth it. Add in the spectacular views, and you’ve got a winning combination of relaxation and outdoor living.

What to Expect at a Glampground

A glampground often has luxury and comfort. Although many glamping sites may differ in their features and amenities, all include aspects of elegant relaxation. A typical glampground may have several glampsites spread out without interaction between glampers. 

You won’t often find glamping tents packed in like sardines. You can stay in a large canvas tent, cabin, yurt, treehouse, or others, usually erected on a platform. 

Each glampsite may have a fire pit or even a gas grill and private bathroom facilities. Many offer wood stoves and air conditioners, all within their structures.

Inside a wooden constructed cabin with a big chandelier at glampground.

Dining at some glamping sites may consist of succulent meals prepared by a chef or BBQ at a cowboy kitchen. Or it might have a charcuterie board or a sack lunch for the day’s adventure. Check each listing for its unique offerings.

Most glampsites have a theme or consist of teepees, yurts, and covered wagons. You may find an entire glampground of retro Airstreams or log cabins. And some specialize in unique adventures tied to their theme or location. 

One example is a glampground next to a glacier. Along with your nightly stay, you can choose to take a helicopter ride to the top for a hike on the ice. The themes and activities at glampgrounds around the world are endless, limited only by the imagination of their hosts.

Where Can You Find a Glampground? 

Most glampgrounds take advantage of locations near scenic destinations. In fact, many glampgrounds are the attraction.

You may find them in the middle of a vineyard or on a glacier. Or they may have a collection of Airstream RVs or canvas tents overlooking a national park. 

Glampgrounds can be anywhere that offers adventure mixed with comfort and chic lodging. A few websites specialize in central reservations, including Glamping Hub, Collective Retreats, and even Booking.com, which filters great glamping sites. HipCamp also handles some listings. 

A woman enjoys a hot cu of coffee near her glampground tent opening as it softly rains in the morning.

How Much Does It Cost to Stay at a Glampground?

Depending on the destination, glampground prices usually start around $150 a night. Some more extravagant glampsites can cost over $600 a night, but you’ll also pay for that unique experience.

You can find glampgrounds in other countries that offer amazing cultural and outdoor adventures. Keep that in mind when researching where you want to stay.

Do Glamping Tents Have Toilets? 

Because glampgrounds specialize in comfort and elegance, most provide restrooms and showers. They may have shared facilities but are still close to the site. 

Many even provide special amenities like hot tubs, pools, or nearby creeks and lakes. The goal of glamping is to stay somewhere stunning, where you can feel pampered and still enjoy everything nature offers.

Geometric glamping houses with a stunning mountain view.

Is It Worth Staying at a Glampground?

A glampground can re-establish your love of tent camping, bypassing the hard ground bed. It provides luxurious lodging amid spectacular natural landscapes.

You will want for nothing and still enjoy waking up to the sounds of Mother Nature. Find yourself indulging in an adventure outside the canvas walls and spa-like comfort inside.

For a unique experience in an unusual setting, staying at a glampground can take your camping trip up a level. In fact, you may never want to return to a typical campground after dabbling in the glamping phenomena.

You may become spoiled by the attention paid to your every need, making a glampground your new favorite camping destination.

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