Couple sailing on a trimaran

Popular YouTubers Try Trimaran Sailing for the First Time

Get ready to set sail with famous YouTube stars Gone With The Wynns as they try something new: trimaran sailing!

In this post, we’ll look at what makes this boat unique, from its three hulls to its speed and storage capacity. We’ll also discuss how much it costs to own one of these boats and compare it to the more common catamaran.

We’ll also get the Wynns’ thoughts on their fantastic adventure as they explore the world of trimaran sailing for the very first time!

Let’s dive in!

Who Are Gone With the Wynns? 

Gone With The Wynns is a dynamic duo of content creators/documentarians traveling the world since 2011. Their quest is to avoid what they call “sedentary lifeaphobia” (or fear of living stationary). They are Jason and Nikki Wynn.

Since their journey began, they have traveled by various methods, from a van to an RV to a sailboat. They’ve taken part in some fantastic experiences and visited destinations near and far. They have documented their traveling lives with vlogs, photos, and writing.

Gone With The Wynns show how to live a rewarding and exciting nomadic lifestyle without sacrificing financial security or personal well-being. This couple exemplifies what’s possible when you blaze your path instead of settling into one place.

Couple sailing on a trimaran

What Are Gone With the Wynns Known for? 

The Gone With the Wynns duo has become famous for RVing, sailing, and their nomadic, adventurous lifestyles. They traveled the world in their van, RV, and sailboat, experiencing unique places and adventures.

The couple documented their journey with vlogs, photos, and writing to inspire others to follow in their footsteps. They have shared tips about RV ownership, travel planning, and more.

In addition to inspiring adventurers and being content creators, Gone With the Wynns are passionate sailors who have sailed across oceans as part of their nomadic lifestyle.

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What Is a Trimaran?

A trimaran is a sailing vessel with three hulls. It is usually larger than a catamaran, and two smaller outrigger hulls flank the main hull. This design makes it one of the fastest multi-hull sailboats.

Trimarans typically have much more storage space and roomier cabins and decks than other sailboats. They also tend to be much safer in rougher seas due to their stability, making them ideal for long-distance journeys or voyages with multiple people.

Aerial view of a trimaran sailing boat on the water

Why Did Gone With the Wynns Sail a Trimaran? 

Gone With the Wynns sailed a trimaran to gain experience piloting a performance multihull sailboat. They’re awaiting delivery of their custom-built performance catamaran. 

The opportunity to sail a trimaran arose when the Wynns announced to their followers that they wanted to gain more experience sailing performance multi-hull sailboats. A couple of their Patreon Patrons – Katy Lynch and Craig Ulliott of Sailing Supernova – offered to let them sail their trimaran from Charleston, SC, and deliver it in Miami.

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What Did Gone With the Wynns Think of the Trimaran versus Their Catamaran?

The Wynns were adamant that they preferred their catamaran to the trimaran. At the same time, Katy and Craig were as devout regarding their preference for the trimaran over their previous sailboat, a catamaran. There are many differences, but much of it seemed to boil down to the size of the vessels and simplicity versus complexity for both couples.

Though they prefer their catamaran, Jason and Nikki pointed out that they based their opinion on one experience sailing a trimaran. They also said that much of their belief was due to personal preferences.

Friends sailing on a trimaran

How Much Do Trimarans Cost? 

Trimaran sailboats come in many styles and sizes, so their cost can vary significantly. Generally, larger trimarans tend to be more expensive than smaller ones, with some models costing tens of thousands of dollars or more, depending on features and condition.

For those looking to save money while enjoying the excitement of owning a trimaran, second-hand vessels are always an option. These boats may have some wear and tear from previous use; however, they can often be a good value for money and provide as much enjoyment as newer models.

But what do they cost? Lower-end, classic-styled trimarans can cost $3,000 to $5,000. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Trimarans can range to full-blown yachts fetching millions of dollars, leaving ample room for everything in between.

Is a Liveaboard Sailboat Worth It?

After experiencing life aboard a catamaran and a trimaran sailboat, the Wynns still believe a liveaboard sailboat is worth it.

A liveaboard sailboat offers unprecedented comfort and freedom, allowing you to explore far-reaching destinations and beautiful landscapes in style. With its stability and storage capacity, there’s endless potential for adventure and fun.

Gone With The Wynns has proved that sailing in a catamaran or a trimaran is exceptional. They’ve also become a fantastic resource, inspiring others to live their best, most adventurous lives!

Would you travel by boat? If so, what kind of boat would suit your adventures?

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