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Who Is Christian Schaffer?

If you love the beauty of North America, like to travel, and minimalism seems appealing, then you might want to know more about Christian Schaffer. She is a travel photographer, a van life enthusiast, and a symbol of strength and independence for young women looking to take hold of their creative spirit. 

You may already know her work. If you have yet to investigate what she’s all about, how about now? Immerse yourself in a tiny glimpse of Christian Schaffer’s work, and allow yourself a moment to be inspired. 

Who Is Christian Schaffer?

Christian Schaffer is a woman who lives life by her own rules. She is a traveler, photographer, content creator, and much more. She is also self-taught and adventurous, and her art presents an undisputed vision of inspiration and freedom. 

What Is Christian Schaffer Known For? 

Christian Schaffer is best known for her knowledge of van life, nature photography, and YouTube channel. She also has a respectable social media following that helped launch her forward in her freelancing career. 

Her photography has a whimsical theme that has become a trademark for her as an artist. She has worked hard to weave all of her interests into one lucrative career over the past decade, and there’s certainly no shame in her game. 

Distant mountain ranges colored pink, purple, and blue by the morning light. Image © Christian Schaffer.
© Christian Schaffer

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Why Did Christian Start Vanlife?

Throughout her life, Christian Schaffer has been a pretty transient individual. She has traveled to more than 36 countries and lived in five. She was born in Arkansas, grew up in Wisconsin, and went to college in Hawaii. Traveling has always been a part of her life. 

From college, Schaffer slid into a corporate position for Abercrombie and Fitch. After figuring out that working a stuffy corporate job wasn’t her thing, she tried to settle down in California, working a handful of freelance jobs. However, the travel/exploration bug in her bones would not sit silently for long. 

The back hatch of a camper van open towards the ocean as the sun sets.

Soon Christian decided to take her skills on the road. Self-taught photography skills have taken her far. She started her road journeys in a 4×4 Xterra and now travels North America in a 2019 Ram ProMaster 1500 that she fully customized. She’s a true entrepreneurial success story. 

Christian Schaffer’s Top Youtube Videos

If you want to learn more about Christian Schaffer, dive into her creations firsthand. Check out some of her photography on her Instagram, but don’t overlook the knowledge you can soak up from her YouTube videos. Here are a few of the top videos on her channel. 

VAN TOUR | Solo Female Photographer Lives Full-Time on the Road

Christian gives a tour of her home, and office, on wheels.

In this “Van Tour” video, Christian Schaffer really gives viewers an in-depth tour of her Ram ProMaster van. Schaffer says she designed the interior to look like her last apartment. She matched the colors and even reused her throw pillows. 

She wanted a truly comfortable space to call home that included a usable workspace too. Her van has a two-burner stove, a bed a little larger than queen-sized, a cassette toilet, a sink, and much more. It also has two solar panels for power. Take a look at the video to get the full scoop. 

10 Reasons Why Van Life SUCKS

Four years into life on the road, Christian opens up about the tough parts of van life.

Another notable video of Christian Schaffer on her YouTube channel explains the not so pretty aspects of van life. You can respect that Schaffer isn’t just presenting van life with only roses and butterflies. She’s letting people know the authentic parts of living on the road in a van. 

For instance, showering means that you have to find a rest stop, campgrounds, or gym. Doing your laundry means sitting at the laundromat for a while.

Schaffer explains how difficult it is to get mail and a few of the things you have to sacrifice when living a transient lifestyle. Check it out. 

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I’ve Lived in a Vehicle for Three Years. I Now Have $150K

Christian breaks down the costs you’ll have to consider when living full-time on the road, from insurance and vehicle maintenance, to internet and taxes.

Don’t stop digging until you take the time to listen to what Christian Schaffer has to say about the financial side of living in a van. This video explains how her expenses changed between living in an apartment, living in her Nissan Xterra, and living in her Ram ProMaster 1500. 

If you get bored with the numbers in the middle of the video, stick it out. The end picture of the difference in how money flushes out on the road is an essential aspect to grasp if you’re considering a shift to van life yourself. 

Where Else Can You Find Christian Schaffer? 

Now that you know about her, you might want to dig in more. Well, you’re in luck! In addition to her well-stocked YouTube channel, you can learn more from her website. This is one place to get a peek at and purchase her photography. 

Her Instagram is also an excellent spot for enjoying her visual talents. If you want to know more about life on the road, you can certainly learn some helpful information by following the content produced by Christian Schaffer. 

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