Do Digital Nomads Actually Make Money?

Do Digital Nomads Actually Make Money? 

The term “digital nomad” is pretty hot these days. So what exactly is a digital nomad? And do they actually make money, or is it all for show? We’re taking a deeper look at what digital nomads are and how they make money while traveling. Let’s get into it!

What Is a Digital Nomad? 

A digital nomad is someone who can make money digitally or online from just about anywhere. Digital nomads may or may not be full-time nomads, but they can work from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection. Many full-time RVers and vanlifers are digital nomads, working online from the road as a way to fund their travels. 

Do Digital Nomads Actually Make Money? 

Yes, digital nomads do make money. They make money in various ways, but the common theme with all digital nomads is earning money digitally or online. How much or how little they earn is entirely up to them.

How Do Digital Nomads Make Money? 

While it would be nearly impossible to list every source of income these creative entrepreneurs employ, here are the most popular and common ways they earn money online. 

Remote Jobs

One of the most popular (and sought after) ways of earning money as a digital nomad is through remote jobs. Remote workers are simply employees who can work remotely rather than in an office. This is no different than a regular job, except that you can do it from anywhere. 

Digital nomad working online at a coffee shop.


Freelancing is the next most common way of earning money online. Freelancers earn money by performing services for clients. This is similar to having a remote job, except the freelancer is their own boss, sets their own hours, and isn’t an employee of someone else’s business. Freelancers can do almost any kind of work, including writing, general administrative tasks, bookkeeping, video editing, website design, setting appointments, customer service, and much more. 

Online Business

Online business is a catch-all term for anyone earning money online by running their own business. Some people start physical product businesses online. Some may sell digital products like ebooks or online courses. Blogging is also considered a business. 


YouTube is popular with travelers because of the ability to film and monetize their traveling life. Just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s easy, though. YouTube can easily be a full-time job. Learning how to film, edit, and market your channel is something that takes time and effort, but it can earn a decent amount of money over time.

A group of digital nomads travelling together.


Blogs are a popular way for digital nomads to earn money online. Blogs are websites with information on every kind of topic, from education to travel to everything in-between. What you’re reading right now is a blog. Blogs can earn money from advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and more. 

Becoming an Influencer

Some digital nomads are influencers, meaning they’ve grown a large social following and monetize it through advertising and paid sponsorships. Some digital nomads choose a combination of blogging, vlogging, and social media influencing to earn a living from the road. 

Digital nomad camping at the beach in her Van.

How Much Money Do Digital Nomads Make?

How much money a digital nomad makes is entirely dependent on the individual, their job, and their needs. Many digital nomads earn money through multiple sources, often using a combination of some of the above methods. You can find income reports online from people who make money as digital nomads, but there’s no common number. According to this Digital Nomad Survey by FlexJobs, 18% of digital nomads report making six figures or more, and 22% make between $50k and $99k. 

What’s Required to Be a Digital Nomad? 

Pretty much anyone can be a digital nomad with enough time and determination. So, how do you do it and what do you need? First, you need ambition. Ambition and perseverance will help you push through when you feel stuck and get tired.

Then, you need to be pretty familiar with computers and navigating the internet. If you’re not good with that now, you have to learn. 

Next, you need an internet connection. The best thing about being a digital nomad is that you can find free public wifi just about anywhere. 

There are many different ways that one can become a digital nomad. Whether through freelancing, entrepreneurship, or being a remote employee, it’s attainable for everyone who has the desire. 

Two influencers enjoying drinks at the beach.

Want to Hit The Road? Become a Digital Nomad

If full-time travel is something you’re dreaming of, make it happen. You don’t have to wait until retirement to hit the road. There are tens of thousands of working-aged digital nomads living their dreams and earning money as they go. 

Learning how to make money as a digital nomad might not be the easiest thing you’ll ever do, but it definitely won’t be the hardest. The internet offers a wealth of resources. Start doing research and dig in. Have you ever earned money while being a “digital nomad?” How did you do it?

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