Who Is Antoinette Yvonne?

Antoinette Yvonne is a seasoned world traveler who just started full-time van living in 2020. She’s an inspiration for solo female travelers and van lifers alike, as well as people of color who want to travel. Keep reading to learn about Antoinette Yvonne and how she’s helping others live their dreams. 

The Backstory of Antoinette Yvonne

Antoinette Yvonne says she’s “A strong believer in ‘doing what makes your soul smile.’” One thing that makes her soul smile is a life filled with travel. Antoinette lived in Barcelona, Spain, for some time after deciding to see more of the world, but she’s since changed gears. 

Antoinette’s YouTube channel has more than 34,000 subscribers. She also has a popular blog filled with travel tips and resources. And she’s the founder of Globally Abroad, a study, and travel company that provides international opportunities for minority youth. In October 2020, Antoinette began living full-time in her custom-built van. 

Why She RVs

Antoinette Yvonne fell in love with van life in the spring of 2020. She says she RVs to get richer experiences and promote change in the world. As one of few Black women living the full-time RVing life, she hopes she can help herself and those around her change. She also seeks out the challenges of RV life and the freedom that comes with living on the road.

Kids, Family, Pets

Antoinette doesn’t travel with any pets, and she doesn’t have children. However, family, including her mother, have visited her while she’s been on the road.

How Long Has She Been RVing

She’s only been RVing for a few months, having started in October 2020. However, Antoinette has already produced a ton of RV-related content. Her YouTube channel is growing quickly as a result.

What Type of RV Does Antoinette Yvonne Travel With?

Antoinette Yvonne travels in a custom-built camper van. Let’s take a look at the van’s specs and modifications.

About the RV

Her van is a 2019 Dodge Promaster 1500. It’s the shortest option for cargo vans. She had it built out to meet her specifications. 


The entire camper van is custom-built with a modern and cozy interior. Some of the highlights include a wet bath with a KES shower system and a farmhouse sink. It also has a 12-volt refrigerator that’s larger than a typical camper van refrigerator. Plus, she has an induction stove and an eight-inch memory foam bed.

The Top 3 YouTube Videos from Antoinette Yvonne

Antoinette Yvonne’s YouTube channel is full of entertaining and educational travel videos. Her van life videos offer inspiration and a reality check for the solo traveler. Check out her top three videos here.

#1. Luxury VAN TOUR

Watch It Here

In this video, Antoinette Yvonne gives a tour of her new camper van. She hasn’t moved into the van yet, so you get a good look at the build itself. You can see some of the extras Antoinette added, such as gold fixtures, an air fryer, and a fan.

#2. Lonely and Bored in VAN LIFE?

Watch It Here 

Antoinette Yvonne is in the Grand Canyon area in this video. Her mom visits, and they have to deal with some snowy weather. Antoinette offers an honest look at what van life (and RV life) can entail. She emphasizes that not every day of travel will be active or a day you’ll feel at your best.

#3. Solo Female VAN LIFE REALITY

Watch It Here

In this video, Antoinette Yvonne shows the realities of solo female van life. Namely, when things go wrong. From computer issues to van battery issues, she has to deal with it all by herself. She talks frankly about daily chores and life’s minor frustrations.

Where Else Can You Follow Antoinette Yvonne?

You can also follow Antoinette Yvonne on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Or check out her website to stay up to date on Antoinette’s travels.

Antoinette continues to live her dream of traveling the United States and the world. This free spirit still has many more adventures ahead of her. Have you subscribed to her channel yet?

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