A woman photographs a man in the drivers seat of a van.

10 Up and Coming Van Life YouTubers

YouTube is the perfect place to learn about van life. You can find inspiration and implement new tips and tools. We will recommend new channels we think you might want to add to your watch list.

Keep reading to be introduced to ten up-and-coming van life YouTubers. We’ll briefly describe each channel and tune you into their two most popular videos.

Let’s get started! 

A woman photographs a man in the drivers seat of a van.

What Is Van Life? 

Van lifers dwell in a camper van, converted van, bus, or another tiny home on wheels. Most are full-time and nomadic because they work remotely and live and travel in their van. It’s a minimalist lifestyle that is trending across the world.

A happy couple smiles and laughs, sitting in their camp chairs outside of their camper van.

C’mon, it’s not realistic to live in a van… or is it? Here’s how to make it work.

Van Life & YouTube Is a Match Made in Heaven

Van life videos are popular on YouTube because the lifestyle is intriguing. Whether you’re an experienced van lifer or considering the lifestyle, YouTube channels draw you into the van lifers’ daily lives. Their 15-30 minute reality shows often feature fantastic destinations.

For those who have wanderlust, the short videos are binge-worthy. They may be the perfect way to determine what to do and not to do when traveling in a van.

A couple of van lifers sitting at the back of their camper van enjoying a sunrise over a steaming lake in the mountains.

10 Up and Coming Van Life YouTubers You Should Know About

We found ten up-and-coming van life YouTubers that we think everyone should know about. Let’s look at why their channels are worth a subscription.

1. Jonnie’s Journey

About The Channel: Jonnie is a traveling nurse. When she’s not working, she lives in her van. She has built a YouTube channel around her van life adventures. The channel is inspiring and informative.

ER Nurse Builds Luxury Van

Jonnie gives a tour of her Ram Promaster builds. She did the conversion on her own, and it’s beautiful! Watch the video to see for yourself.

Van Build Mistakes

Jonnie reveals five things she would change if she ever built another van. It’s an introductory video for anyone considering converting a van.

For example, she admits wishing she put propane in the van for the water heater instead of waiting for the water to heat with the electrical system.

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2. Ben Brasnett

About The Channel: Ben Brasnett is a full-time van lifer. He shares his experiences as a nomad living in his 2010 Dodge Caravan. Ben’s channel is fun to watch, from wintering in a van to adventures like fishing and exploring popular destinations.

Simple Van Life Setup

Ben gives a tour of his van and what he takes in this video. He shows how you can be minimalistic and budget-friendly but still have everything you need. 

How Much Does Van Life Cost Me?

Ben breaks down how much money he spent on a 4.5-month trip in this video. Learning exactly how much it costs him is helpful for those considering van life.

3. Darby And Ro

About The Channel: Darby and Ro live in their converted Sprinter van. They travel Australia and post videos of their life and adventures on YouTube weekly. You’ll enjoy seeing Australia through their lens.

Van Life Tour

In this video, Darby and Ro tour their tiny home on wheels. It includes a Playstation and some secret compartments. One of the best things about van tour videos is getting tips for implementing them in your van.

Van Life Storage

Van lifers often have more belongings than you think. Finding storage in a tiny home can be tricky. Darby and Ro share their storage solutions in this video.

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4. The Pinay Digital Nomad

About The Channel: Judith Cruz Gamboa is the creator behind The Pinay Digital Nomad. She’s a van lifer from the Philippines who has traveled the world for nearly a decade. Working from the road, she’s a filmmaker, sound recordist, and makes online sales. 

2 Bedroom Campervan Tour

Judith gives a tour of her spacious camper van. She highlights the two bedrooms: a dropdown bunk over the cab and a bed in the back of the van. In addition, she shows how she extends her living space to the outdoors.

Campervan Day In The Life

For some considering the van life, the fantasy and reality of what it’s like can be surprising. Judith shares how her day typically goes in this video. 

5. Van Life With Gina

About The Channel: In Van Life With Gina, Gina documents her everyday life, DIY projects, and product reviews. She lives full-time in a 1973 Chevy step van.

She travels with her five cats, which are cute characters. Gina does regular live streams, which are a great way to get to know her and learn more about van life.

Step Van Conversion

A step van conversion is not something you see every day. Check out this video for a tour of Gina’s step van build.

Over 50 Solo Female Van Life

Van life isn’t just for millennials and Gen Z’s. Gina is over 50 years old and embraces life’s adventures on the road. In this video, she discusses what it’s like to travel solo in a tiny home.

6. Rootless Wanderer

About The Channel: Rootless Wanderer offers advice, tips, and gear reviews for hikers. She is passionate about inspiring others. You’ll find informative videos from Rootless Wanderer about van life and hiking. 

IKEA Cottage In A Minivan

Rootless Wanderer reveals how she keeps her 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan camper organized as a self-proclaimed minimalist hike and van lifer. Ikea comes to the rescue, of course. Check out this video for some great tips.

No-Sew Blackout Curtain DIY

Blackout curtains are essential for van life. Rootless Wanderer makes no-sew privacy curtains for her minivan conversion in this video. 

7. Adventuring With Amanda

About The Channel: Amanda from Adventuring with Amanda is a business owner and digital creator. She travels full-time in her 2018 Dodge Grand Caravan with her dog. So far, she’s visiting 33 states and documents her experiences on YouTube.

No Build Minivan Conversion

Amanda gives a tour of her minivan conversion in this popular video. It’s a “no-build,” meaning the components are removable instead of built-in permanently. 

Van Life Electricity With No Wiring

Amanda shows you how it’s possible to live in a van without electricity. Instead, she uses a Jackery 240 power supply. It allows her to charge her phone, laptop, and other small electronics. 

8. Where Is Brittany

About The Channel: Brittany is an Air Force veteran who converted a four window short bus. Bus life helped her rediscover what makes her happy. Her YouTube channel is fun and inspires you to get out there and live your dreams. 

How Van Life Saved Me

In this vulnerable video, Brittany discusses her time in the Air Force, her battle with depression, and her gambling addiction. She’s honest about how converting a bus helped her find herself.

Solo Female In DIY Bus Campervan

Brittany shares her DIY bus build in this video at the end of a 4,000-mile road trip to Utah. If you’re building out a bus or van, you can likely gain some inspiration from the way she designed and decorated her bus.

9. Van On Tour

About The Channel: Van On Tour is a van lifer who travels throughout the UK in his van. His videos are about all things van life with some stellar destinations. 

Micro Stealth Camper For Under 2K

In this video, Van On Tour gives a tour of the van he converted for under 2k pounds. It is complete with a kitchen, sofa bed, heater, and ample storage space. Check it out to get some ideas of your own. 

Finding Water Sources On The Road

Finding fresh water is a top priority for van lifers. Van On Tour demonstrates how he finds water while road tripping in the UK.

10. Where Is Alice

About The Channel: Alice is a van lifer traveling across Europe. Her videos give an informative glimpse into what van life is really like. They usually have a fantastic backdrop from the various destinations she visits.

Easy Van Life Cooking

Alice talks about van life cooking in this video. She demonstrates how she cooks in her tiny kitchen with fast and easy recipes. 

Van Life Morning Routine

A morning routine in a van isn’t necessarily the same as in a traditional house. Alice shows what her mornings look like in a van. In this video, Germany makes a guest appearance as the backdrop.

Check Out These Up and Coming YouTube Channels

We hope you like these videos and have possibly subscribed to one or more. YouTuber van lifers are a great way to stay connected to other travelers and learn some new things along the way. 

What other YouTube van lifers do you watch? Leave a comment below!

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