Are Travel Vloggers Ruining The World?

Technology is making it easier than ever for travelers to share their adventures. Unfortunately, some travel vloggers are causing a stir while doing so.

These content creators may be growing their followers and racking up the views, but they’re also making a few enemies. So, are travel vloggers ruining the world?

Today, we’re diving into some reasons we think travel vloggers are negatively transforming the world of travel.

Let’s get started!

What Are Travel Vloggers?

Travel vloggers use YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms to document and share their journeys and experiences while traveling.

They’ll generally film themselves exploring destinations, trying food, and participating in local activities. In addition, they’ll also offer insights and recommendations to their audience based on their experiences.

Many social media users enjoy living vicariously through the lenses of travel vloggers. They can enjoy the sights, sounds, and sensations of traveling at home, work, or anywhere else.

The creators may inspire others to take their dream trip or embrace the traveling lifestyle.

Love Them or Hate Them: Travel Vloggers Are Here to Stay

Unfortunately, whether you love them or hate them, travel vloggers aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Some of the largest channels on social media have millions of subscribers and followers.

They’ve turned their channels into highly profitable businesses with teams of creative people working behind the scenes.

While channels come and go all the time, there will likely be a place for travel vloggers. Thanks to advancements in technology and social media, you don’t have to be Samantha Brown to share your unique travels with others.

You only need a smartphone, basic editing skills, and a desire to travel. However, having a unique personality is especially helpful. 

Reasons Travel Vloggers Are Ruining the World

While it’s certainly not all travel vloggers, many are ruining the world. Unfortunately, their misbehavior typically gets them 15 seconds of virality and grows their channel.

Here are several reasons we think travel vloggers are the worst.

Disruption of Local Cultures and Landscapes

One of the biggest reasons that travel vloggers are ruining the world is because of the disruption of local cultures. These content creators are showcasing popular destinations and activities to their massive audiences.

However, they throw fuel on the fire for tourism in the area, which can lead to overtourism and increased prices.

While the local economy may enjoy the tourists coming and spending money, they can also create problems. Many of these areas don’t have the infrastructure or resources to support so many extra people.

In addition, large groups of people can quickly lead to the destruction of land and essential resources in the area.

It doesn’t take long before the area loses its culture and identity. It’s no longer the remote small town that locals have enjoyed for decades.

A long line of hikers waiting to get to the top of a mountain.

Irresponsible Behavior

In addition to large crowds disrupting the local culture, wild travelers can result in irresponsible behavior.

Some vloggers break the rules and regulations in areas with limited law enforcement, like this popular channel that walked off the trails and put a baby bison in their car in Yellowstone National Park.

As a result, they often go unpunished, and local agencies are left to clean up the messes left behind.

Irresponsible behavior leads to the destruction of the land and creates safety issues for everyone. Some sketchy tourists find solace in the remote locations and embrace the freedom these sites provide.

This can make it challenging for law-obeying citizens to enjoy these once-beautiful areas.

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Overemphasis on Aesthetics

Another way that travel vloggers are ruining the world is by overemphasizing aesthetics. Just like with people, locations are more than just about looks.

Some of the most unique and beautiful places around the world have nothing to do with their aesthetics.

The natural beauty of locations involves the people, their history, and how they welcome and care for others. Unfortunately, it’s easier for creators to focus on the mountains, beaches, and other items that look good on cell phone screens and computer monitors. 

Commercialization of Travel

As travel vloggers have highlighted some of the most beautiful locations worldwide, these areas often become highly commercialized. All types of businesses in the area offer guided tours and other exciting adventures. 

While we love supporting small businesses, these services can also lead to overcrowding and the destruction of fragile ecosystems. The commercialization of traveling to these areas may bring in tourist dollars but can also have negative impacts. 

A travel vlogger making a silly face to the camera outside of a shop.

Monetization Over Authenticity

Living the travel vlogger lifestyle is costly, and content creators often rely on brand deals to pay for their adventures. This often results in contracts with brands in exchange for them recommending products and services.

Unfortunately, as you can imagine, their opinions on these products and services aren’t unbiased, and those footing the bill expect positive remarks.

In addition to sponsorships, many of these content creators aren’t above creating situations or being overdramatic to attract views. This is another form of inauthenticity that often leaves some viewers with a sour taste in their mouths.

Social Media Pressure

The pressure from social media can also drive content creators to lack authenticity. These professional travelers will do just about anything to get their video or other content to go viral.

They hope the virality will please the algorithm gods and get their channel in front of more people on the platform.

Additionally, the pressure from social media can be overwhelming for these creators. This results in a highly competitive environment between creators.

With only so many viewers in a specific niche, social media pressures can result in feuds. These negative feelings and emotions can tear the community apart instead of bringing people together.

Loss of Spontaneity

The spontaneity of traveling is one thing that many people love about it. Unfortunately, travel vloggers are destroying this as they’re sharing just about everything when it comes to their travels.

For example, you can practically hike from one rim of the Grand Canyon to the other without lacing up your hiking boots.

This can take away some of the mystery of exploring a new location. Viewers of these travel vloggers can live the entire experience ahead of time.

While there’s nothing quite like seeing it in person, seeing it on the internet steals some of the magic and awe of these adventures.

A travel vlogger sitting on a snowy mountain talking to the camera in his hand.

Don’t Be One of Those Travel Vloggers

Becoming a successful travel vlogger isn’t easy, but that’s not stopping people from embracing the lifestyle. If you are or are considering becoming a travel vlogger, make sure you’re not one of those travel bloggers.

Always respect the culture, people, and ecosystem during your travels. If so, you can travel the world and share your adventures responsibly.

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