Who Is TryN Something New?

The RV community is full of different people, including families. TryN Something New is one of the most popular RVing families on the internet right now.

However, this family is unapologetically themselves in the various content they create. They might be it if you’re a family looking for inspiration to try RVing or any other adventure.

Today, we’re sharing a bit about these popular content creators and their most popular videos.

Let’s take a look!

Who Is TryN Something New?

Sandi and Jim are the parents of Nixon, Skylar, and Ryder. They ran a film business that kept them busy most weekends. Like many families, they were all going in 500 different directions, and the chaos heavily impacted their family.

After attending a Worldschooling summit, the couple pulled their kids from public school, bought an RV, and hit the road.

They began traveling and documenting their adventures to share on social media. They’ve grown their YouTube channel to almost a million subscribers and compiled over half a billion views since 2017.

TryN Something New family in the desert posing for the camera.

What Is TryN Something New Known For? 

Sandi’s bright pink mohawk isn’t the only thing this family of nomads is known for. While they’ve got almost a million viewers on YouTube, they’re more known for their short-form content, especially on TikTok.

Like many on the social media platform, they look for any opportunity to share their travel experiences in quick clips designed for virality.

We’re warning you: TryN Something New isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. They’re full of energy and bright colors. You may want to keep looking if you don’t enjoy chaos and excitement. However, if you’re looking for a family to motivate your crew, they might be it.

What Kind of RV Does TryN Something New Travel In?

TryN Something New recently upgraded from a 1999 Class A motorhome to a massive 2024 Heartland Cyclone 4006 fifth wheel.

One of the most stand-out features is the custom paint job, which features their hot pink logo. If they pull into the campground, you’ll have no problem spotting this family.

Not only does the Cyclone 4006 feature a massive rear deck, but it also has an enormous amount of storage. It’s a massive upgrade from what they had before, especially for staying comfortable on the road. They’ll have no trouble bringing their toys and other equipment during their travels.

TryN Something New’s Top YouTube Videos

Want to get a taste of what TryN Something New has to offer? We’ve gathered their most popular YouTube videos to help you get to know this high-energy family. If you like what you see, subscribe to their channel to follow their adventures.

RV Tour – Full-Time Family of 5

In this video, TryN Something New provides viewers with an inside look into their RV and lifestyle. Not only do they give a tour of their rig, but they also offer insights into what they did to make it home on wheels.

As you’ll see, while they spent a pretty penny, it was much cheaper than buying new.

One great thing about this view is that the family, especially the kids, share what they love about the lifestyle.

This is a must-watch video for a family on the fence about trying RV life. It may be what you need to take the next steps toward making your dream a reality.

American Family in the Philippines

In 2018, TryN Something New took their cameras and equipment for a trip to the Philippines. Not only do they share their experiences, but they provide some helpful tips and information for viewers looking to go on a similar journey.

They provide everything you need to know, including transportation, food, and tours. If you plan to visit the Philippines with your family, watch this video first.

Sky Jump at the Strat in Las Vegas

In this two-minute video, we get to see Jim tackle the Sky Jump in Las Vegas. The video is short and sweet but adrenaline filled.

Where Can You Connect with TryN Something New?

Does this sound like your type of nomadic family? If so, one of the best ways to connect and follow their adventures is to subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Additionally, they’re on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. You never know where they’ll be or what they’ll share next. So keep your eyes out for their content so you can stay in the know.

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