A couple and their dog laughing in the bunk of their camper van.

What Is Travels With Ted?

Are you looking for new content on all things RV-related? Travels With Ted is an informative website with an extensive blog. You can find almost anything you want to know on RVs, maintenance, and pet-friendly travel.

We will fill you in on who is behind Travels With Ted and what they offer. We’ll also point you to their top three blog posts so you can get started with their content. 

Let’s dig in!

A couple and their dog laughing in the bunk of their camper van.

The Backstory of Travels With Ted

The people behind Travels With Ted are Christina and her husband, Justin. They travel the country in their fifth wheel with their dog, Ted, and cat, Mr. Man.

In 2016, they sold their house in North Carolina to move into an RV full time. They wanted more adventure and less routine in their lives.

What Type of Vehicle Does Travels With Ted Travel With? 

Travels With Ted has a Grand Design Reflection fifth wheel. Grand Design is a reliable brand and having a fifth wheel allows them more storage space inside and out.

Fifth wheels can be more conducive to full-time RV living. They also have a tow truck that enables them to pull their home on wheels and have a daily driver.

Take a tour of the latest Grand Design Reflection, the line of fifth wheel Travels with Ted lives in.

Van life versus RV life: let’s settle the debate between which is better.

What Kind of Posts Does Travels With Ted Publish?

Travels With Ted publishes articles related to RV life. From RV reviews or “best of” posts to campground and travel tips, you can find various information on their blog. They organize their posts into sections, including RV living, RV travel, RV maintenance, RV floorplans, and dog-friendly travel. 

Since their dog Ted is the star, they offer many helpful pet-friendly travel content. Many RVers travel with dogs or other animals, so tips from pet owners are always beneficial. Plus, Ted is super cute, so you can’t help but be amused when they post pictures of him. 

A cute fluffy dog looks out of a camper van

Travels with Ted provide multiple resources, including three useful calculators: RV Living Cost Calculator, RV Trip Fuel Cost Calculator, and RV Water Tank Size Calculator. These tools are helpful for new RVers and seasoned travelers alike. 

They also offer helpful campground reviews. Getting first-hand reviews from fellow RVers can help you decide where you’ll be staying or guide you to avoid a particular RV park.

Travels with Ted also has a page on their website dedicated to full-time RV living. It contains numerous resources from reputable sources for those living on the road.

The Top 3 Blog Posts From Travels With Ted

Travels With Ted has numerous blog posts we think you’ll like, but to help you get started, we’re directing you to our top three. 

#1. Complete Guide To Passport America RV Club

Travels With Ted provides a complete guide to the Passport America RV Club. It’s a club that you can purchase a membership for and receive discounts at campgrounds that partner with Passport America.

This post discusses the discounted rates, the number of nights you can stay at a partner campground, and other benefits. Travels With Ted gives you all of the information you need to start saving on camping right away.

#2. RV Life Calculator

The RV Life Calculator article is one of Travels With Ted’s most popular posts, and for a good reason. They meticulously help you find out if RV travel is affordable for your budget, and they do it in a user-friendly way.

Their calculator is a must-have for those considering full-time RV living. It calculates your projected annual RV living budget.

Of course, emergencies and unexpected repairs can arise when RVing. So we always recommend having emergency savings when on the road.

Like urgent house repairs that happen periodically, an RV can have issues. The last thing you want is to be stranded somewhere without the finances to get the repairs you need.

#3. 14 Steps To Winterize Your RV

This blog post is essential for those who need to winterize their RV. Travels With Ted provides a clear, step-by-step guide to getting your RV ready to sit unattended through the winter months or for an extended period.

We like that they offer concise and understandable steps to winterize an RV, even for those without maintenance experience.

Where Else Can You Follow Travels With Ted?

Travels With Ted can also be found on Instagram. They post RV tips every Tuesday on their Instagram stories. This is a great way to stay connected and learn when they’re cooking up new content.

Travels With Ted Is Worth Following

Travels With Ted is a website worth bookmarking. They are constantly providing new and helpful content. We appreciate that they offer clear and valuable information to improve your RV lifestyle or solve problems that may arise. If you like to read, their blog is a page-turner. 

We hope you follow Travels With Ted and be sure to give Ted some likes on Instagram. What are some go-to blogs you follow? Let us know in the comments! 

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