Diversity Shines Bright in RVing in 2021

Diversity Shines Bright in RVing in 2021

As an RV community, we share a common lifestyle, but there’s a ton of diversity to discover beyond that. Let’s look at some of the ways the RV community has become more diverse recently. We’ll also share RV groups and resources that promote diversity and inclusion. 

Diversity and Inclusion in the RV Lifestyle

People from diverse ethnicities and races have been part of the RV lifestyle from the beginning. While most RVers are white, the number of people of color RVing is on the rise.

Statista shows a slight increase in RVers who are people of color between 2012 and 2020. According to them, 6% of RVers in 2012 identified as African American. That number grew to 12% in 2020.

The percentage of Asian or Pacific Islander RVers also grew by 6%, going from 1% in 2012 to 7% in 2020. Hispanic or Latino RVers made the greatest increase, going from 2% in 2012 to 13% in 2020. As of 2020, 63% of all campers in North America were Caucasian.

Outdoor Clubs, Groups, and Resources for POC

There are outdoor clubs, groups, and resources for people of color who RV. Black Folks Camp Too is one example. They offer helpful resources through their blog, recommend campsites, and provide other tips and guidance for camping. 

Brown People Camping is a social media initiative that promotes diversity in public lands across the country. The project uses personal narratives and digital storytelling to empower people from any culture or background to experience the outdoors.

The National African American RVer’s Association (NAARVA) hosts rallies and events around the U.S. The organization has more than 1,400 active members and more than 50 local clubs. NAARVA promotes family values and sustainable ways to maintain campsites.

In addition, Escapees RV Club released a statement recently about their commitment to improving diversity. They said, “We, the people, must work together to end racism.” Escapees, founded in 1978, is one of the longest-running RV clubs.

Diverse RVing Facebook Groups

RVing Facebook groups are another great way to engage with other RVers from diverse backgrounds. These groups promote inclusivity and share helpful tips and resources for RVing. Here are some worth checking out.

African Americans That RV & Camp (AARVC): A private group for African Americans who love to travel and camp.

African American Fulltime RV-ing (#AAFTRV): A private group for African Americans to connect and share their experiences full-time RVing, living in a tiny home, or weekend camping.

Asian RV Camping Group USA: A private group for Asians who RV and camp to share photos, food tips, and camping setups.

Black RVers: A private group for nomadic Black people. Full-timers, van lifers, and travelers of all types are welcome to join.

Ethnic Campers and RVers: A private group for people of color who like camping, RVing, and traveling together as a group. 

RVing with a Disability: A private group for RVers with a physical disability. Discussions are focused on coping with a disability while RVing, finding resources, and supporting one another.

Top 10 POC RVing Bloggers, Vloggers, and Influencers

Whether you’re a person of color or not, we highly recommend following these 10 RVing bloggers and vloggers. They offer great insights into RVing and real talk on how things look different for people of color. These can be great folks to follow just for a chance to listen and learn.

1. The Mom Trotter

The Mom Trotter has a popular YouTube channel and Instagram account. Karen is the mom and the brains behind the growing brand. She shows parents how traveling with kids can be manageable and even fun. Her content covers homeschooling and kid-friendly travel.

2. Adventure Time Loui

Loui is a young influencer who documents her nomadic travels on YouTube. She travels with her dog William and, more recently, her mom. They bought land in Alaska and are vlogging about it all.

3. Soulful RV Family

The Soulful RV Family is a semi-retired couple and their six kids, three of whom also travel in the RV. They blog about their adventures in their Class A motorhome. In addition, they create content for FMCA (the Family Motor Coach Association), so you can also catch insights and inspiration from them there.

4. Off the Grid with a Kid

Bionca and her 11-year-old son are behind Off the Grid with a Kid. They’re van lifers who have been traveling full-time since 2017. Bionca is a life coach, and her popular Instagram account documents travel, homeschool, cooking, and more.

5. Jennelle Eliana

Jennelle Eliana is a van lifer and influencer with more than 2.4 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Oh, and she has a pet snake named Alfredo that travels with her! Her videos are all about van life, and they’re very entertaining and humorous. 

6. Exploring the Local Life

Robert and Jessica are the creators of Exploring the Local Life. They’re a Latino family of four who travels full-time in a travel trailer. Their YouTube channel is about balancing life, fun, and road schooling. 

7. Where Is Brittany

Brittany’s tagline for her Youtube channel, Where Is Brittany, is “travel, eat, chill.” All three things are reasons to watch her videos. She’s an Air Force veteran who converted a bus into her RV. Her channel focuses on solo travel. 

8. Adventure Bandits

Talmange and Ashanti are the Adventure Bandits. Their popular YouTube channel documents their experiences while camping, boating, and traveling. In addition, they provide a fun and personal look into the nomadic lifestyle.

9. The Adventures of Fox and Miles

Fox and Miles are Black creative nomads who RV full-time. As entrepreneurs, their YouTube channel hits on budgeting, work-life balance, and more. They also do periodic interviews with persons of color who RV.

10. RV with Soul

RV with Soul is a family of part-time RVers. They say they got inspired to travel after getting bored of the same old routine of work, home, church, and work again. From RV parks to RV maintenance, they provide helpful tips and tricks.

RVing is a lifestyle that appeals to folks from all different backgrounds and cultures. It’s nice to see that starting to be reflected in the demographics of RVers, though there’s still a long way to go. Which of these RVing bloggers is your favorite?

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