A woman in a garden in front of a grand castle.

You Can Book a Room in One of These Real Life Castles

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a king or queen? You can book a room in a real-life castle to get an idea of royal living. There are options to stay in historical homes from England to Italy that will amaze you. 

Keep reading to learn more about how and where to sleep in a castle. We’ll show you several options around the world. 

Let’s dive in!

A woman in a garden in front of a grand castle.

What Is a Castle? 

A castle is an expansive building that often has thick walls and towers. Typically from the medieval period, castles housed royalty and served as fortresses to keep out enemies. 

Today, many castles still stand. And some continue to house royalty. For example, Buckingham Palace in London is the primary residence and office of the monarch of England.

Sumptuous coloured bed-room in baroque style, Guarene Castle

Can You Stay in a Real Castle?

Believe it or not, you can stay in a real castle! Owners of some castles worldwide have turned them into hotels or attractions with sleeping rooms. 

Staying overnight in a castle, whether refurbished to be more modern or kept as a historical relic, is a fun way to experience life like a royal. Keep reading to learn which castles you can book. Each is unique and has a specific style.

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You Can Book a Room in One of These Real Life Castles

Check out these nine castles where you can book a room for the night. 

Ashford Castle in Ireland

Location: Ashford Castle, Cong County Mayo, F31 CA48 Ireland

About: Ashford Castle is over 800 years old. The founders built it in 1228. The Anglo-Norman de Burgo family owned it before the Guinness family obtained the castle. It has hosted nobles, dignitaries, and even U.S. President Reagan. Today, the castle is a hotel and country estate. 

Why You’ll Love It: The hotel includes 83 traditional rooms and suites, and it’s on 350 acres. You’ll find gardens, a lake, six restaurants, three bars, and a spa with a pool, sauna, and steam room within the grounds.

Castello di Pavone in Italy

Location: Via Dietro Castello, 10018 Pavone Canavese Italy

About: Castello di Pavone is a stunning castle in northern Italy. Its exterior and interior still resemble what they would have looked like between the 9th and 11th centuries. The Romanesque castle’s initial function was to protect the village of Pavone Canavese against raids from Hungarians and Saracens.

Why You’ll Love It: The castle has countless halls to wander, giving it a fairy tale vibe. It can accommodate 300 guests and features a rose garden and dining. You can also eat at the restaurant without booking a room. 

Ruthin Castle in Wales

Location: Castle St, Ruthin LL15 2NU, UK

About: Ruthin Castle in Wales is a medieval castle dating to 1277. King Edward I of England first occupied it. In 1923, the owners sold the castle as a private clinic to investigate and treat obscure medical diseases. It closed in 1950, and the owners auctioned it. The new owners converted it into a hotel.

Why You’ll Love It: The castle sits on acres of beautifully manicured gardens and woodlands. It’s a four-star hotel with a restaurant, hot tubs, and a spa. 

Zamek Reszel Hotel Kreatif in Poland

Location: Ul. Podzamcze 3, 11-440 Reszel – Warminsko-Mazurskie

About: Zamek Reszel Hotel Kreatif is from the mid-13th century, during the Teutonic Knights period. The castle was a defensive fortress. Over time fires ruined it, but the Evangelical Church took it over in 1822. In 1958, it was re-commissioned for cultural purposes and underwent renovations, leading to a hotel and restaurant opening within its walls in 2001.

Why You’ll Love It: The castle has a medieval vibe with stylish rooms. It provides a quintessential Polish experience, and the hotel has a restaurant with regional cuisine.

Tulloch Castle Hotel in Scotland

Location: Tulloch Castle Drive, Dingwall Ross-Shire, Scotland IV15 9ND, United Kingdom

About: Tulloch Castle Hotel, in the Scotland Highlands, dates to the 12th century. It was once the home of Clan Davidson. While the Celtic Castle has changed owners several times, it’s now a hotel. 

Why You’ll Love It: You’ll love that the castle still has the original fireplaces and ceilings. The hotel has 22 rooms, all with the feel of castle living. It is also a pet-friendly hotel.

Parador de Plasencia in Spain

Location: Pl. de San Vicente Ferrer, s/n, 10600 Plasencia, Cáceres, Spain

About: The Zuniga family founded Parador de Plasencia in the 15th century. The castle has thick stone walls and a Gothic interior. You’ll step back in time the minute you walk through its doors.

Why You’ll Love It: The hotel offers a pool, hot tubs, a restaurant, and a bar. Since it’s on the banks of the Jerte River, with easy access to Santo Domingo, there are many activities to experience.

Camelot Castle Hotel in England

Location: Castle View, Tintagel PL34 0DQ, United Kingdom

About: Camelot Castle Hotel is one of the world’s most stunning locations. It sits atop cliffs overlooking the Celtic Sea. Sir Robert Harvey, a South American mining mogul, constructed the Victorian castle in 1894. In 1999, John Mappin bought it for his family’s private estate. Today, they also share the castle with guests who can stay the night.

Why You’ll Love It: You’ll love the view and epic landscape looking out to the sea. It boasts of a modern-day fairy tale. In addition, the hotel has a restaurant and bar.

Hotel de la Cité in France

Location: Pl. Auguste Pierre Pont, 11000 Carcassonne, France

About: Hotel de la Cite opened in 1909. Previously, it was a medieval church that stonemasons built into the surrounding ancient city of Carcassonne. The city was one of the most defended settlements in Europe. But after years of battles and much disrepair, the community convinced the French government to restore the fortress in the 20th century as a holiday destination.

Why You’ll Love It: Hotel de la Cite offers a boutique hotel experience. It’s the perfect stay for a French holiday. The five-star hotel has stunning rooms throughout the castle and a restaurant.

Aldourie Castle Estate in Scotland

Location: Aldourie Castle, The Estate Office, Loch Ness, Inverness IV2 6EL, United Kingdom

About: Aldourie Castle Estate is a luxury experience for groups renting a castle. It was a laird’s house starting in 1626. The castle features Scottish Baronial architecture. The owners restored it while preserving its historical roots. It is available as a private rental.

Why You’ll Love It: You’ll love its proximity to the famous Loch Ness Lake. It’s the perfect place to stay, and keep your eye out for the Loch Ness Monster.

Can You Buy a Castle to Live in?

You don’t need to be a royal to inherit a castle. Castles sometimes appear on the real estate market like any other building or dwelling. 

Europe is the first place to look if you’re in the market for a castle. There are many throughout the continent, and they sometimes come up for sale. If you’re serious about buying a castle, we recommend contacting a real estate agent in the area. You never know what they might find.

Is Staying in a Castle Worth It?

Staying in a castle is worth it. You can step back in history. Close your eyes and imagine what it was like for the king, queen, or lord who once slept within its walls. It’s a fun lodging option and very memorable. 

The castles on our list are also in beautiful locations with many activities to partake in during your stay in the area. We recommend staying at least two nights to explore the castle and surrounding towns.

Would you consider renting a room at a castle?

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