The OG Sailing YouTubers

Are you ready to live vicariously through the OG sailing YouTubers? We’ll introduce you to them in this article. Seeing how they live full time on a sailboat and explore the world is an excellent way to ramp up your wanderlust. 

So set sail with us as we learn about the most popular sailing channels on YouTube. We’ll look at seven of the original sailing YouTubers sharing their lives with us.

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How Many Sailing Channels Are There on YouTube? 

You can find over 800 sailing channels on YouTube, from those posting videos since YouTube began to sailors who just started. Some YouTubers sail full-time, while others sail part-time and have a home base.

Additionally, you’ll find solo sailors, couples, and families who sail the world with their children. Some even take their pets along.

Sailing La Vagabonde is the most popular sailing channel on YouTube. They’ve sailed full-time and have posted weekly videos since 2014.

Their following continues to grow, with over 1.7 million subscribers. Keep reading to learn more about them and other popular channels.

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The OG Sailing YouTubers

The OG sailing YouTubers have paved the way for new sailors. By showing the ins and outs of sailing, they teach and inspire. Seven original sailing channels have set the standard. Check them out.

Sailing La Vagabonde

About the YouTubers: Elayna and Riley are an Australian couple and the faces of Sailing La Vagabonde. They currently live full-time on a catamaran with their two young sons.

They also have a crew on board from time to time. Elayna started making videos soon after she and Riley set sail in 2014. They’ve sailed over 90,000 nautical miles and have done several ocean crossings. 

How Long Have They Been Sailing: Since 2014

Why People Follow Their Channel: People subscribe to Sailing La Vagabonde’s YouTube channel for inspiration, beautiful scenery, and the lovability of the couple and their children. Riley is also an excellent sailing teacher. They offer tips and advice for everything sailing-related. 

Sailing SV Delos

About the YouTubers: Sailing SV Delos features Brian and Karin. They sail and live full-time aboard their monohull with their young daughter.

Brian initially set off sailing the world with his brother and met Karin along the way. While they mostly sail with the family, they sometimes invite others to join.

How Long Have They Been Sailing: Since 2008

Why People Follow Their Channel: Sailing SV Delos provides inspirational and fun content. They show their adventures in every anchorage they reach. And they enjoy engaging with the local culture, offering their viewers a new perspective.  

MJ Sailing

About the YouTubers: MJ Sailing features a young couple sailing together for over nine years and creating videos. They circumnavigated the North Atlantic in their first boat.

Then, they took two years to refit a custom aluminum 37 ft monohull. And now, they’re building a 42 ft catamaran.

How Long Have They Been Sailing: Since 2014

Why People Follow Their Channel: People enjoy MJ Sailing for the anticipation and education about what it takes to refit and build sailboats. They offer engaging and useful content. 

Sailing Uma

About the YouTubers: Sailing Uma welcomes Dan and Kika. They create videos of their journey sailing throughout the world in their 1972 Pearson 36.

The boat uses sail and electric power when needed. Sailing Uma’s motto is, “If you want to travel the world, don’t buy a couch!”  

How Long Have They Been Sailing: Since 2015

Why People Follow Their Channel: People watch their channel because of Dan and Kika’s likability, adventurous spirit, and quality videos. They have sailed in more than just tropical locations, entering the arctic circle and more.

We have the full scoop on the lives behind Sailing Uma.

Free Range Sailing

About the YouTubers: Free Range Sailing features an Australian couple that documented their adventures from 2017 to early 2022. Their YouTube episodes have transitioned to their new passion, setting up a nine-acre homestead in Southwest Australia. 

How Long Have They Been Sailing: Since 2017

Why People Follow Their Channel: Free Range Sailing’s audience loves its channel for its laid-back lifestyle. They invite you into their lives, sailing around Australia and living off the land and sea. You’ll see how you can see the world on a modest budget.

Tula’s Endless Summer

About the YouTubers: Billy, Sierra, and their dog Jetty create Tula’s Endless Summer. They live on a catamaran and have sailed up and down the east coast throughout the Bahamas and Caribbean. Billy and Sierra enjoy buying boats that need a lot of work and fixing them up. 

How Long Have They Been Sailing: Since 2014

Why People Follow Their Channel: People follow their channel to watch them work on boats and sail. They make their videos inspirational, educational, and entertaining. If you want to restore a sailboat, this is a channel to subscribe to.

Gone with the Wynns

About the YouTubers: Jason and Nikki Wynn are an American couple behind the YouTube channel Gone with the Wynns. They started their channel in 2011 when they lived full-time in an RV. But in 2016, they traded in the RV for a catamaran and traveled from the eastern coast of the U.S. to New Zealand.

How Long Have They Been Sailing: Since 2016

Why People Follow Their Channel: Curiosity drives Jason and Nikki, which is why people follow their channel. They are inspirational, educational, and authentic. In addition, the couple introduces their audience to new cultures and ways to make the world a better place.

Are Watching OG Sailing YouTubers Worth It?

Watching these OG sailing YouTubers is worth it. They may be the original, but they’re still among the best. These families have taken up an adventurous life some only dream of. You can learn more about what it takes to sail the world. Or take a peek at some amazing places their travels have taken them.

We hope you’ll subscribe to their channels. And if you want to set sail yourself, check out these top channels to learn and find inspiration. 

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