Will This Technology Really Prevent RVs from Ever Having to Dump?

The dump station can be one of the most nerve-wracking places for a new RVer. Other RVers line up behind you, impatiently watching as you fumble around, trying not to make a mess. 

What if you never had to dump your tanks, though? Sounds far-fetched, but it may be right around the corner. 

What Is NeverDump?

NeverDump treats your wastewater through a thoroughly researched scientific process. You can even reuse the water. The system functions as a drop-in replacement to black and gray tanks. 

Hopefully, the drop-in features will allow manufacturers to connect NeverDump to their plumbing systems. Future RVs could come with NeverDump pre-installed directly from the factory.  

How Does NeverDump Work? 

NeverDump processes wastewater through a complex distillation process. It uses a multi-effect distillation process for greater energy efficiency. During this process, water boils from chamber to chamber to get purified.

Blackwater uses pyrolysis for treatment, which is decomposition via heat. This process boils the water, then captures clean water for flush water. After drying, the residue is heated to a high temperature and converted into charcoal. The residue becomes black, unscented charcoal. 

Will This Technology Prevent RVs from Ever Having to Dump?

Ideally, yes. In a perfect world, RVers would never handle any gray water or sewage again. 

Those who prefer boondocking and who don’t have easy access to their tanks could benefit the most. RVers could dry camp for an extended period without needing to find a dump station. 

Is This Technology Available for RVers to Purchase Yet? 

The product is currently in the conceptual stage. We’ve seen prototypes of individual steps of the process, though. 

So while it’s not available for installation at this time, you can follow NeverDump’s Facebook page to stay up to date. There is no public rollout date listed currently.

Other Alternatives to Dealing with Black Tank Waste

While we wait for NeverDump to hit the market, you’ll still need your black tank. But there are already alternatives that allow you to boondock longer and avoid the dump station.

Composting Toilets

Composting toilets do not connect to a black tank or sewer source. They use a carbon additive such as peat moss or sawdust to aid in decomposition. You can move the end product to a secondary composting location. There’s a separate urine compartment to avoid oversaturation. 

Composting toilets are a popular choice for RVers, boaters, and conversion van travelers who no longer want to deal with a black tank.

Incinerating Toilets

An incineration toilet is a dry toilet that burns waste versus flushing it with water. They use either electricity or gas for power.

The toilet gathers the waste and incinerates it into pathogen-free ash. Some systems even allow you to process the gray water in your RV, eliminating the need for a black or gray tank.

Dry Flush Toilets

A dry flush toilet is a waterless solution that requires no black tank. The toilet comes with bags that line the inside. When the user “flushes,” the liner bag collapses and seals. 

While this eliminates the need for a tank, you’ll have to find a place to dispose of the waste bags. 

Even if you don’t mind dumping your tanks, there could be a better way. Besides, who doesn’t want a more hands-off process? 

Could you see yourself utilizing something like the NeverDump system when it’s available?

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