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5 Van Dwellers Proving Vanlife Isn’t Just for Millennials

Are you dreaming of van life? You’ve likely seen millennials living it up on Instagram in their conversion vans. But the lifestyle isn’t just for 20 and 30-somethings. 

Keep reading to meet five van dwellers who live and travel their way. Get ready to be inspired and learn more about what it takes to live in a van. 

Let’s get into it.

What Is Vanlife?

Van life is a lifestyle in which one or more people live in a vehicle converted into a tiny home. The vehicle may be a van, a car, or a bus.

Some people transform their own vans into a living space, and others purchase professionally-built camper vans. In addition, van lifers typically work remotely to earn an income anywhere and change their scenery often.

DIY Van Build Vs. Buying Class B Camper Van Motorhome: Find Out Which Is Better

Yes, it is legal to live in a van. There are no laws against it, but laws dictate where you can park or sleep in a vehicle or camper. These laws vary between states and cities. While the zoning laws vary across America, you can use a van as a dwelling. 

Do your research and know the policies in the state you register your vehicle in. And abide by any laws or restrictions in the places you travel or stay.

For example, some van lifers like to stealth camp. Keep in mind that stealth camping is illegal in many places, especially on city streets, so it’s essential to know what’s permitted.

Two hip seniors cheers their coffee mugs while living in the vintage van.

5 Van Dwellers Proving Vanlife Isn’t Just for Millennials

You don’t have to look far to find van dwellers that don’t fit the millennial mold. We want to introduce you to five van lifers living their dreams. So let’s take a look.

1. Vancity Vanlife

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About: Vancity Vanlife is a man and his dog living full time in a 2004 Ford E250 Extended cargo van. Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, he shares his travels and van lifestyle on his popular YouTube channel. The goal of the channel is to be authentic and inspire someone daily. 

Most Popular Video:
Not Enough Charging On Rainy Days + Van Dwelling Friends | Parking Lot Van Life

Vancity Vanlife talks about parking lot camping in this video. Come along with Vancity Vanlife as he paints a wall in his shop, gifts his dog a new bed, and shows you what it’s like to sleep in a parking lot. The video provides an excellent look into what a day in the life of a van dweller is like.

Unlike what some people may think, it’s not a vacation. Instead, Van life is simply an alternative to a traditional home with the bonus of exploring new locations. You can also check out his other most popular videos with over 2.7 million views.

2. RVrebel Girl

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About: Carolyn is RVrebel Girl. She’s retired and a mother and grandmother. One year after she retired, she downsized her possessions and purchased a travel trailer. Now, she explores the country in her RV and has created a fantastic community of others doing the same.

Most Popular Video:
This Is A Sad Day For Our Nomad Community / A Nomad Sister Has Crossed Over To Jesus

RVrebel Girl pays tribute to a van lifer who passed away in this video. While the episode is slightly different from RVrebel Girl’s typical videos, it gives an insightful look into what type of community exists among van dwellers.

The woman in the video has a strong bond due to their common interests and lifestyle. And losing someone in the community is like losing a family member. 

3. Living Life with Letty Tippins

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About: Living Life with Letty Tippins is a growing YouTube channel. Letty is a courageous van lifer and a good storyteller. She has rheumatoid arthritis, but that doesn’t stop her from traveling in her Ford Transit Connect van.

Most Popular Video:

Living Life with Letty Tippins described a terrible experience when she pulled into a rest stop. Van life allows you to meet many different people and have various adventures. But, sometimes, things take a turn for the worse. 

Letty tells her viewers about witnessing a man harm a woman at a rest area during her recent road trip. Watch to see what transpired and how Letty handled the situation. Van life is a journey full of ups and downs.

4. DebraJoy

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About: DebraJoy has a delightful spirit. She lives full-time in her Chinook Chevy Van. DebraJoy refers to it as her blue cottage. The tiny home on wheels has everything she needs, and she joyfully shares her journey with viewers of her YouTube channel.

Most Popular Video:
Living in your van on Social Security!

In this video, DebraJoy talks about what it’s like to live in your van on social security. She shares a piece of her own story to help others who live on social security and disability.

And she inspires others to ask questions and seek help if they could be eligible for disability and struggle financially. DebraJoy is another excellent example of the van community helping each other with life events. 

5. Mel’s Big Van Small World

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About: Mel from Mel’s Big Van Small World lives full time in his Mercedes Sprinter camper van. His YouTube channel gives van conversion ideas, and he inspires others to build tiny homes on wheels. And to help you along the way, he provides access to all of the products he uses through his Amazon storefront. 

Most Popular Video:
VW T4 DIY Camper van Conversion Using Ikea furniture Van life Self Build Van Tour – sprinter next

In this episode, Mel discusses how he built a camper van on a budget with Ikea furniture. The goal of the video is to give others ideas for van conversions and how you can build out a van on any budget.

He takes us through the layout and how it worked for him. Mel does a great job of showing others how van life is attainable, and you don’t need a million dollars to embrace the lifestyle.

Van Life Is an Experience for All Adventurous Souls

Are you older than a millennial and ready for van life? We hope you’ll subscribe to the YouTube channels above for inspiration. No matter your age, you can live your dreams. Van life isn’t for everyone. But those that seek it out can create lasting memories. 

What is your dream van? Do you want to build your own? If so, we would love to hear about your process. Drop us a line in the comments below, or tag us in some photos.

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