10 Best Online RV Courses

Learning is never done. And that holds true no matter your age, lifestyle or dream.  Today, many people have a dream of living the full-time RV lifestyle. These online RV courses can help you turn your RV dreams into reality.

Why Take an Online RV Course? 

You could simply buy an RV, get rid of all your stuff, and start traveling. But in the course of doing so, you will most definitely run across many questions.

Questions like, how to drive the RV? What if something goes wrong? How do I work on the road? Where do I camp? What about school for my kids?

The questions are endless, and there are many answers to every one of them.  Instead of making the same mistakes that everyone has, why not go back to school? 

Not in the traditional sense, but with online courses made specifically to educate you on full-time RV living.  Your time is valuable, and these online RV courses will teach you what you need to know, in no time flat. 

10 Best Online RV Courses

Preparing to Full-Time RV

You’ve made the decision to transition from your home to your RV. Now what? This online RV course will teach you everything you need to know to make that transition with the least amount of hassle.

From where to domicile, to downsizing, to finding health insurance, and how to travel with pets. You’ll learn where to get mail on the road, how to make travel plans and so much more.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, confused, nervous or unprepared, this course can help. Each section is broken into easy-to-understand categories and units.

Learn at your own pace with videos, worksheets, and checklists.

Meet Your Instructors: Kyle and Olivia Brady from Drivin’ & Vibin’, Jason and Rae Miller from Getaway Couple, and Tom and Caitlin from Mortons on the Move. These three couples have over 12 years of combined experience. They have done extensive research on the road so you don’t have to. 

Price: $227

RV Foundations – Operations, Safety, and Maintenance

RVs are machines. You’ll need to know how to operate and maintain them.  In this RV course, you’ll discover tips and tricks dealing with operating, maintenance, and safety for your RV on and off the road. You’ll learn how to use your RV so you can avoid beginner mistakes.

You’ll learn all about RV-specific systems while making RV living comfortable. You’ll be prepared for any maintenance and safety issues that may arise. Hooking up at an RV park, working with electrical systems and water tanks are just part of what you will walk away with.

This course will also go through propane tanks, towing, driving, tire safety weight and so much more. And at the end, you’ll receive a completion certificate giving you an insurance discount.

Meet Your Instructor: Jim Koca. Jim is a retired police officer, who specializes in collision reconstruction, which gives him perspective and wisdom with vehicle safety. He is now sharing this knowledge with you. 

Price: $127

Declutter and Downsize

Downsizing can be overwhelming and emotional. This online RV course will teach how to downsize one emotional step at a time and starts with step-by-step instructions for sorting your belongings into categories.

You’ll even discover tips on how to have a successful garage sale. In addition to the course content, you’ll receive printable workbooks, calendars for planning and a list of hundreds of organizations that accept donations.

Meet Your Instructor: Ashley Mann from RV Inspiration. After spending an entire summer in 2016, worrying about how to get rid of her belongings, Ashley created this course so you won’t have to go through the same pain.

Her goal is to help others transition from a sticks and bricks home into a smaller living style, comfortably.

Price: $101

Ready to Roadschool?

Are you ready to teach your children while living on the road? Then you’re ready for this online course. Discover the basics of roadschooling and curriculum programming options.

You’ll also learn about homeschooling laws, how to transition from traditional schooling to road schooling, and more. Here, you’ll connect with communities online and at various meetups and rallies across the country.

You’ll learn how to plan educational trips and use the outdoors as a classroom, find deals to zoos, museums, and more.

Meet Your Instructor: Kristin Murphy of Where Wild Ones Roam. Kristin is an advocate for outdoor classrooms and with two kids of her own, she knows what you’re going through to find the best options for your kids.

Using her educational background and writing expertise, she created this course to make roadschooling an easy transition that will take the entire family on an educational road trip.

Price: $127

Remote Work 101

Learn how to work remotely. This course is geared towards those that have a dream of living on the road but need some guidance on how to create income from the road.

Discover how to plan for your dreams, build a budget and find employment possibilities. Self-employment tools such as Upwork and Flexjobs are reviewed, along with how to handle remote interviews and how to stay connected on the road.

There are seven self-paced modules, seven expert interviews, and six activity sheets to get your knowledge working for you.

Plus, you’ll also receive an invite to a private Remote Work School Facebook Community for continued interactions and connections. And there’s more — with resume and cover letter templates added to your courses.

Meet Your Instructor: Camille Attell, Professional Remote Business Coach. Camille worked for 20 years as a corporate trainer and is now working for you. Combining that skill with her Master’s in Counseling Psychology, she now coaches people how to maximize their own talents.

She has been working remotely for over a decade and wants to help you do the same.

Price: $398

Workamping 101

This seven-day online course is a series of PDF files.  You can download them and complete each one on a daily basis or learn at your own pace.

You’ll learn how to choose an RV that fits your lifestyle. Also, you’ll learn about workamping itself and how to plan for season-to-season work. 

You’ll get a top 101 list of workamping employers to get you started on your own journey in this online RV course. Mindset is also important, so you’ll also discover the importance of having a working vacation mindset.

Meet Your Instructor: Sharee Collier of Live, Camp, Work: How to Make Money & RV Full-Time. Starting their full-time travel adventure in 2013, Sharee and her family have been workamping for years. 

She wants to share what she has learned with you.   

Price: $TBD

Boondocking 101

If you’ve always wanted to boondock and experience nature at its finest, but don’t know how, this online RV course is just for you.

You’ll get expert advice about boondocking in huge 5th wheel campers to Class A’s to tiny campers. In this course, you’ll discover all about what boondocking is and the legalities of free camping on specific types of land. 

You’ll also learn how to prepare your rig for boondocking and where to find the best spots.

You’ll learn specifics about water conservation, using power, safety, and boondocking with pets. If you need a break from the hustle and bustle of RV parks, this course is for you.

Meet Your Instructors: Kyle and Olivia Brady from Drivin’ & Vibin’ and Jason and Rae Miller from Getaway Couple. Between these two couples, they have over ten years of RV experience, with much of that being boondocking. 

They’ll share their expertise and knowledge with you, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes they did.

Price: $119

Buy the Right RV

Traveling full-time in an RV is impossible without an RV.  This online RV course is geared towards teaching you exactly what the title says. 

Choosing an RV to start your travels can be intimidating, and this course breaks down every step. Including how to budget for an RV, how and where to research, and finally, what to purchase to fit your RV lifestyle. 

Each unit is broken down into smaller components based on your budgeting, comfort needs and safety.

Meet Your Instructor: Nathan Moss from Less Junk More Journey. Nathan is part of a family of four that has been traveling and working in their RV full-time for years.

Knowing what it takes to purchase an RV for a family, Nate is here to share his wisdom with you.

Price: $97

Full-Time RV Finance

Are you dreaming of living an RV lifestyle?  Maybe some debt is holding you back? This online RV course will walk you through your debt issues, so you know what to pay off when and how to do it.  

The four modules, each with four videos will kickstart your desire to pay off whatever debt you have. You’ll create a financial strategy and set up a full-time RV budget plan.

You’ll learn more about what RV to purchase that fits your financial plan. And you’ll start a savings plan to continue reducing your debt.

Meet Your Instructors: Julie and Sean Chickery of Chickery’s Travels.  RVing since 2015, Julie and Sean have paid off over $100,000 in debt and have learned a lot about themselves and debt along the way.

Becoming great stewards of money, they are here to share their financial wisdom with you. Don’t let your debt hold you back.

Price: $49

Drive Your Motorhome Like a Pro!

Driving a motorhome is a bit different than hopping in your car and driving down the road.  You’ll need to know where you can get gas, what roads don’t have low bridges, and where it’s safe to turn around or back up. 

This online RV video course will teach you how to drive your motorhome with confidence, so you can do all of the above tasks safely.

This is a professional driver’s training course for both novice and experienced RV drivers. It includes commonly used terms and definitions, maneuvering techniques, pre-trip checklists, driving, braking, and more.

Meet Your Instructor: Mark Polk. Mark has been working with RVs since he was 15. He started out washing them and then transitioning into RV maintenance. While in the service, Mark continued working with large vehicles, teaching soldiers how to maintain and operate a plethora of vehicles and large equipment.

His RV students come to him with many levels of experience, and Mark’s extensive knowledge can handle any level.

Price: $44

Online RV Courses Can Make Your Dream a Reality

What does one do when done with school? They use their newfound knowledge to create the life of their dreams. And now that you’ve completed the 10 best online RV courses, your full-time RV lifestyle dream is ready to be turned into your reality. 

The next time someone comments that you’re living the dream, just nod in agreement knowing that all it took was a few online courses.

And, of course, the desire to live the dream.

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