RV Odd Couple Gets Cancer?

John and Mercedes of the YouTube channel RV Odd Couple have shared the good, the bad, and the ugly of both RVing and life.

In this video, the couple hits all three as they discuss John’s diagnosis and what it might mean for the future. Let’s take a look!

What Kind of Cancer Does John Have?

John found a sore spot on his arm that was bothering him. Doctors removed it, as they believed it could be cancerous. The doctors took a large chunk of tissue from John’s arm to test for melanoma, one of the most aggressive forms of skin cancer.

Initial results suggest good news, but until the final results arrive, the couple has to wait and hope.

How Did John Get Diagnosed?

John, like many people, doesn’t enjoy going to the doctor. He told Mercedes the spot on his arm wasn’t healing and was starting to become painful. With a history of cancer in his family, John knew he needed to have it checked out. 

No one wants to hear a cancer diagnosis, and therefore many doctors try to break the news gently. But not John’s, apparently. His doctor took one look at the spot on John’s arm and gruffly diagnosed him.

John’s doctors have since removed a chunk of tissue from his forearm to test it. The results are still pending as of that video. Once the results come in, the couple and their team of doctors can set a plan for the future.

Why the RV Odd Couple Says that Getting Old Sucks

In the video, John says that getting older sucks because the older you get, the faster time passes, or so it seems. He also mentions that his dad passed away at 57 after battling cancer. 

John had a daughter at 50-year-olds, which he sees as a second chance at experiencing child-like joy. However, contending with serious health conditions while raising a young child won’t make parenting any easier. He also expresses that he hopes to be around as long as possible for his wife and daughter.

John reflects on his life during this highly personal video. The couple may face many challenges on the road ahead, but they seem to be keeping a level head. More tests and doctors await them on their journey.

How Will This Affect Their Channel?

RV Odd Couple plans to continue traveling and producing videos for their community. They’ll also still spend time helping their daughter, who has autism. 

John and Mercedes have handled difficulties on the road and in their marriage before. They plan to tackle this challenge the same way — together. They’ll wait for the results while continuing to live their lives as they planned and hoped to before.

Challenging circumstances and difficult times can reveal our true characters. John and Mercedes are approaching even this scary time with humility and gratitude. Even now, they have a positive outlook for the future. 

It cannot be easy telling a large online community about such a personal issue. How would you handle announcing something like this to a large audience? 

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