5 Best RV YouTubers Under 1,000 Subscribers

With so many YouTubers out there vying for subscribers, and with millions of consumers consulting Youtube every day for entertainment and education, it can be easy to miss some really great content while following the “big subscriber” crowd.

If we take just a little more time to dig into YouTube to see what’s new, we can find some meaningful content under the surface and some fantastic hidden gems.

So who are the 5 best RV YouTubers with under 1,000 subscribers, for instance? Let’s find out!

Get RV Life Inspiration On YouTube

For folks interested in the RV life, either part-time, full-time, or for periodic road-tripping, there is a plethora of content on YouTube to inspire, educate, and allure! 

From retired RVers to young RVers living and working on the road, to entire families living on the road and educating children as they roam, YouTube has content to represent every aspect of the RV life culture.

In addition to inspiration and entertainment, many RVing YouTubers provide valuable education to their viewers, allowing “newbies” or folks just considering joining the RV world with a barrage of important information.

5 Best RV Life YouTubers Under 1,000 Subscribers

So, when we jump into the RV life YouTube content and investigate with a closer eye, what do we find? Follow along as we navigate our way to the 5 best RV life YouTubers with under 1,000 subscribers!

Chasing the Sun RV Life Van Living

Eric and his dog Wolfy live full-time in their 1986 Toyota Sun Land Express RV named “Betty-Lou” and travel throughout America. This channel has a year’s worth of content, and as of February of 2021, had under 500 subscribers. 

Eric is a bearded nomad who cares for Wolfy and Betty-Lou as though they’re the apples of his eye and the central forces of his life. Endearingly, Eric named his RV after his mother, Betty-Lou. He bought the RV shortly after she passed, leaving one to wonder if there’s a little boy inside of Eric wandering the world in search of his mom. It’s a special consideration, all in all, and truly beckons to the heart of anyone who appreciates the tender, unbreakable bond between mother and son. 

Watching Eric navigate his awesome 35-year-old Toyota RV is in itself a fascinating experience. Add to that the nuances that Eric’s wit and wisdom add to his story-telling, along with his RV culinary escapades, and you’ve got some great content, as yet undiscovered but worthy of the views of the masses.

The most popular video published to date on Eric’s “Chasing the Sun RV Life Van Living” channel is the video offering a tour of his home on wheels. The Toyota RVs of this era introduced the concept of an entire house atop a tiny Toyota chassis that would offer decent fuel consumption numbers along with Toyota’s notorious reliability over time. Considered to be a Class C RV, these RVs continue to hold buyers’ interest in today’s used RV market.

Eric bought Betty-Lou with 68,000 miles on the clock, which, as anyone familiar with Toyotas knows, is a barely broken in Toyota! 

In his tour video, Eric notes being frustrated with the small amount of propane storage available on the rig, and when he welcomes us into the kitchen, we can see why. The rig has a four-burner stove and an oven! 

This full kitchen amenity is meaningful when watching other videos produced by Eric. He’s a fun, on-the-road cook who genuinely seems to enjoy the experience. Here’s a guy who carries fresh basil plants on board for culinary acuity while also having lots of packaged ramen and canned chili. Therefore, making him the perfect RV lifestyle foodie figure!

We’d be remiss if we were not to mention the contribution that Wolfy, Eric’s adorably delightful canine traveling companion, makes to the channel. 

Wolfy, whom Eric describes as a “wiener dog,” displays the sweetest disposition throughout the videos. He is as charming as the day is long. But it is the apparent mutual affection shown by this burly, 6’4” man and his tiny traveling companion that leaves us enchanted.

Above all, there are many reasons why Eric, Wolfy, and Betty-Lou of “Chasing the Sun RV Life Van Living” are among the 5 best RV YouTubers with under 1,000 subscribers. Check them out to see for yourself!

Home Away RV 

Second on our list of “5 Best RV Youtubers Under 1,000 Subscribers” is the channel “Home Away RV”. A Colorado-based family dreaming of the full-time RV life beginning in May-June of 2021. Their early videos are a mix of video compilations detailing their preparations in advance of pursuing their full-time RV life dreams, offering viewers a perspective on the experience of the excitement, stresses, and considerations of preparing to hit the road full-time.

This RV life family consists of parents Jessica and Corbett Brown, one teenager (Evelyn!), one toddler (Charlotte!), two dogs, and two cats! The family enjoyed camping and became so enamored with the RV lifestyle that they decided to sell most of their possessions, including their house, to dive into a new way of life. 

They purchased a Jayco North Point 5th-wheel, with a plan to move into it in May of 2021. They plant it temporarily in a park five miles from their “sticks and bricks” house while it’s on the market. All while continuing to work full time while their children continue pandemic-induced online education.

The 5th-wheel model they chose has a whopping five slide-outs, which answers the question of how they’ll have enough room to travel with two adults, two kids, and four pets. The children have their own bedroom with bunk beds and a half bath. There’s still a full bath in the area of the master bedroom. 

Above all, the family is moving out of a 5,000-square-foot home and into a 400-square-foot-home. Which is likely to provide a lot of interesting YouTube content in and of itself!

The Brown family’s most popular video in February 2021 is a concise, five-minute review of the Tymate tire pressure monitoring system. A tire pressure monitoring system is a topic that draws interest as an important safety feature. 

The Browns found a deal on the Tymate TPMS ($60!!!), and YouTube viewers appreciate Corbett’s ability to fly through a complete unboxing, installation, and early review of the system.

A hat tip to the Browns’ YouTube channel theme song, a compelling clip from Chad and Rachel Hamar of the musical duo Cloverdale. It offers the perfect flavor of the RV life: “Making time, making memories – there’s nowhere that I’d rather be than in the middle of nowhere!”

Champing Adventures

Third on the list of “5 Best RV YouTubers Under 1,000 Subscribers” is “Champing Adventures.” 

Alicia and Peter Coughlin of Pennsylvania decided to live and travel full-time in a Forest River Vibe 5th-wheel travel trailer with their two young sons and two dogs after enjoying a multitude of camping experiences as a family. 

Alicia works remotely already. A machinist by trade, Peter started a mobile RV repair business that could make this family’s dream of living and working on the road a reality.

Alicia sums up the couple’s dream in a single sentence when she says, “We’re not going to get this time back with our kids”. Any parent knows how insightful a comment this is. There is no better inspiration for a family to move into a 323-square-foot 5th-wheel and hit the road!

In one endearing episode of “Champer Adventures,” we see 8-year-old Liam stacking wood in the back of the family’s pickup truck in advance of a camping trip. After that, he carefully positions the camera as he’s speaking to give us a view of the wood he’s stacking. He plays to the camera like a pro. This kid is a natural-born YouTuber!

The most popular video from “Champer Adventures” involves the family’s trip to one of their favorite campgrounds. Which is Castaways RV Resort in Ocean City, Maryland. Among the adventures captured in this video is a visit to Assateague Island to see the wild ponies. However, they didn’t get to see any wild ponies! Still, they managed to enjoy the beach and some ice cream and each other.

This is about as genuine a family as you’ll find on YouTube. They’re not editing life to look different from reality. They’re just living and loving life and filming it! Meet the Coughlans!

Chasing RV Sunshine

Next on our list of the “5 Best YouTubers Under 1,000 Subscribers” are Deb, Joel, and Maya, also known as “Chasing RV Sunshine.”

Deb and Joel describe themselves as a couple looking to downsize, retire, and move to full-time RVing. They describe Maya as “a spoiled dog”! 

One of the more intriguing things about this channel is that Deb and Joel are new to the RV life and their YouTube channel invites us to roll along with them as they learn the ropes, traveling in their red Tiffin Allegro. 

They note that they feel they’re living a book called “RVing for Dummies,” but watching their channel is a fun and productive way to explore the RV life from the perspective of “newbies.” They’re a delightful couple, and – let’s face it – they’re all of us the first time we ever drove a big rig, got a flat tire on the road, or emptied a black tank!

Their videos are filled with great tips for beginners and experienced RVers alike. 

Chasing RV Sunshine’s most popular video to date has been a look at their first Harvest Hosts experience. For readers who are not familiar with Harvest Hosts, it is a membership that leads RVers to various locations throughout the United States and Canada where they can overnight for free (beyond the modest annual membership fee). Locations are farms, orchards, vineyards, golf courses, wineries, distilleries, museums, and a few attractions. 

Additionally, in this video, Deb, Joel, and Maya spend the night at Bare Bones Brewery in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and share with their YouTube audience the joys of this fabulous slice of the RV life.

RV Tips & Travels

Last but absolutely not least on this list of “5 Best RV YouTubers Under 1,000 Subscribers” is “RV Tips and Travels.” This is a magnificent channel that delivers what it promises in its title. 

Ross travels in a Grand Design Imagine 2150RB 5th-wheel. He describes his channel as showcasing “tips, tricks, hacks, and modifications as well as campground and product reviews,” further noting that he offers expert RV advice. 

Additionally, the videos on this channel include some incredible drone footage and smooth editing. They’re also filled with helpful information for any RVer from newcomer to old hat. Ross gives clearly stated instructions and notes about RV repairs, modifications, and general maintenance. Similarly, he also takes the viewer on some enjoyable camping trips through the gift of his videography skills.

The most popular video on this channel is a step-by-step tutorial on how to winterize a travel trailer. With well over 23,000 views, this video establishes Ross’s teaching skills in addition to his apparent familiarity with the task at hand. 

Keep An Eye On These Up-And-Comers

In conclusion, there’s a lot of great content on YouTube, and a tremendous amount of it is dedicated to the RV lifestyle. If you dig in beyond the most popular channels, you’re sure to find a wide array of content that suits your travel style. Even if your travel style is vicariously through YouTube from the comfort of your recliner.

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