How Many Pets Are Too Many in an RV?

Bringing your pets along for the ride can be a fun way to adventure in your RV.

Whether you want to take them on trails with you or just give them a change of scenery, it’s easy to do in many RVs.

However, some may question how many pets are too many in an RV. Is there such a thing? Let’s see.

An owner sits with her dog on the sidewalk near her parked RV.

How Do You RV With Pets?

No matter what type of pet you’re taking, the most important thing is keeping it safe. This means providing the best possible environment while traveling and setting up at a campsite.

Some pets may be likely to dart outside at a moment’s notice. If that’s your pet, make sure to keep an eye on them when opening and closing the door.

You’ll also want to ensure you carry all the necessary items for your pets. Have the most up-to-date vaccination records, proof of ownership, and a quality photograph or two in case they take off on their own adventure.

Some campgrounds may request to see your pets’ up-to-date vaccines, so keeping your regular schedule with flea, tick, or heartworm medications is essential.

RVs can be tiny spaces, so make sure your pets get enough exercise. If that means taking them for a nightly walk or giving them extra toys to play with, then do it.

Pets that don’t get enough exercise can experience health conditions and behave erratically. 

How Many Dogs Do Most RV Parks Allow?

The maximum number of dogs per site will vary between RV parks. However, a general rule of thumb is two dogs per site.

If you have more than two, connecting with the park’s staff before making a reservation is wise. You don’t want to have your reservation canceled when you arrive because you didn’t ask in advance.

How Many Pets Are Too Many in an RV?

There’s no hard and fast rule regarding how many pets you can have in an RV. The number of pets you can have in an RV boils down to your comfort level, the size of the animals, and ensuring everyone is still happy and safe on the road.

For example, having several large dogs will require a lot of space to move and lounge around the RV. They will need multiple walks, brain stimulation, and space to relax.

Some of the smallest RVs might be difficult to have a single dog. However, massively large toy haulers could make it easy to have multiple large dogs with little to no issues when it comes to space.

Your pets are going to need space to sleep and lounge. If you’re not okay with your pets climbing into your bed at night, you’ll need to give them space of their own.

If you bring anything other than a dog or cat, you must consider that animal’s unique needs. We’ve seen goats, pigs, ferrets, parrots, and other odd animals in RV parks, so we know people bring all types of animals on the road.

Read all about the Weird and Wonderful RV Pets.

A cat being a weirdo while its owner works on their laptop.

How Do You Travel With a Pet in an RV?

Traveling with a pet in an RV can be challenging, but it’s possible. If you’re traveling in a towable RV, the bouncing and movement can equal that of a high-level earthquake.

This can be very traumatic for your pets and the main reason why you should never leave them inside the RV during travel days.

Many RVers will invest in carrying crates or allow their dogs space in the back seat or their lap during travel days. This can help avoid any traumatic experiences or serious injuries that could occur.

If you were in an accident while traveling, your pet would be much safer in a carrier inside the tow vehicle than in the RV. If you’ve ever seen an RV involved in an accident while towing, they’re not able to withstand much in terms of impact.

A couple takes a photograph with their dog and their RV camper van.

Can You Leave Pets in an RV?

Many RVers who travel with pets leave their pets in their RV, especially if they cannot take them while adventuring. Most national parks don’t allow pets on trails or in many areas of the parks.

This is not only for your pet’s safety but also for the animals in the park. So, if you plan to spend time in our national parks, you’ll need to leave your pets behind.

There are many apps that you can use that connect to the internet that can allow you to keep an eye on your pet.

If you have a solid internet connection, you can even use video feeds to keep an eye on your pets while you’re away from your RV.

You should be mindful of the time you are away from your pets. Just because you’re gone for the day adventuring and exhausting yourself on a trail doesn’t mean they will be as tired when you return.

You’ll likely need to take them for a walk when you return or find a dog park for them to get in their exercise.

A cat a dog look our the RV window as their owner approaches.

How Can I Keep My Pets Cool in the RV?

If you’re planning to take a pet with you while RVing, you’ll need to make sure they stay cool.

If you’re planning to spend time in a region of the country where it gets hot, you’ll need to run your air conditioning. These use a lot of power and will likely require you to use a generator or plug into shore power.

Some RVers who love boondocking will travel with the cooler temperatures. This not only helps keep them cooler but their pets as well.

A campground can lose power while you’re away, which would shut off your RV’s air conditioner. If you’re camping in extreme heat, your RV can become a hot box in a matter of minutes.

That’s why many RVers who have pets will use remote temperature monitoring devices while they’re away from their RVs. This allows them to monitor the temperature of their RVs from afar and even get an alert if the temperatures reach an unsafe level. 

Is RVing With Pets Worth It?

For many RVers, their pets are equally a part of the family. For them, they wouldn’t consider RVing without them. Planning your adventures around your pets is no different than making any other plans.

Pets can make great companions while RVing, especially if you’re traveling solo. Bringing your pets along for the ride can take some effort, but the effort can be worth it.

Do you bring a pet with you while RVing?

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