A happy young man smiles as he steers a sailboat out on the ocean with his buddy standing behind him.

10 Up and Coming Sailing YouTubers

Are you interested in sailing? If so, you’ll want to watch these ten up-and-coming sailing YouTubers. Their content is fun, inspiring, and educational. You’ll be in awe of the scenic locations they visit, from Caribbean blue waters to the Australian coastline. 

Keep reading to learn more about living on a sailboat. We’ll introduce you to ten sailing YouTubers who are quickly growing their channels and expanding their reach. 

Let’s set sail! 

A happy young man smiles as he steers a sailboat out on the ocean with his buddy standing behind him.

What Is a Sailing YouTuber? 

A sailing YouTuber is someone who documents their experiences on a sailboat and posts videos on their YouTube channel. The most popular channels post weekly and offer consistent content and quality videos.

They grow their audience and earn money from advertisements or sponsors. Many also have a Patreon account, a membership with early releases of the YouTuber’s videos, special merchandise, or information.

Can You Live On a Sailboat Full-Time? 

You absolutely can live on a sailboat full-time. Many people live in tiny houses on the water and travel the world. They stay in anchorages or at marinas when not sailing.

Marinas are similar to campgrounds. They have water, electricity, laundry facilities, showers, trash bins, and some have other amenities like a store or a swimming pool. 

Six sailing yachts navigating the coastline together as the sun rises over the mountains in Greece.

10 Up and Coming Sailing YouTubers

Let’s look at ten up and coming sailing YouTubers. If you enjoy what you see, subscribe to their channel or give their video a “like” or a comment. 

1. WEsail

WEsail currently has four seasons of content for its viewers to binge their travels.

The creators of WEsail have sailed 15,000 nautical miles since 2019. Warren and Erica are the faces and creatives behind WEsail. They live on a Fountaine Pajot Helia 44 catamaran.

Their YouTube channel is entertaining, and Warren and Erica keep things authentic and fun while you take in the scenic blue water. 

2. Sailing Zephyr

Sailing Zephyr navigate the Corinth Canal in Greece that connects the Ionian Sea with the Aegean Sea — and almost lose their drone in the process!

Sailing Zephyr is a couple from Australia who bought a boat without sailing experience. They’re currently circumnavigating the globe on their monohull.

Their passion is to inspire and bring awareness to marine conservation through the people they meet and engage with on their channel. 

3. The Cruising Kiwis

The Cruising Kiwi family explores Australia and the challenges nature brings.

The Cruising Kiwis are a sailing family of five from New Zealand. Rob and Rachel chose to move aboard a sailboat and circumnavigate the globe to give their children an outstanding education. They learn from nature and new cultures and share the ups and downs of sailing full-time. 

Check out these five crazy cool families that sail the world with their kids.

4. Sailing Melody

Sailing Melody decide to get a bit of professional help to get their vessel ready for their next voyage.

The Bennington Family is behind Sailing Melody. They’re a full-time live-aboard family who documents their sailing adventures in a 38-foot Steel Pilothouse Cutter.

This is their third boat, which needs work before splashing. Viewers of their channel can see all the ins and outs of restoring the sailboat before they set sail.

5. followtheboat

Jamie and Liz talk about the hazards and obstructions that crop up while sailing and how they handle them.

Jamie and Liz are behind the helm of the followtheboat. They’re a couple from Britain who began sailing around the world in 2006. Their channel will make you laugh. It’s also inspirational, informative, and creative. The scenery is magical. 

6. Sailing Sunday

Start here with Ryan, Brittni, and Jackson as they sell their house and prepare to transition into sailboat life.

Ryan, Brittni, and their German Shepherd, Jackson, are the crew of Sailing Sunday. They’re sailing the world in their Beneteau Oceanis 46. So far, they’ve sailed throughout Europe, parts of Africa, and across the Atlantic to the Caribbean. Sailing Sunday’s mission is to team up with organizations to help rescue animals wherever they travel. 

7. Sailing Fair Isle

In this episode, Steve gets some help sailing with an all girl crew while Judy is offboat.

Sailing Fair Isle is a British couple who sold their house to move aboard their classic cutter-rigged 48-foot Hans Christian. The blue water boat is taking them around the world while they produce professional documentary-style films for their channel. Their videos are high quality, and they offer an inside look at all things boats and travel. 

8. Feel the Breeze Family

The travel vlob take Feel the Breeze Family to a magnificent island.

Feel the Breeze Family is Rianne, Gerben, and their son. When not sailing, they enjoy their home base and business opportunities in Montenegro. Their footage is stunning and inspirational. You’ll find their episodes to be high quality, with information for sailors and non-sailors alike.

9. WhiteSpotPirates

Nike relishes in the solo sailing life on her way to Costa Rica.

WhiteSpotPirates’ purpose is to bring people one step closer to making their dreams a reality. Nike Steiger, the solo sailor behind the YouTube channel, strives to build a community that inspires and supports one another.

When you watch one of her episodes, you’ll see that it’s working. She takes you on her journey, which is nothing short of inspirational. 

10. Sailing Avocet

Chris and Marissa finally return their sailboat, Avocet, to the water after many hours or work.

Chris and Marissa Neely are Sailing Avocet. They bought their sailboat in 2018 when they were newlyweds with a limited budget. Their videos detail their refitting, redesigning, and renovating of the Avocet.

It’s a helpful and inspiring channel for anyone who wants to sail full-time but doesn’t have the budget to purchase a boat in tip-top shape.

Which of These Sailing YouTubers Will You Add to Your Watchlist? 

We hope you’ll continue to watch one or all of these adventurers and sailors. Whether viewing for the wanderlust or your interest in sailboats, you’ll get a new glimpse into life on the water.

How many of these sailing YouTube channels have you subscribed to so far?

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