A happy couple smiling and laughing as they sit in camp chairs outside their RV.

Our 7 Favorite RV Blogs You Should Be Following

If you’re anything like us, the first thing you do when there’s something you don’t know or understand is to Google it. You’ll likely find a massive list of results from blogs and other sources covering the topic.

This is particularly true when you’re jumping into or trying something new. With the massive increase in RVing in recent years, it’s no wonder we’ve seen an equally impressive amount of RV blogs come on the scene.

Today, we’re sharing some of our favorite RV blogs that we think you should follow. Whether you’re new to RVing or a seasoned veteran, there’s always something new to learn or discover when it comes to RVing.

A happy couple smiling and laughing as they sit in camp chairs outside their RV.

What Is an RV Blog?

An RV blog is a website that shares RV-related content and information with its readers. Many RV blogs provide helpful tips and tricks for making the most out of the lifestyle. The more content these websites create, the larger their database of articles and resources becomes. 

Some of the largest RV blogs in the industry have been creating content for years. This has allowed them to amass an incredible library of content for readers.

If you’re not careful, you can dive into a rabbit hole of educational information and resources while surfing these blogs. You can gain so much knowledge that you practically earn your Ph.D. in RVing from these websites.

Find out if YouTube is a legitimate way to make money while on the road.

What Makes a Blog Worth Reading?

Anyone with access to the internet can create a blog. However, there’s a major difference between an ordinary blog and one worth reading. Blogs worth your time will provide you, the reader, with something of value. 

A couple and their dog hanging outside their camper van at a beach campsite near a lake.

A successful blogger will write in a way that captures your attention while providing you with valuable information and resources that keep you clicking and scrolling through their blog. While you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can typically judge a blog by its analytics.

Most importantly, a blog worth reading will provide a true, unbiased opinion regarding the information it shares. Nothing will kill a blogger’s credibility than sharing a dishonest opinion regarding a product or spreading other misinformation.

Our 7 Favorite RV Blogs You Should Be Following

It’s no secret that you shouldn’t take advice from just anyone. Would you trust someone with little or no experience to provide you with advice when it comes to skydiving or bungee jumping? Probably not. 

Luckily, some RV blogs have been creating content for years and have a proven track record for their honesty and integrity when creating and sharing RV content and information on their blogs. Let’s take a look!

1. Drivin’ And Vibin’

Kyle and Olivia Brady of Drivin’ And Vibin’ are two Alabama natives that hit the road in a 16-foot Fiber Stream in 2015. They spent most of their time on the road finding free camping spots in epic locations. They’d share these hidden gems with their subscribers on YouTube and publish them on their blog. 

Kyle and Olivia of Drivin’ and Vibin’ renovate a 1979 Argosy.

While they’ve created a tremendous amount of content about protecting public lands and helping RVers embrace camping outside of established campgrounds, their blogs cover a variety of content. You’ll find everything from RV news stories, tips for RVing, and some of the top RV destinations in the country.

2. Getaway Couple

Jason and Rae Miller, also known as Getaway Couple, moved into their fifth wheel in 2017 with their Doberman-mix dog, Carmen. While their adventure was supposed to be a one-year RV trip, they quickly fell in love with RVing. They documented their travel adventures, lessons learned, and the various tips and tricks they discovered while embracing the RV lifestyle.

Jason and Rae talk about their favorite outdoor RV accessories.

They shared their adventures with their subscribers on YouTube and have created a massive database of content relating to RVing and traveling on their blog. They’re one of the best examples of RVers who hit the road with minimal knowledge and experience and have grown into experts when it comes to RVing.

3. Mortons on the Move

Tom and Cait Morton of Mortons on the Move embraced the nomadic life in 2015. They started sharing their travels on YouTube, but the community quickly noticed their technical knowledge and expertise.

Take a look at Tom and Cait’s ultimate RV solar system installation for their fifth wheel.

They’re now creating full-length documentaries for Amazon Prime Video and co-hosting a Discovery Channel and PBS TV show. They’re as good as it gets if you’re looking for information regarding travel destinations, RVs, off-roading, and various gear reviews.

4. Keep Your Daydream

Mark and Tricia Leach of Keep Your Daydream hit the road in 2016 with their three children. While their family hit the road for a six-month RV adventure, it’s yet to end nearly six years later.

Mark and Tricia share tips they wish they knew when they were RV newbies!

While logging hundreds of thousands of miles, they’ve created one of the largest RV communities. You’ll see campers wearing ‘Summer to Remember’ T-shirts on campgrounds all across the country.

The couple not only shares their travels and expertise on their YouTube channel but also on their blog. During their adventures, they’ll often create travel guides for the locations you see in their videos. They’ll list the can’t-miss places, things to do in a specific area, and the gear you’ll need to make the most out of your adventures. 

5. RVGeeks

Peter Knize and John Sullivan, more widely known as RVgeeks, have been full-time RVing for nearly two decades. As a result, they’ve got a massive amount of knowledge and experience they can share on their blog.

Peter and John discuss how RV tire pressure is widely misunderstood, even among seasoned RVers.

Their blogs often help tackle the various DIY projects that come with RV ownership. If you want to keep your RV in pristine condition, the RVgeeks blog will be a tremendously helpful resource that you should consider checking out. They want to help you RV like a pro!

6. Today Is Someday

Today Is Someday is the RV blog from Phil and Stacy Farley, also known as “You, Me & the RV.” They’re a couple of empty nesters that jumped into RVing in 2017. Their blog is a source for anyone looking to be a part of a community and educate themselves about the RVing lifestyle.

Phil and Stacy keep it real and share that, even after four years on the road, they still sometimes make RV mistakes, too.

You’ll find recipes, travel destinations, and many educational resources to help you make the most of your RV adventures. They sprinkle in the right amount of wit, humor, and sarcasm to keep things entertaining.

7. RV Lifestyle

RV Lifestyle is the RV blog from Mike and Jennifer Wendland. The blog started as a part-time hobby in 2012 to share the stories of interesting encounters and adventures during their travels. It quickly became a massive resource for RVers from all walks of life looking to learn more about RVing and how to embrace the lifestyle for full-time and weekend adventures.

Mike and Jennifer compare the least versus most expensive class B camper vans.

Their blog covers tips and tricks for finding campground and boondocking destinations and reviews on RV equipment.

Are RV Blogs a Good Resource?

We’ve shared several of the best RV blogs with you, but there are many more. There’s no shortage of RVers creating content to help educate others and document their travels.

Unfortunately, not all of them are good resources. Since you can’t believe everything you read on the internet, you need to consider the source and whether they’re reputable or not.

When it comes to being trustworthy sources, you can count on the ones we’ve shared with you today.

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