A woman sits on top of her camper van with a red canoe next to her overlooking a lake and a mountain.

These New Airstream Vans Aren’t Your Father’s RV

If you’ve lived in America for any period, you’ve probably seen the iconic silver-bullet Airstream travel trailers. They’re as recognizable as the golden arches of McDonald’s and are a symbol of American innovation. But did you know that Airstream also manufactures vans? It’s true!

These Class B coaches are sleek, innovative, and filled to the brim with amenities to make your traveling experience top-of-the-line. You may pay top-dollar for an Airstream, but you’ll be getting quality to last for decades. Let’s learn more about the Airstream’s line of Touring Coaches!

A woman sits on top of her camper van with a red canoe next to her overlooking a lake and a mountain.

What Is an Airstream Van? 

The Touring Coaches by Airstream are Class B and B+ RVs. Like the iconic silver-bullet travel trailers, Airstream manufactured these vans with superb quality and innovation.

Each Airstream Touring van is on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis. From there, the vans differ in amenities, price, and length.

The Interstate 19 is the shortest unit at 19 feet and five inches, while the others are 24 feet and six inches. It’s also the least expensive at $200,000, while the Atlas B+ unit begins at around $289,000.

The Atlas also features a slide to increase the interior living space. It has a Murphy bed due to the additional space, while the other models feature a convertible sofa bed.

Looking over the shoulder of a driver at a Mercedes Sprinter steering wheel in a Class B Van.
Each Airstream Touring van is on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis.

Which Airstream Vans Are on the Market? 

There are five Airstream Touring coaches. All are under 10 feet in height except for the Atlas, which is 10-feet-six-inches. Although the spaces are limited to sleeping two people, they can accommodate seating space for 4-9 people depending on the model. With the reputation of Airstream and Mercedes-Benz in one van, you know that you’re getting top-quality.

Airstream Atlas

The Atlas is the largest motorhome Airstream currently produces.

About: The heftiest model at 24 feet, six inches in length and 10 feet, six inches in height, is the B+ Airstream Atlas van. During the day, enjoy ample living space with a sofa and entertainment center. At night, lay the couch in a flat position and pull down the Murphy bed to sleep comfortably.

Specs: The Atlas seats up to four and sleeps two people. It has a Mercedes-Benz 3.0L V6 turbo diesel engine and Air Ride Suspension. In addition, the Atlas comes with an Onan 3.2kw diesel generator.

Floorplan: The kitchen features a two-burner stove, sink, convection microwave, refrigerator with freezer, and slide-out pantry. The bath spans the rear of the Sprinter van, and a privacy door closes off the space.

In the front, the driver and passenger seats swivel to create more sitting room, and two removable tables provide dining or workspace when needed.

An Airstream Atlas Van drives over a suspension bridge on a sunny day.
Airstream Atlas Touring Coach © Airstream, Inc.

Best Features: The slide-out providing more interior space is one of the best features. Because of the extra room, Airstream installed a Murphy bed to make the area feel more like home.

The closet in the rear of the unit near the bathroom makes getting ready in the morning convenient. Plus, having a residential three-piece bathroom is another way the Atlas makes the space feel like a home.

Airstream Interstate 24X

Go where no Airstream has taken you before in the Interstate 24X.

About: This rugged van has six all-terrain tires, 4×4 capabilities, and sound body protection. Because owners like to camp off-grid, the Interstate 24X also features a solar power system.

Since this model is more for rugged camping, the interior space is for hauling gear. There is no residential bathroom to take up additional room like the Atlas. Instead, Airstream installed an outdoor shower and a wet bath inside the unit.

Specs: The Interstate 24X can tow up to 5,000lbs and has the same 3.0L V6 turbo diesel engine as the Atlas. It measures 24 feet, six inches in length, and nine feet, nine inches in overall height with a six-foot, two-inch interior height. This unit also has a 2.5 kw (LPG) ultra-quiet generator with auto start.

An Airstream van parked in a rugged desert landscape boondocking.
The Interstate 24X has six all-terrain tires, 4×4 capabilities, sound body protection, and a solar power system.

Floorplan: Similar to the design of a toy hauler, the Interstate 24X is spacious in the rear with bench seating that converts into a sleeping area. The wet bath is across from the kitchen, where you’ll find a microwave, two-burner stove, sink, and refrigerator.

Like the Atlas, the driver and passenger seats swivel to create more sitting room. There’s also a workstation behind the driver’s seat.

Best Features: The storage capabilities of the Interstate 24X make hauling outdoor gear easy. From L-tracks to storage containers and overhead storage racks, there’s room for kayaks, fishing poles, bicycles, and more. Solar power means owners can camp off-grid longer and enjoy their outdoor adventures.

Airstream Interstate 24GL

On the Interstate 24GL, the ‘GL’ stands for Grand Lounge.

About: If you want more space for family and friends, the Interstate 24GL is for you. The Ultraleather seating is comfortable, stylish, and pet-friendly. Two LED HD TVs are also in the Interstate 24GL.

Like the Interstate 24X, this unit features a wet bath, so whether you’re tailgating, driving across the country for a wedding, or exploring the outdoors, everything you need is in this Airstream Touring coach.

Specs: Measuring 24 feet and 6 inches in length and 9 feet and 8 inches in overall height with 6-foot-2-inch  interior height, the Interstate 24GL is about the same size as the Interstate 24X. It has a 60,000 BTU on-demand continuous flow water heater and 2.5 kw (LPG) ultra-quiet generator with auto start. It also comes with a 300W solar system and two 100 Ah deep cycle lithium Battle Born batteries.

Floorplan: This floorplan seats the highest number of people of the Airstream Touring models. Nine people can sit in the Interstate 24GL with the long sofa in the rear, two opposing side chairs, the two captain’s chairs in the front, and two additional captain’s chairs behind the cab. A removable table is in the center of the four captain’s chairs.

However, more seats mean less kitchen space. You still have all the necessary appliances, but a smaller area with less countertop room.

Best Features: The Interstate 24GL is like a lounge on wheels. If you’re looking to be the life of the party, there’s ample room to entertain.

The European-style curved cabinetry also provides storage space for food, games, and more to make your weekend getaway fun for everyone. Plus, the extra TV means watching the big game is convenient no matter where you sit in the coach.

Airstream Interstate 24GT

On the Interstate 24GT, the ‘GT’ stands for Grand Tour.

About: With the long-term travelers in mind, the Interstate 24GT features a larger sleeping area for comfortable nights on the road. The European-style wet bath features a built-in shampoo, conditioner, body wash station, and a clothesline. Plus, two 100 Ah deep cycle lithium batteries and solar panels mean longer trips in remote areas.

Specs: The same 3.0L V6 turbo diesel engine powers the Interstate 24GT. Owners can tow up to 5,000lbs. The Interstate 24GT measures 24 feet and 6 inches in length and 9 feet and 7 inches in overall height, with a 6-foot-2-inch interior height, similar to the Interstate 24X and 24GL.

It features a 60,000 BTU on-demand continuous flow water heater and 2.5 kw (LPG) ultra-quiet generator with auto start.

The large living area in the Airstream Interstate GT is great for guests and creating a large sleeping area at the end of the night.
Airstream Interstate 24GT Touring Coach © Airstream, Inc.

Floorplan: The large living area in the rear of the unit makes entertaining guests fun and convenient. It has a long rear sofa, two opposing side seats, and a removable table in the center. All fold into a large sleeping area at night.

Like the Interstate 24X, the wet bath is across from the kitchen. However, the kitchen is more extensive and includes a refrigerator with freezer, slide-out pantry, convection microwave, two-burner stove, and sink. The captain’s chairs swivel around, and a workstation is behind the driver’s seat.

Best Features: The addition of the two side seats in the rear means owners can invite friends over for an evening of card games or sharing stories. The expanded kitchen also means it’s easier to entertain guests.

Finally, the workspace with USB charging ports, overhead reading light, and a TV is perfect for getting work done on the road.

Airstream Interstate 19

Though small in size, you don’t have to compromise much in the Interstate 19.

About: The Interstate 19 is the smallest of the Airstream Touring coaches. It measures 19 feet and 5 inches in length. The C-Zone control screen makes opening and closing the shades, turning on and off the lights, and extending and retracting the awning easy with the push of a button. You can monitor tank and power levels and control the air conditioning.

Specs: The interior space is similar to the other Interstate coaches’ overall and internal height. The Interstate 19 includes a 2.5 kw (LPG) ultra-quiet generator with auto start, a 250W solar system, and two 100 Ah deep cycle lithium Battle Born batteries.

Even with its smaller length, the Interstate 19 still has a 5,000lb towing capacity and the same 3.0L V6 turbo diesel engine as the other Touring coaches.

Airstream Interstate Nineteen Touring Coach © Airstream, Inc.

Floorplan: A similar layout as the other Class B vans, the Interstate 19 features a long sofa in the rear with two opposing side seats. Lockers wrap around the top of the unit for storage, and owners also have a rear closet to hang clothes. The wet bath is behind the driver’s seat.

Finally, the kitchen, although small in size, has everything you need, from a two-burner stove to a slide-out pantry.

Best Features: At 66 by 73 inches, the sleeping space in the rear of the Interstate 19 is the largest bed in a Class B RV. Owners don’t sacrifice comfort in this smaller space.

The biggest advantage of the Interstate 19 is that owners have everything they need for a weekend trip or extended getaway in a smaller area. From a refrigerator to a TV and a toilet, owners can drive a five-foot shorter van without giving up the amenities.

How Much Does an Airstream Van Cost? 

The prices vary depending on the model and upgrades. If you add on amenities, the price will increase. The base price of the Interstate 19 is $200,681.

The base prices go up with each model. The Interstate 24GT and Interstate 24GL start at $233,700.

The Interstate 24X, with its rugged design and outfitted solar system, begins at $246,351. Finally, the largest unit, the Atlas, starts at around $289,911.

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Is an Airstream Van Worth the Investment? 

Airstream has manufactured RVs since the 1930s when Wally Byam’s hobby became a business. Since then, Airstream has become an iconic American symbol. Everyone recognizes the silver-bullet travel trailers speeding down the interstate.

The legacy of Wally Byam continues as the needs of travelers change. With top-of-the-line materials and craftsmanship, Airstream owners know they’re getting their money’s worth. These units last for decades and retain their value.

So if you’re looking at a Class B van, consider joining the Airstream family. You’ll know you’re getting the best when you drive away in your new Touring Coach.

Which unit and floorplan fits your needs?

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