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You Should Avoid the Florida RV Supershow This Year, Here’s Why

According to a recent study conducted by RV Share, even more people will be hitting the road in an RV in 2022. The report states that 70% of millennials and 54% of Gen Xers plan to take a road trip or vacation in an RV.

Meanwhile, 62% of parents responded that RVs offer an exciting experience for their children. So it doesn’t seem like the RV trend is slowing down anytime soon.

If you’re a new RVer, you may be considering attending the Florida RV Supershow in January to learn more about this lifestyle. If you’re a seasoned RVer, you may be contemplating whether or not to buy a new model this year.

Before you make any plans, you may want to rethink heading to Tampa. Let’s look at why you should avoid the Supershow this year!

What Is the Florida RV Supershow? 

During the week of Jan. 19-23, 2022, the Florida State Fairgrounds will host the Florida RV Supershow. This RV extravaganza is in its 37th year.

You’ll find more than just RVs. It’s like a state fair with all of the extra events and entertainment. You might see a unicycle rider cruising around or a barbershop quartet singing on the corner.

And then you have all of the RVs. From small R-pods to luxury motorhomes and everything in between, you’ll find what you’re looking for at the Florida RV Supershow.

Opening day at the 2021 Florida RV Supershow

Maybe you’re just getting started and want to tour as many models as possible. Or maybe you’ve narrowed down your search and are looking for the best deal. Regardless of your situation, there will be plenty of units, accessories, memberships, and more.

Overnight camping is allowed for $20 per night, and mild-mannered pets are permitted on a leash. There’s additional lodging at nearby hotels, but parking is $8 per day for cars at the Supershow. The event runs from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday to Saturday and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday.

When Is the Florida RV Supershow? 

The Florida RV Supershow runs every year in January. In 2022, it will be Jan. 19-23. Another large RV show, the largest in the country, is in Quartzite, Ariz. This shows charges no ticket fee and no parking fee. It takes place the following week, Jan. 22-30.

So you’ll probably have to choose one or the other if you’re interested in attending. It would be a serious haul from Florida to Arizona in just a few days. Tampa also hosts a smaller fall event if you want to avoid the huge crowds in January.

Class A motorhome RVs lined up for show and for sale.

How Much Are Tickets to the Tampa RV Show? 

General admission tickets are good for two days and cost $12. However, in addition to the ticket fee is a parking fee. Cars are $8 per day, and RVs are $16 per day.

The Super Rally camping option has sold out already, but you can camp with no hook-ups at the fairgrounds for $20 a night. There are area campgrounds if you want to stay off-property and have full hook-ups.

For $12, your ticket will get you into the Supershow and give you access to all of the educational seminars, exhibit halls, and RVs on display. You can sit in to learn about RVing to Alaska or brush up on your chassis maintenance. You can browse the hundreds of suppliers’ booths and chat with industry experts.

Why Should You Avoid the Florida RV Supershow This Year? 

All of this sounds like the perfect experience for a new or seasoned RVer. But not so fast. This year’s Florida RV Supershow will bring huge crowds and lack the dealer discounts RVers have come to expect at RV shows. It might just not be worth traveling down south in 2022. Here’s why.

Big Crowds

With the surge in camping over the past two years, you can expect big crowds at all RV shows, especially the Tampa Supershow. This event always draws a crowd because of the number of exhibitors, vendors, and RVs.

The 2022 event could bring so many people from all over the country that you experience long lines, difficulties getting into models, and packed educational seminars. While you might expect to walkthrough 15-20 units during your one-day visit, you might only make it into 10 this year. 

If you choose to visit for more than one day to get into some of the educational seminars or make sure that you can talk with a campground membership specialist, you’ll be spending more money on parking, tickets, and overnight camping or lodging. So your trip to Tampa could get expensive due to the larger crowds.

An RV salesmen looks for the right key to show an RV to a customer.

Show Deals May Not Be as Good

Some seasoned RVers question whether or not you can get a better deal at RV shows anyway. Occasionally, you might find a great deal on a unit, but sometimes you can get the same deal or a better deal at different times during the year from local dealers.

This year, because of the boom in RV sales, you can expect prices to remain high. Your drive to the Tampa Supershow to get a good deal on an RV might end in disappointment.

The inventory may also still be low, as manufacturers are still trying to fill 2021 orders and keep up with incoming orders. These companies won’t focus on getting products to Tampa like in other years. They need to ship products to local dealers and customers. So don’t expect to find thousands of dollars in savings this year. 

How Many People Attend the Florida RV Supershow? 

In 2019, more than 74,000 people attended the Supershow. In 2020, almost 75,000 people attended. This year’s attendance is estimated to top 84,000. Considering this is spread out over five days, you can expect to mingle with close to 17,000 people every day.

A man smiles as he drives his RV.

Are There Other RV Shows in Florida?

There are other options in Florida. The Ft. Myers RV Show happens the next week, Jan. 27-30. In the northern part of the state, you can attend the Jacksonville RV Megashow in February.

West Palm Beach also hosts an RV Show in February. In March, Ocala welcomes RVers to the Horse Park for the Ocala RV Show. And then Tampa hosts a summer RV show June 9-12. The Florida RV Trade Association promotes and sponsors all of these events.

Will You Avoid the Florida RV Supershow This Year?

If you have no other choice and really want to walk through various units and explore different floorplans, be prepared to battle with tens of thousands of people. But if you can visit some local dealers instead, you might have better luck.

The Florida RV Supershow might bring in 84,000 people in 2022. Will you be one of them?

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