Why Not To Work for Amazon as an RVer

Did you know Amazon has a Workamping program specifically for RVers? This program is called Amazon Camperforce and it’s been around for several years.

And, the reports from former RV Camperforce members don’t paint a very pretty picture. 

Here we go. 

What is Amazon Camperforce? 

Amazon Camperforce is a type of workamping program put together by Amazon. The Camperforce program hires RVers during peak season, usually around the holidays to work in warehouses around the US to help with the influx of orders. 

Amazon Camperforce workers generally work several hours a day for a few months, and typically walk away with a nice wad of cash.  But working for Amazon Camperforce  is far from sunshine and rainbows. 

Job Duties of an Amazon Camperforce Member

Amazon hires RVers to work in their warehouses around the US. Warehouse work isn’t easy! 

All of these jobs are physically demanding, and Amazon does not let you choose which job you do. As a Camperforce worker, your choices are limited. Jobs include: 

  • Picking – gathering products for order fulfillment
  • Packing – packing and preparing packages for shipment
  • Stowing – scanning products and putting them on shelves to be picked by pickers
  • Receiving – receiving new product 

9 Reasons Not To Work for Amazon Camperforce as an RVer

We’ve got 9 reasons you should avoid working for Amazon as an RVer. Let’s get into it. 

Long Days and Physically Demanding Shifts

Camperforce workers often work long and physically demanding shifts –  usually 40 hours a week, 10 hours a day. But sometimes overtime is required, especially around big sale days like Cyber Monday.

Risk of Injury

With any kind of warehouse job there is an inherent risk of injury.

Amazon is no different. While working in an Amazon warehouse you will be lifting heavy things, be on your feet all day long, and performing a lot of repetitive movements.

You Don’t Get To Pick Your Job 

In previous years, Amazon workampers were able to choose their job type. This is not the case anymore.

Not being able to pick your job type is a huge downside to working for Amazon as a Camperforce worker, because the physical requirements for each job are a bit different.

You Don’t Get to Pick Your Hours

There’s not a lot of choosing anything when it comes to working for Amazon.

You can’t have any other previous commitments while working for Amazon because you don’t get to choose your hours. 

Limited Campgrounds to Choose From

As a Camperforce worker, you will be given a list of designated campgrounds or RV parks near your warehouse. Since they are pre-designated, you’re not able to pick a campground with all the amenities you desire.

Some of these campgrounds may be as simple as a parking lot with hookups. 

Limited Locations

The Camperforce locations change slightly each year, but are typically held in the eastern portion of the United States.

The 2020 Amazon Camperforce season saw expanded opportunities in states all over the US. In the 2020 season, workampers could choose from these states: OR, AZ, NV, KY, NJ, PA, TN, and VA. 

No Holiday Pay

Since Camperforce workers are not full-time Amazon employees, they do not qualify for holiday pay.

Workampers for Amazon, however, do qualify for time-and-a-half overtime pay, a seasonal bonus for all hours worked (if you finish the season), and 5 hours of paid time off. 

Campground Stipend Doesn’t Always Cover Campground Costs

In addition having to stay at pre-designated campgrounds, Amazon no longer covers the cost of your stay. 

In previous years, your RV park stay was included in the Camperforce work agreement. Now, Amazon offers a campground stipend instead. The stipend is a fixed price and may vary depending on year or location, but it doesn’t always cover the full cost of the campground. 

Amazon Might Not Be Known for it’s Treatment Toward Employees

If you follow the news at all, you may have heard cases of Amazon mistreating their workers. 

Amazon workers have reported being exposed to terrible working conditions. Trying to be the biggest in the eCommerce game comes at a price, and Amazon often puts profit over employees.

Employees have suffered severe injury or death at a higher rate than typical jobs, earning the mega-brand this bad rap.

Is Amazon Camperforce Worth It? 

Unless you have absolutely no other options and really need to make money on the road, Amazon Camperforce is probably not worth your time.

Long hours, grueling work, no ability to control your job or time, and the risk of injury make workamping for Amazon a no-go in our book. 

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