Is the r-pod a Good Camper?

An r-pod is a small camper that’s practical, lightweight, and cute. But how good of a trailer is it?

First, we’ll fill you in on the details. Then, you’ll learn about the r-pod’s best and worst features. And, of course, we’ll share the highlights from its floor plans. Ready? Let’s dive in.

What Is an r-pod Camper?

Forest River’s r-pod travel trailer brings together functionality and affordable luxury. All models are less than 25 feet long and have a dry weight between 2,714 and 4,574 pounds.

Since r-pods are so lightweight, it makes them easy to tow and a whole lot more agile. Let’s get into some of its features.  

r-pod Camper Stand Out Features

The r-pod camper has some practical amenities with modern decor. Let’s take a look at four features that we think particularly stand out. 

Well Constructed

Forest River makes sure the r-pod has quality construction. It’s made with Laminlux Exterior Azdel fiberglass. The laminated sidewalls and floor are welded aluminum. It also has a one-piece seamless fiberglass roof. And there’s a friction hinge on the entry door. In addition, the windows are custom-tinted safety glass.

Easy to Tow

Since the r-pod is so lightweight and compact, it’s easy to tow and maneuver. Some SUVs with a towing capacity of 6,000 pounds or more can pull the r-pod. This means you don’t have to upgrade to a truck if you already have an SUV. And a half-ton truck can easily pull the camper. 

Good Hold Tank Sizes

For a small RV, the holding tanks are surprisingly sufficient on the r-pod. Each model has a 30-gallon freshwater, gray water, and black holding tank. And the RP-202 has a 60-gallon gray tank. You could boondock for three to five days with the holding tank capacity on the r-pod if you’re conservative with your water usage.


Forest River didn’t overlook those of you who travel with your pet. They market the r-pod as pet-friendly. It comes with pet bowls and a frame-mounted leash hook. All models also have an outside shower, making it easy to wash off your pet’s feet or give them a bath.

These r-pod Features Are a Letdown

Although the r-pod’s pros outweigh its cons, there are a couple of features that are a letdown. Let’s take a look.

Lack of Storage

The r-pod could do better in the storage department. Each model has very little outside storage, with some upfront not unlike other travel trailers. But it’s the interiors that particularly lack storage. Since the r-pod is a small camper that packs in features, it leaves little room for storage. 

The kitchens, especially in the shortest models, only have small overhead cabinets or pantries. Only the RP-192 model has a wardrobe in the bathroom. Some have small wardrobes in the bedrooms, but there’s barely enough room for clothing for two people.

Watch a walk through of a 2021 R-Pod RP-192.

One-Year Limited Warranty

Forest River offers a one-year bumper-to-bumper warranty on the r-pod. Unfortunately, this is a short-term limit for a warranty. RV dealers will typically offer you around a three-year warranty that includes labor and everything on your unit.

However, the warranty dealers offer is extra and could cost you more than $3,000. We recommend researching the RV dealer’s extended warranty and its cost before purchasing from them.

How Many r-pod Floorplans Are There?

The r-pod has seven different floor plans. One of the models includes bunk beds, and three have murphy beds. The other three have walk-around queen size beds. 

Unlike older versions of the r-pod, the newest models each have full dry bathrooms. The r-pod has improved in the living space it offers as well. Three of the models have slide-outs, which increases the square footage of the camper. 

How Much Are r-pod Campers?

Depending on the model and any features you add, you can purchase an r-pod camper for between $17,000 and $35,000. We like that the r-pod is an accessible camper for a variety of budgets. In addition, you can find used r-pods for less than $17,000. 

Which Vehicles Can Tow an r-pod Camper?

Several SUVs can tow an r-pod camper. For example, the 2017-2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with a turbocharged 3.0L diesel V6 engine can pull 7,400 pounds. And the 2019 Toyota Highlander XLE 3.5L has a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds.

If you prefer to tow with a truck, there are many options. Most half-ton trucks can pull r-pod campers. Typically a half-ton pickup can pull 5,000 pounds or more. For example, the Ford F-150 can tow between 5,000 and 12,100 pounds, depending on the engine and trim package.

Is the r-pod a Good Camper?

Forest River’s r-pod is a good option for new or experienced campers. We love the compactness of it, which makes it easy to tow and maneuver through campgrounds.

It also offers living space, a bathroom, and a kitchen like you would expect in a larger travel trailer. And the modern decor gives it a hint of luxury. Have you ever been inside an r-pod? What did you think of it?

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