An inside of a wrecked RV

RV Demolition Derby: Watch the World Famous Figure 8 Trailer Race

If you’ve never seen a demolition derby, it’s as chaotic and out of control as it sounds. These gutsy drivers fly around tracks with the sole purpose of destroying any vehicle that gets in their path.

Some derbies even up the stakes and host RV demolition derbies. It’s all the same chaos of a classic derby, but turn the dial to 11 by towing RVs around the track.

Massive RVs get smashed to pieces by collisions along the track. There’s sometimes even a fire or two. Let’s check it out.

An inside of a wrecked RV

How Did the Figure 8 Trailer Race Get Started?

Demolition derbies have been taking place since the 1940s, roughly. Some pin the first event to the 1950s, while others claim it took place in the ‘30s. The exact date is difficult to pin down.

Either way, it wasn’t until the early 2000s that figure 8 trailer races started to show up in the U.S. demolition derbies. Motor Madness and the Tour of Destruction played a significant part in keeping the chaos of demolition derbies alive.

Event organizers pushed the envelope and introduced the figure 8 races for trailers, school buses, and motorhomes. The various events are constantly looking for unique ways to expand their reach and attract a larger audience to their next event.

How Does an RV Demolition Derby Work?

The goal of an RV demolition derby is to be the last RV standing. If the RV becomes inoperable or the trailer separates from the vehicle, that RV is out of the derby.

As long as you have your trailer’s axle hitched to your tow vehicle, you remain in the race. The race continues until there’s only one RV still running or with their trailer still attached.

Who Can Participate in an RV Demolition Derby?

A typical RV demolition derby requires drivers to be at least 16- or 17-years-old. Drivers under 18 will need their parents to sign a permission slip. Each race will have its own unique rules and regulations, particularly in regard to safety.

There are also requirements when it comes to the trailers. They typically must be over 10’ in length and at least 42” wide. Drivers usually use pop-up trailers or travel trailers, but whichever trailer they choose, it must attach using a hitch ball.

If you’re over 16 and have access to a bumper-pull RV that’s seen better days, an RV demolition derby can be a fun way to send it off. It’s safe to say the RV will be a total loss by the end of the derby.

How Much Demolition Can You Expect at the Figure 8 Trailer Race?

You can expect total destruction and a lot of chaos from a figure 8 trailer race. RVs can’t withstand the impacts of demolition derbies.

While there are plenty of minor fender benders with walls and while making turns, the major collisions occur where the figure 8 track crosses. There are usually several major collisions, which often result in an explosion of RV materials going everywhere.

Destruction is guaranteed because the winner of an RV demolition derby is the last RV standing. You’re likely to see plenty of insulation, wood, and other debris flying in the air throughout the derby. So grab some popcorn, maybe even some earplugs, and enjoy the show!  

Demo derby clean up

Can You Get Tickets for the 2022 Trailer Race?

Tickets for the 2022 Trailer Race go on sale around the first of the year. You can keep an eye on the Rockford Speedway website for when they release the latest race schedule. Try to purchase tickets as soon as they become available. You can also follow the track’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for the latest updates. 

See the Damage for Yourself

Thanks to YouTube, you can see the damage for yourself without buying a ticket. Enjoy the wild twists and turns as each RV gets progressively more haggard from repeated collisions.

Watch the chaos of an RV demolition derby.

This can be a great way to get kids or friends and family interested. Once hooked, you can continue to feast on the hours of other RV demolition derby videos on the internet.

Because demolition derbies can be loud and reek of exhaust, watching videos online can be a great way to introduce the sport to others. You won’t have to battle the loud noises and smells when you watch from the comfort of your home. You might want to keep those earplugs handy if you ever go to see the show in person.

Check Out an RV Demolition Derby

If you’re looking for a unique and exciting experience, it doesn’t get much better than an RV demolition derby. You’ll make memories that your loved ones will be talking about for years to come. There is nothing that quite compares to this chaotic and fun experience.

Would you attend an RV demolition derby?

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