A woman drinks a beer while in her camper van surrounded by friends.

What Is Adventure Van Expo?

One thing many people love about van life is the community. They take advantage of almost any opportunity to connect with like-minded people. For many, the Adventure Van Expo is their favorite time to do that.

So what is the Adventure Van Expo, and does it live up to the hype? Let’s find out!

What Is Adventure Van Expo?

The Adventure Van Expo is a weekend of exploring adventure vehicles, learning about vanlife, trying local eateries, connecting with the vanlife community, and much more. The expo is family-friendly, and something adventurers of all ages enjoy.

You’ll find sponsor booths, demonstrations, and leading experts in all things van life wandering the expo. Whether you’re enjoying vanlife or considering it, you’ll learn a tremendous amount and see why many people love the lifestyle.

A woman drinks a beer while in her camper van surrounded by friends.

Where Is Adventure Van Expo?

There are nine sites for the Adventure Van Expo. They range from San Juan Capistrano, California, to Belmont, New Hampshire. You’ll also find expos in Hood River, Oregon, Eagle, Colorado, Bend, Oregon, Lake Tahoe, California, Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Big Bear, California. 

Most expos are on the country’s west coast, likely because many vanlifers spend most of the year out west on adventures in the mountains and deserts. However, we love seeing that New Hampshire and Tennessee represent the northeast and southern regions.

Check out the Open Roads Van Life Fest for another great weekend surrounded by likeminded adventurers.

How Much Does Adventure Van Expo Cost?

The entrance fee to expo is $10 ($20 at Big Bear, CA) per person. Guests 18+ must have a ticket, and tickets cover both days.

Camping is also available at many Adventure Van Expos for an additional fee. Camping fees vary by the location of the expo. Costs range from $75 to $90 for two nights.

What Happens at Adventure Van Expo?

The expo packs much to see and do into a weekend. If you are passionate about vanlife and connecting with others, you’ll have the time of your life. Here are a few things you can expect at many of the expos across the country.

A man reaches out of the roof of his van with his arms stretched towards the sky and the sun on his face.

Live Music

What better way to relax and make new friends than enjoying live music? Each expo showcases incredible musicians from different genres. Grab a drink and your camping chair, and let these artists soothe your ears.

DIY Contest

If money is no issue, anyone can buy a professionally-converted van with the best features and optimal comfort. However, planning and doing the work yourself is a different ballgame. Adventure Van Expo wants to recognize the adventurers who put their blood, sweat, and tears into building their van.

Contestants can enter vans into the DIY Contest and compete against other builds for prizes like gift certificates, clothes, and other vanlife gear. While very few people jump into DIY van builds for the awards, it’s enjoyable to appreciate their hard work.


One perk of vanlife is taking lodging wherever you travel. Camping is available at the Adventure Van Expo, so you don’t have to worry about booking a hotel or an Airbnb, but you’re also camping closely with your fellow vanlifers. This can enhance your ability to make new friends and grow relationships with other travelers.

Food Trucks and Microbrews

Traveling the country allows you to try local foods and beverages. The Adventure Van Expo brings some of the best food trucks to the event to serve food throughout the weekend. Many trucks are from local businesses that love their community and expose guests to the area’s unique culture. 


Vendors are a common sight at the Adventure Van Expo. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about the new technologies and capabilities of many products marketed toward vanlifers.

Many manufacturers send products and experts to demonstrate and answer attendees’ questions. You might discover the solution to a problem you’ve experienced during your travels. Why rely on internet research when you can go directly to the source at the next expo?

Talks and Classes

Many expos offer talks and classes to help vanlifers grow their skills and get the most out of the lifestyle. Experts often lead these classes and lectures, which can be fun and engaging. No matter how long you’ve been into vanlife, you will learn something new.

Van Tours

Many vanlifers open their vans for tours at expos. Seeing how others in the community have modified their vehicles to fit their lifestyle is inspiring.

You may see something someone else has done to answer a problem in your vehicle. They can chat with you about why or how they did it and potentially help solve your problem. You may get inspiration for your new DIY project.

Is Adventure Van Expo Worth It?

The Adventure Van Expo is one that you don’t want to miss. Connecting with others in the vanlife community and hearing their stories can inspire you to continue your adventures.

The more knowledge you gain while traveling, the easier the lifestyle can be. The expo will provide a wealth of knowledge. For $10 per person admission, you should plan to attend!

What questions would you like answered at your next expo? 

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