Who Is We’re The Russos?

Joe and Kait Russo are behind the popular We’re The Russos brand. They provide education, resources, and entertainment to RVers and wanna-be RVers. Keep reading to find out more about what they offer to the community.

The Backstory of We’re The Russos

The Russos began a nomadic lifestyle in 2015. They started publishing blogs on everything RV-related. Their hands-on research led them to develop a beginner’s guide for RVing.

We’re The Russos now have a YouTube channel with more than 186,000 subscribers. Their educational videos offer quality programming whether you’re already RVing or thinking about trying it.

Why They RV

Joe and Kait Russo started RVing because they wanted to live on their own terms. Their love of travel and lack of a healthy work-life balance drove them to make a change. They left their traditional jobs and began RVing and working for themselves.

Kids, Family, Pets

The Russos don’t have any kids. They do love dogs, however. They offer tips to other travelers about traveling with dogs.

How Long Have They Been RVing

The Russos began RVing in 2015. They’ve traveled in a class A motorhome, a class B camper van, a DIY camper van, 4×4 adventure vans, and a 4×4 pop-top truck camper.

What Type of RV Does We’re The Russos Travel With?

We’re The Russos are currently traveling in their 4×4 pop-top truck camper. Let’s take a look inside.

About the RV

Their pop-top truck camper is a Four Wheel Camper Hawk flatbed model. It sits on a seven-foot Norweld aluminum tray with storage boxes. They use a 2000 Ford F350 to haul the camper.


The Russos made some modifications to their overland truck camper. They added a permanent three-gallon gray tank. It mounts to the chassis to make it more conducive for full-time living. They also replaced the six-gallon hot water heater with an instant hot water heater.

In addition, they added extra sealant around the edges of the indoor shower and toilet area. This prevents water from coming through any cracks. And they installed a portable toilet instead of using a cassette toilet. They added a self-leveling lap sealant to all of the roof screws, as well as a Maxxair 10-speed fan. 

The Top 3 YouTube Videos from We’re The Russos

The We’re The Russos YouTube channel focuses on education. They take you through life on the road while also giving guidance on how to maintain an RV. Some of their most popular videos are walkthroughs of various RV brands and models. 

#1. 25’ Small Class C RV Walk-Through

Watch It Here

This video walks you through a 25-foot Leisure Travel Vans Wonder Rear Twin Bed. The Russos take you through all of the outside and inside components. They rented and reviewed the class C motorhome in this video after their first-hand experience operating and living in it. This video has almost 4 million views.

#2. Alto Safari Condo Full Walk-Through

Watch It Here 

In this video, We’re The Russos take you through their family’s Alto Safari Condo teardrop trailer. You get to see the practical functionality of the trailer and some of its features, including the raised top. The top rises smoothly and silently, providing enough room to stand up. You can see the trailer with the top lowered and raised in the video.

#3. Moving Into Our 4×4 Overland Truck Camper

Watch It Here

We’re The Russos give a tour of their 4×4 overland truck camper. They actually move into their truck camper during the video, giving you a nice before and after view. This is a great glimpse at how the Russos manage storage when packing up their camper.

Where Else Can You Follow We’re The Russos?

We’re The Russos are also active on Instagram and Patreon. Their website includes a blog, store, books, and a bit more about the couple.

RV influencers like We’re The Russos provide invaluable resources for new and seasoned RVers. We encourage you to have a look around their YouTube channel to see what you might learn.

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