This Is The World’s Smallest Truck and Truck Camper

RVers are constantly on the hunt for more efficiency. But can you picture yourself camping in a truck camper too small for a twin-sized bed? Keep reading as we explore the world’s smallest truck and truck camper.  

What Is The World’s Smallest Truck Camper?

The 1972 Honda N600 truck is tiny, so a camper that fits on its bed has to be even smaller! One to two people can sit in the truck camper. But that’s about it; there’s not much room for anything else. It has no bed, kitchen, or fancy features.

In comparison, the Rayzr Truck Camper by Travel Lite RV is one of the smallest truck campers on the market today. It suits mid- to full-size pickup trucks. It’s seven-feet-six inches long and 87 inches wide. The camper comes with a bed and kitchen and includes features like a 12,000 BTU furnace and a 20-pound LP gas tank. This “tiny” truck camper weighs more than the Honda N600 truck itself.

The Backstory

The Honda N600 truck came to the U.S. from Japan in 1969. It represented Honda’s first attempt to get into the U.S. automotive market after they initially tried to sell motorcycles here. The small size was a sticking point among Americans, but today some brave souls take miniature to the max with this truck.

How Small Is This Truck, Anyway?

Honda’s tiny ride is only about 1,200 pounds. It’s just over 10 feet long and four feet wide. That’s a tight fit even without a camper attached. 

What Are The Specs On This Tiny Truck?

The Honda N600 uses a four-stroke, aluminum overhead camshaft parallel twin-cylinder engine. It can hit a maximum speed of 85 mph in about 20 seconds. You’ll get 42 horsepower out of the engine.

Honda also built a hatchback version of the N600 with similar specs. Some have come to think of this as Honda’s answer to the Mini Cooper, but Japanese-inspired. 

Comparison to “Normal” Trucks and Truck Campers

Truck campers sold on today’s market are luxury hotel suites compared to the camper shell on the 1972 Honda N600 truck. Take Lance Truck Campers, for example. They’re some of the most robust models out there. 

The Lance 1172 Truck Camper is a prime example of how campers that sit on truck beds have advanced over the years. It includes a full bath, bed, couch, kitchen, and dinette on a slide-out. It even has a skylight and solar panel. That’s a lot of space and amenities compared to the Honda N600, which basically just has room to sit.

Is This Model for Sale?

The 1972 Honda N600 truck is a rare find. If you’re lucky enough to spot one for sale, you might need to jump on it quickly.

Can You Really Camp in This Truck Camper?

Think about the truck camper on the Honda N600 truck as a one-person tent. You can sleep in it and cook outdoors. While it’s not the ideal camper, you’ll certainly get by if you just need a place to sleep.

When it comes to minimalism, it doesn’t get much more compact than the N600 truck camper. RVers love to simplify, but this might be a little too simple even for us! So what do you think, could you camp in a tiny truck camper like this?

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