Who Is Kombi Life?

A Kombi is a South African term for a minibus. But who is Kombi Life? We’re about to reveal all.

But first, sit back and picture yourself traveling across the country in a vintage Volkswagen van. The windows are open, and the curtains are blowing all over.

You could live this life vicariously by watching Kombi Life. Keep reading to learn more!

Who Is Kombi Life?

Kombi Life is all about living on your own terms. It’s a popular YouTube channel created by Ben Jamin.

He films and produces off-grid in some of the most remote places available. Kombi Life is an adventure travel series about overlanding around the world in a 1973 VW bus called Boomerang. 

About Ben

Ben is the photographer and producer behind Kombi Life. He’s from Jersey Island off the south coast of England. Thanks to his love for adventure and travel, he’s been at it full-time since 2008.

He’s spent winters snowboarding in Canada and New Zealand, tracked orangutans in Indonesia, surfed the entire coast of Australia, and much more. One of the highlights of his adventures was spending five years traveling in a Kombi from Chile to Alaska.

About Alaska

Alaska is Ben’s travel companion. She’s an English Cocker Spaniel Latina Street Mix born on March 25, 2012, in Lima, Peru. Ben has been raising Alaska, with some help from the hundreds of nomads he’s met along his travels.

She hiked the Andes, danced with a snake in Belize, was kidnapped in Guatemala, was chased out of the ocean by biting fish in Honduras, and much more. And she’s adorable and highly photogenic to boot! 

What Type of Van Does the Kombi Life Crew Travel In?

Ben, Alaska, and any crew they take along live in a 1973 Volkswagen bus, otherwise known as a Kombi. The vintage camper van comes with off-grid essentials. And it has that ‘70s cuteness that makes it the focal point for many of the videos and photos. 

What’s Kombi Life’s Latest Project?

Kombi Life has had some ups and downs throughout the pandemic, but they’ve been filming non-stop during the summer of 2021. While Ben has yet to reveal what the new video series will be about, we’re waiting with great anticipation.

In the meantime, you can catch up on his past videos. And one of the most recent is all about his six months of adventures on Jersey Island, where he grew up, including rock climbing on sea cliffs.

Top 3 YouTube Videos by Kombi Life

We’ve pulled out three of the top YouTube videos by Kombi Life to give you a taste of Ben’s work. Each video has millions of views, and for a good reason. Ben produces the videos in a documentary style that’s engaging, educational, and fun. So check them out, and we’re quite sure you’ll want to watch more. 

How to See the Real Cuba // Hasta Alaska // S03E10

Kombi Life’s video in Cuba gives you a look at real-life on the island. This is an adventure you don’t see every day, from local transportation to a campfire on the beach with the army.

They take you into locals’ homes and provide insights into the culture, food, and more. They also encounter some difficulties with public transportation and a run-in with law enforcement.

The Longest Road in the World (3 Years in 1 Video)

The Longest Road in the World video summarizes Ben’s three years on the Pan American Highway. It took him 1,000 days traveling in the Kombi.

He documents it all while meeting friends along the way and in Peru, which is where he found Alaska, the rescue dog. Ben is entertaining as he shows highlights of the adventures in about eight minutes.

What Guatemala Travel Is Really Like // Hasta Alaska // S02E07

Kombi Life documents their journey overlanding through Guatemala in this video. They visit a resident’s home and get to know what life is like in a Guatemalan village.

Ben’s local friend shows them around, and they share similarities and differences between their lives and cultures. The video does a great job of showing how to embrace culture when traveling.

Where Else Can You Follow Kombi Life?

You can follow Kombi Life on most social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Kombi Life has also published ebooks that include travel stories and tips. If you’re interested in traveling in a VW bus, Ben provides insight and tips for all things Kombi.

The Kombi Life YouTube channel has more than 540,000 subscribers and lots of videos to binge on. You can join the “crew” for a fee to help support the videos. Ben’s goal is to put out documentary-style videos, and those take longer to film and edit.

Therefore, pumping out one video per week to play the YouTube algorithm game just isn’t feasible. So, if you want to help support them, you can do so by following the link on their YouTube channel.

Where would you travel if you had a Kombi?

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