5 Most Innovative Travel Trailers

RV manufacturers are pushing the limits when it comes to innovation these days. As technology changes, so do the products we know and love. Today we’re going to look at a few of the most innovative travel trailers on the market. 

What Makes an RV Innovative?

Technology is advancing faster than ever. Some RV manufacturers are taking advantage of these advances to upgrade their RVs. It can often feel like if you’ve been in one travel trailer, you’ve been in them all. Trailers may all have the same appliances and layouts. An innovative RV disregards the norms and blazes a trail of its own.

The 5 Coolest and Most Innovative Travel Trailers

If an RV with unique features sounds right up your alley, this is the list for you. We’ve put together a list of the coolest and most innovative travel trailers we could find. There’s nothing cookie-cutter about these RVs!

#1. The Alto

About the Alto: The Alto is the perfect travel trailer for those wanting a small unit built for big adventures. It combines lightweight aerodynamics and high-quality durability. Its unique shape provides 75% less drag, making it easier to tow. This tiny trailer is functional yet comfortable.

You’ll have plenty of headroom. Plus, the front dining area is usable even with the rear bed down. This travel trailer line even has a model with an indoor shower, something uncommon in smaller trailers such as the Alto. 

What’s Innovative About It: The Alto features an innovative retractable roof. When closed, the trailer sits at only 83.5 inches, allowing it to fit in a standard garage. Even with the roof closed, you can easily access the bed, refrigerator, storage, and toilet. This accessibility allows you to get ready for your trip without fully opening the trailer. You’ll love the 100 inches of interior height, especially if you’re taller. That’s more than eight feet of interior headroom! This tiny travel trailer quickly transforms from a small unit capable of trucking almost anywhere into a spacious home on the road.

#2. The Romotow

About the Romotow: The Romotow is a prototype product still in the planning and developing stage. There’s one Romotow currently being built. Therefore, information is limited, but what we do know is still turning heads. The shiny white design is sleek and futuristic. Windows are abundant, giving campers that highly sought-after natural light. We don’t know as much about the interior, but it appears to have a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

What’s Innovative About It: The Romotow’s body rotates 90 degrees. When this happens, the outer shell of the trailer remains in place to create a porch, perfect for enjoying the evening outside. Stabilizers ensure the interior remains stable when rotated. 

#3. The SylvanSport VAST

About the SylvanSport VAST: The SylvanSport VAST provides the comforts of a travel trailer while still feeling at one with nature. This product creates a seamless flow to the outdoors. It’s almost difficult to tell where the camper ends, and the outside begins. The SylvanSport VAST is great for families of four, with two queen beds, a full-featured bathroom, a functioning kitchen, and a gear deck. 

What’s Innovative About It: The kitchen in the SylvanSport VAST is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It’s a fully functioning kitchen inside the trailer, just like any standard travel trailer, but it doesn’t stop there. You won’t have to stay inside cooking while everyone else enjoys the outdoors. Simply slide the entire kitchen outside, and you now have your fully functional kitchen right outdoors with the rest of your family. Not only is it a great way to stay connected, but it’s also great for keeping the heat from cooking outside. 

#4. The BeauEr

About the BeauEr: The BeauEr triples its size in less than a minute with just the turn of a key. This French-built trailer elongates from 13 to 39 feet quickly. It can sleep up to four people, and there’s even a separate bedroom. Campers will love the wardrobe space toward the entrance. There’s even a bathroom on board. The kitchen will allow you to cook a complete meal with the fridge and two gas burners. There’s also adequate storage space. 

What’s Innovative About It: The 3X Concept underpinning this travel trailer makes it stand out. You won’t find much else out there that works like the BeauEr. The technology behind it could change the way we think about travel trailers.

#5. The Departure One

About the Departure One: The Departure One is a unique and luxurious recreational vehicle. Many SUVs and trucks can easily tow it. It has massive windows, giving you the best views of the land and water around you. This unit will sleep up to six people, making it an excellent option for families. You can climb up on the roof to watch the sunrise or sunset. If you love being on the water, this is the travel trailer for you.

What’s Innovative About It: Can’t decide if you want a travel trailer or a boat? That’s OK! With the Departure One, you can have both. This “caravan boat” is a fully self-sufficient recreational vehicle that combines a caravan with a motorized houseboat. This option allows you to hit the open road and the open water. 

Sometimes standard just isn’t enough. These unique travel trailers are pushing boundaries and giving RVers more possibilities. Could you see yourself pulling off the lot in one of these RVs?

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