An elderly woman holds her hand over her mouth, troubled, as she looks at her desktop computer screen.

Scammers Targeting Famous YouTubers!

Scammers trying to deceive people is nothing new. However, the internet has made it much easier to hide behind anonymity to take advantage of people and make a quick buck. Lately, we’ve seen scammers attacking some famous YouTubers and their channels.  

We want to help you avoid becoming the next victim of these scams. So let’s look at what we’re seeing and how you can protect yourself.

An elderly woman holds her hand over her mouth, troubled, as she looks at her desktop computer screen.

How Are Scammers Targeting YouTubers?

By now, most of us know that if we get an email from a prince in a west African country who needs our help, it’s a scam. Over the past decade, YouTube has become one of the most frequented websites in the world. As a result, scammers are using the popular website to target victims.

They can con people by creating accounts that look almost identical to authentic channels that users are following. The scammers wait for the content creator to post a video and immediately respond to comments.

Comments from the scam accounts are hard to decipher from the authentic version. Scammers often direct users to contact them off YouTube through text messages or other direct messaging services.

They’ll generally use other platforms and modes of communication to convince users they’ve won a prize or contest. The scammers will ask the soon-to-be victims to pay shipping, handling, or other fees. However, there is no prize, and once the scammers receive money from the victims, they cease communication.

What Is Carolyn’s RV Life Doing to Address the Scam?

One recent attack was on the YouTube channel for Carolyn’S RV Life. Someone notified her of the situation, and she immediately released her “Scammer Alert. Protect Yourself” video. The video was her attempt to warn her viewers about what was happening and how they could protect themselves. 

She encouraged viewers to verify the authenticity of any comments and that she would never ask viewers to send her money for a contest. She also reminded them that she would never give out her cell number to communicate with viewers.

Carolyn also shared the only email addresses that she uses for communication purposes. She does an excellent job of warning viewers and providing solid advice for avoiding future scams on YouTube.

What Can You Do to Protect Yourself Against Scams?

You can do several things to protect yourself against scams on YouTube. First, you must have a healthy dose of skepticism regarding comments and interactions with people online.

Even experienced internet users can become a victim if they’re not careful. If something looks or sounds too good to be true, it’s probably not.

Secondly, always verify the authenticity of accounts you’re interacting with, especially if it involves a financial transaction. Carolyn encouraged viewers to click on the YouTube account to see that it wasn’t the verified account making the comments.

 An internet browser window opened to the YouTube home page.

There were no videos or history of videos posted on the scam account. There were also far fewer viewers than her 130,000+ subscribers.

Finally, if you have suspicious interactions with an account, block them and immediately report the exchange. YouTube and other social media platforms quickly shut down accounts that receive multiple incident reports of suspicious activity. This helps keep you and other online users safe.

Who Is Carolyn’s RV Life? 

Carolyn’s RV Life is the YouTube channel for content creator Carolyn Higgins. She’s been living and working in her RV since 2016.

She traded in her former rat-race life and the dream of having the perfect house and spouse for a life of backpacking, hiking, and traveling. She’s garnered 130,000+ subscribers on YouTube and over 32 million views on her library of videos. 

She creates content about the challenges and triumphs she experiences as she travels around the country with her dog. Carolyn wants to inspire viewers to make their dreams a reality. She says, “I’m 100% unapologetically, Carolyn.”

How do you protect yourself from a bear? See how Carolyn’s RV Life handled a bear in her camp.

Here are some other trending videos from Carolyn’s RV Life that are worth watching. They provide a glimpse into her life on the road. Subscribe to her channel so you can follow her during her future adventures.

RV Living in Winter: How I Stay Warm in My RV When It’s FREEZING Outside

If you’ve ever tried to camp in an RV during the winter, you know it’s not easy for any RV. However, in this video, Carolyn shares how she stays warm in her 1993 Class C RV with almost zero insulation.

She shares tips, tricks, and some of her mistakes during her adventures. If you plan to camp in cold weather in your RV, you’ll want to hear her tips for surviving, heating your RV, and avoiding broken pipes during severe cold spells.

You want to protect your RV as much as possible, do you know if your camper can survive freezing temps?

What Causes me to Pack Up and Leave a Free Camp in Ocala National Forest?

During this adventure, Carolyn finds an excellent boondocking spot in Ocala National Forest; however, her generator won’t run and forces her to leave. The heat and humidity of Florida drive her to a campground to keep her and her dog safe.

Carolyn shows what life is like on the road and what can happen when you buy an older RV for your travels. She wraps up the video with a warning to viewers to do their research and consider whether they want to deal with the hassle of owning and repairing an older RV.

Where Else Can You Find Carolyn’s RV Life?

If you want to stay connected with Carolyn’s RV Life, the best way is to subscribe to her YouTube channel. However, if you want more day-to-day interaction, like her Facebook page, follow her on Instagram and Twitter, and check out her blog.

She regularly updates all her social media platforms and inspires many in the RV community to pursue their dreams. You never know; you may cross paths with her on the road!

Do you have any tips for avoiding scammers? Let us know in the comments!

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