5 Things SNL Got Right About RV Life

It was only a matter of time before someone made fun of RV Life – and Saturday Night Live did a great job! 

From joking about the tensions between couple’s differing desires to be on the road, experiences with campground neighbors and more, they fit it all into a hilarious 4-minute skit. 

All jokes aside, SNL really did get some things right about RV Life! Let’s find out more here.

The SNL RV Life Skit

Saturday Night Live does a good job at making fun of things. All joking aside, there’s usually some truth in each and every skit. This is true of the SNL RV Life skit from 2018 featuring SNL cast members and Steve Carrell. 

The skit starts out with Steve Carrell and “wife”, Heidi Gardner in a small camper parked in an RV park. The premise of the SNL RV life skit is that the couple’s kids are coming for a visit to see their new RV life and find out if their mom is just pretending to like it.  Can you relate? 

If you haven’t seen this skit, check out the video below! 

5 Things They Got Right

While the SNL RV life skit is hilarious and pokes fun at the RV lifestyle we all know and love so much, they really hit some things on the nose. While some are some RV stereotypes that aren’t super true anymore, some really can’t be argued with.

Here are 5 things we think SNL got right about RV life. 

Specialized License Plates

The skit starts off with the kids coming into the RV, stating that all the campers looked the same but they were able to find their parents because of their specialized licenses plate. The license plate says XBANKER – a nod to leaving the 9-5 of banking in pursuit of the RVing lifestyle. 

And this isn’t too far off-base!

It’s fun to get specialized license plates for our RVs or two vehicles, whether it be a play on the name of the RV, a club or other RV affiliation (we’ve seen Xscaper license plates!), or something personal to the owners.

RV Life is an Exciting Solution to the Burnout of Everyday Life

Steve Carrell explains how he came home from work one day and just decided he didn’t want to do it anymore. For many full-time RVers, RV life is an exciting solution to the burnout of everyday life. The humdrum of 9-5, living just to work and working just to live. 

As a full-time RVer, you can cut your RV living expenses to as low as you want them to be, work from the road, and see the country at the same time. 

You don’t have to wait for retirement to get out and see the country, and more and more people are starting to realize that.

It’s So Freeing to Purge Your Possessions

The skit jokes about how it’s freeing to purge your possessions in favor of a more minimalist life like one in an RV. Steve Carrell talks about how freeing it was for him, and his “wife” agrees, saying she loves it, but you can see she’s in pain.

The RV life isn’t for everyone. And not everyone wants to get rid of all their belongings! There are always storage unit options for those mementos you just can’t let go of. 

But, for many full-time RVers, once we start the “downsizing” process, we realize just how much control our possessions have had over our lives. Full-time RVers tend to prioritize experiences and memories over material possessions.

And that is one of the most freeing feelings that there is!

Our Pets Are Family

The kids are surprised to learn that their parents have made another change after switching to RV life – they got a dog. Sound relatable?

Their dog, Lady Gray, seems to have taken over their RV life – even riding in the front seat while the wife rides in the back.  While full-time RVers may not be that fanatical about their pets, it’s very obvious that our pets are family!

RV pets have some of the best lives around. What other dog or cat do you know that gets to have a constantly changing backyard with new sights and smells while keeping their home with them?!

Campground Neighbors Are Always Willing to Lend a Hand

Kate McKinnon makes an appearance in the SNL RV Life skit as an interesting neighbor named Jib. And Jib has strange mannerisms and seems very intense, but very willing to help the couple learn how to dump their RV tanks. 

This is, of course, an exaggeration – but it’s not wrong that you’ll always find someone willing to lend a hand at an RV park. 

Whether it’s someone to help you park, help you troubleshoot an issue with your rig, help you learn the ropes as a newbie, or someone to share meals and a campfire with, RV campgrounds are great places for making like-minded friends!

Some Family Members Will Never Understand Full-Time RVing

It’s clear to see throughout the whole SNL RV life skit that the couple’s “kids” think what their parents are doing is absolutely crazy.

From the small space, to living in nature and staying at RV parks, to their concern for their mothers’ well-being, this is something many full-time RVers know well. 

Not all families are supportive of the full-time RV life decision, and some support it but just don’t understand it. 

But those of us who choose this lifestyle know we aren’t crazy… and if people would just give it a chance, they’d see it too!

Is the SNL skit really like RV life? Now you know.

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