A couple embraces each other for comfort as they watch the sun set standing outside of the their camper.

You, Me & the RV: The End of an Era?

Several popular YouTube influencers have made decisions to settle down and travel less. The RV Odd Couple bought a campground and left the full-time RV life. Changing Lanes found a cozy cottage where they can step off the road and have a home base as they choose.

Is You, Me & the RV following suit? Let’s take a look and see what news Phil and Stacy just shared on their YouTube channel.

A couple embraces each other for comfort as they watch the sun set standing outside of the their camper.

Who Is You, Me & the RV?

You, Me & the RV has been living full-time and traveling in their RV for almost five years. Phil and Stacy sold their house and most of their belongings to hit the road in their motorhome.

Along the way, they discovered a mission: bringing awareness to the needs of veterans. They started their YouTube channel during their travels to invite viewers to join in their adventures. Currently, there are over 161,000 subscribers to their channel.

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What Is You, Me & the RV Known For? 

One of the things You, Me & the RV is most known for is their dedication to veterans. Both Phil and Stacy are retired Navy veterans. Phil served for 27 years, and Stacy served for five years.

Over the years, You, Me & the RV has raised over $120,000 for veterans through their YouTube channel. They’ve sold hats and T-shirts and held auctions and giveaways to support various organizations that serve veterans.

USA Flags in the evening light in set out in celebration of veterans.

You, Me & the RV has enjoyed developing relationships with the Someday Crew, a group of subscribers who have private Zoom meetings with Phil and Stacy. There are also private texting channels just for the crew, exclusive meetups, and other community activities.

A portion of the monthly pledge from their Someday Crew goes to Homes for Our Troops.

Why Is You, Me & the RV Going Away?

Phil and Stacy’s motto since the beginning of their travel adventures has been “Today is Someday.” Whereas other full-time travelers have decided to buy land or a house or chosen to settle down over the last year, You, Me & the RV isn’t going anywhere.

They’re still going to be full-time RVers. They’re just changing their name to identify with their motto. 

What Is You, Me & the RV Changing Their Name to? 

In 2023, You, Me & the RV will have a Keys to Canada Tour along the east coast of the United States. But instead of having the name “You, Me & the RV,” they’ll now be called “Today is Someday.”

They’re actually holding a challenge for their viewers to participate in their 2023 journey by sending in their favorite places along the east coast. If you’d like to suggest an area you love or a local favorite in your neck of the woods from Florida to Maine, Today is Someday may choose you to join them as a tour guide on their trip.

An motorhome travels down a rural road with a scenic view of mountains in the distance behind.

In addition, Today is Someday has come out with new T-shirts. For every T-shirt sold, they’ll donate one dollar to Homes for Our Troops, an organization that builds and donates specially adapted custom homes for severely injured veterans. This is Today is Someday’s annual fundraiser but first under their new name.

With over 161,000 subscribers, Phil and Stacy have created a community of followers who tune in regularly. Below are three of their most popular YouTube videos.

Throughout their videos, Today is Someday seeks to keep a positive attitude with a bit of sarcasm and humor even when things go wrong.

One Year Full Time RV Living Cost 

First published on June 20, 2020, this video has over 1.1 million views. People want to know how much living full-time on the road actually costs. During Today is Someday’s first year, they traveled 13,794 miles and visited 22 states.

At the beginning of the video, Phil and Stacy remind viewers that RVing costs differently from traveler to traveler. The type of RV, the size of it, the size of your family, the amount of moving you do, and so much more affect the costs of full-time RV living.

Phil and Stacy wanted to get out and explore, adventure, and see the country. They weren’t trying to save money during their first year of traveling. So they warned viewers that their style might not be like other RVers’. They broke down their budget items into categories and gave their overall yearly expenses and monthly expenses. 

For example, they spent $1,830.20 on activities like tickets to attractions and $2,753.22 on diesel fuel for the year. Because Phil does a lot of the maintenance himself, their budget for RV maintenance is probably lower than most. They spent $1,123.15 during the year.

The largest expense was overnight stays. Phil and Stacy spent $5,813.29 on nightly fees for the year. Their most expensive overnight stay was at Disney’s Fort Wilderness, where they spent $450 for four nights.

But Today is Someday also shared some ways they save while on the road. The TSD card helps save money at fuel stations. They spent $248.01 for the year on memberships like Boondockers Welcome and Harvest Hosts, but that cost saved them hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in the long run on overnight stays.

One Year Full Time (Mistakes and Regrets)

Like the first video, this video answers some of the questions travelers have about full-time traveling. Phil and Stacy are honest about what they regret and their mistakes during their first year.

Published on May 18, 2019, this video has over 812,000 views. It’s also one of the longest videos at over 47 minutes.

Phil and Stacy discuss how important community is and how easy it has been for them to connect with other RVers. In fact, it has been easier to make friends and connections on the road than when they lived in a sticks-and-bricks house. They shared what they’ve learned, like correctly opening and closing their slides and how to boondock.

Today is Someday shared that there isn’t anything they would go back and change. They have learned from each mistake and experience. For example, they started out with a dolly because it was cheaper but ended up hating it.

Eventually, they started flat-towing a vehicle. But they don’t regret starting that way because they learned from the experience. Their biggest mistakes have been pulling the motorhome forward, ripping the power cord out of the pedestal, forgetting to insert the pin into the dolly, and dragging the ramp a couple miles down the road.

Top RV Must Have Gadgets

Finally, Today is Someday shares gadgets that every RVer needs, another top discussion among travelers. Another video from 2019, this video has over 504,000 views.

Although everyone RVs differently, there are some gadgets that every RVer should have. That includes a water filter system, a surge protector, a toolkit, levelers and wheel chocks, and internet gear. In this video, Phil and Stacy actually don’t go over all of these gadgets but instead ask fellow RVers to give their suggestions for essential RV gear. 

Friends of Today is Someday, like Changing Lanes, Wheelin with the Wendes, and Chickerys Travels, all give their ideas about top RV gear.

At the end of the video, Phil and Stacy share their personal recommendations. Phil’s top two are a surge protector and a tire pressure monitoring system. Stacy also felt like their pet monitoring system is also quite important.

Where Else Can You Find Today Is Someday? 

You can follow Today is Someday on Instagram, Facebook, and their website. You can join their Someday Crew and newsletter list to stay up-to-date on their travels and fundraising endeavors. Phil and Stacy truly want to create a community where their followers and subscribers feel like they’re on the journey with them.

So check them out and support their efforts to serve veterans. Will you be selected as a tour guide for their Keys to Canada Tour?

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