Airstream Ambassadors Ditch Silver Bullet for Another Brand

Airstream Ambassadors Ditch Silver Bullet for Another Brand

Ever wonder what’s so special about Airstreams? They’ve been all the rage since they came on the scene in 1929. With their beautiful aluminum wrap and sleek, naturally lit interiors, you can see why.

But we found a couple who ditched theirs for another brand. Keep reading to learn why Irene Iron Travels quit Airstream and is now traveling in something different.

Who Is Irene Iron Travels?

Aaron and Christine are the people behind Irene Iron Travels. They’re full-time RVers who run a YouTube channel and an online fitness and nutrition coaching business

Irene Iron Travels posts videos on YouTube every Sunday. They document their travels in their 2014 Airstream Interstate, which is a Class B camper van. The YouTube channel features RV equipment and campground reviews, fitness tips, and more. 

What Is Their History with Airstream?

Aaron and Chris became Airstream Ambassadors in early 2020. An Airstream Ambassador is an Airstream owner who helps other owners by answering questions, writing blogs, and attending events. Essentially, they’re helping market and grow the Airstream brand.

They originally chose their Airstream due to the quality and floor plan. One of the features they loved in the van was a pantry that complimented their frequent home cooking. They also loved the bright interior and ambiance. 

Why Did They Decide Against Buying an Airstream?

After full-timing with the Airstream Interstate for two and a half years, Aaron and Chris were ready for a new RV. They were researching the Airstream 25FB, Black Series 21HQ, Outdoors RV Timber Ridge 22FQS, and Lance 2075 travel trailers as their next home. 

In the end, they decided against buying another Airstream. But they’ve assured everyone that Airstreams will continue to be one of their favorite RV brands. In particular, they stand by the quality builds, European design elements, and Airstream community.

They also can’t talk enough about the aluminum construction and sustainability of these travel trailers. So while Airstream maintains a special place in their hearts, they’re trying out something different for now.

What RV Did They End Up Choosing?

Irene Iron Travels chose the Outdoors RV Timber Ridge 22FQS model with the titanium package for their new home on wheels. It’s 26-feet-eight-inches long and has a maximum trailer weight of 9,995 pounds. You can take this RV off-road, in part thanks to the large freshwater capacity of 80 gallons.

Inside, the couple will enjoy a walk around queen bed. They’ll also get a dinette on a slide-out that folds down into an additional bed. The RV contains both a full bath and a full kitchen.

Aaron and Chris chose this model for its quality build, off-road potential, and kitchen, as well as overall living and workspace. When you’re living full-time in an RV with two people, you often need a little more space than what a camper van can provide. 

Is Outdoors RV Better than Airstream?

Aaron and Chris compared the Outdoors RV 22FQS to the Airstream 25FB. They came up with several pros and cons between the two brands and models.

The Outdoors RV has more water capacity than the Airstream. This is important for boondocking and simply staying off the beaten path longer. It also has solid surface countertops that appeal to Aaron and Chris. It’s also cheaper than a typical Airstream. Most new Airstreams cost more than $100,000, while the Outdoor RV is around $44,000 new.

Aaron and Chris liked the insulation of the Outdoors RV for all seasons. The metal and windows in the Airstream can cause loss of heat or air conditioning.

The fiberglass construction of the Outdoors RV could be a weak point. It could pose a threat in terms of leaks or delamination. The rubber membranes on the roof could also be an inlet for leaks.

Airstreams are known for their smooth and efficient towing ability. This is a big draw for the brand. The Outdoors RV has more ground clearance, but it’s also much taller than the Airstream, making it harder to tow.  

In the Airstream, you have to choose between an oven or microwave. The Outdoors RV has both. This is a priority for Aaron and Chris because they cook a lot. Moreover, healthy cooking is part of their fitness and nutrition business. 

Are Other Airstream Ambassadors Leaving the Brand?

It doesn’t seem like many other Airstream Ambassadors are leaving the brand. The program is still running and active. It includes Class B and travel trailer Airstream owners. They provide helpful guides to newbies and seasoned RVers. If you’re considering an Airstream, the Ambassador program is a great place to do some research.

Irene Iron Travels has no plans of stopping now that they’ve switched up their RV choice. They have many exciting adventures ahead, so be sure to follow them to see what’s next. Have you ever had an Airstream? How does the brand measure up for you?

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