EarthRoamer XV in mountainous terrain traversing through the snow.

5 Outrageous Overland Vehicles

It’s fair to say that not all overland vehicles are created equal. With the right vehicle, you can take adventures that last weeks, months, or even indefinite amounts of time.

You may even make a game out of testing your overlanding skills to see how long you can go.

We’ve found five of the most outrageous overland vehicles that you can use to make some epic memories. Let’s check them out!

EarthRoamer XV in mountainous terrain traversing through the snow.
Photo Credit: EarthRoamer

What Is an Overland Vehicle? 

Overland vehicles are modified vehicles with everything you could need during an overlanding adventure.

Because no two experiences are the same, you’ll also see quite the variety of overlanding vehicles. You don’t need one capable of crawling over rocks if you’re planning to stick to dirt paths during your travels.

While there are many types of overlanding vehicles, you’ll typically find them to be 4×4 trucks with plenty of storage compartments and space for sleeping.

Being able to carry everything you need and conquer the terrain are the two most important characteristics of an overlanding vehicle.

Interest in overlanding has grown considerably in recent years. Social media has helped educate the general public regarding it as a hobby or a full-time traveling lifestyle.

While many thought the lifestyle wasn’t possible, they’re learning that it’s not as impossible as it once seemed.

Remote work and learning have become more common in the last couple of years. Working or doing school from anywhere opens the lifestyle to more people.

Who wouldn’t want to have a class or video conference with an epic landscape as their backdrop?

Do You Need 4×4 for Overlanding?

While a 4×4 vehicle can be useful while overlanding, it’s not entirely necessary. In reality, most overlanders don’t use them most of the time.

Instead of spending the money to upgrade to a fancy 4×4 vehicle, you could install high-quality tires and invest in some accessories to help if you get stuck.

While not having a 4×4 vehicle may limit you, it’s not always necessary in some scenarios. Don’t let not upgrading to one delay your ability to start overlanding now. You can easily enjoy the lifestyle without a vehicle with 4×4 capabilities. 

5 Outrageous Overland Vehicles

Your overlanding vehicle can be simple or complex to fit your overlanding style. However, we’ve found a handful of outrageous overlanding vehicles.

Let’s take a look at each of them!

1. EarthRoamer LTi

About: The EarthRoamer LTi is a top-of-the-line camper shell built on the Ford F550 chassis. It’s made to be rugged and yet comfortable. It features high ceilings and even a king-sized bed. There’s a bathroom, including a shower, and a full kitchen. 

There’s a lot packed into a small space, and it doesn’t shy away from the latest and greatest technology. This unit reminds us that just because you are overlanding in the middle of nowhere doesn’t mean you have to rough it. 

Best Features: The EarthRoamer looks similar to a slide-in truck camper from the outside. However, it is more similar to a camper van or Class C motorhome.

You will have complete access to the truck, including driving, without needing to exit the living space. This is especially useful if you need to make a quick exit or arrive or depart in inclement weather. 

The Earth Roamer is completely customizable down to the type and color of the flooring and counters. Materials used during constructions are high-quality. Each vehicle has a well-planned build process to ensure each vehicle is as capable as possible.

This influencer couple lived in a $700,000 EarthRoamer — find out if they thought it was worth the money.

2. Mitsubishi Fuso Camper

About: The Mitsubishi Fuso Camper may look like a simple box truck on the outside, but you won’t find this camper delivering anything other than adventure. This specific model in the video above is an EarthCruiser EXP on a Mitsubishi Fuso Chassis.

Whether you are looking for a trek through the rugged mountains, exploring rocky badlands, or an easy trip to a sandy beach, this Mitsubishi Fuso Camper has you covered.

A spacious kitchen including an induction cooktop ensures you won’t have to sacrifice great meals while on the road. There’s a bathroom space in this camper for when a different nature calls.  

Best Features: This overland vehicle is fun to drive. They pride themselves on having built a rugged vehicle on a small footprint. A smaller footprint means you can squeeze into smaller campsites and easily maneuver traffic.

While the unit has a small footprint, it still feels spacious. The pop-up ceiling extension makes a big difference in making the camper feel open and airy when you’ve settled in for the night. 

3. Dirty Dog Off-Road Elita 1

About: This one-of-a-kind overland vehicle is sure to get the attention of everyone around. It’s great for those looking for day trips. The Dirty Dog Off-Road Elita 1 is a customized 2021 Jeep Rubicon Recon with an Xtreme Recon package.

It features a vibrant deep purple, though it was originally a dark metallic gray. Many of the upgrades made to this Jeep use high-quality DV8 off-road products. This Jeep can comfortably seat four adults for off-roading fun. 

Best Features: This custom Jeep Rubicon is going to take you wherever you want to go and with style. Those lucky enough to take a ride in this overlanding vehicle will be able to scramble rock reading locations and feel confident that the Jeep will be protected and provide a safe experience as it features upgraded sport shocks and rock guards. 

4. SLRV Expedition Vehicles

About: Want luxury and capability? The SLRV Expedition Vehicle is luxurious yet capable of living up to your adventurous lifestyle.

There are 11 vehicles in the SLRV Expedition Vehicle lineup. All of the available vehicles have 4×4 capabilities, ensuring it won’t leave you stuck when you could be out exploring other trails. Each vehicle has high clearance, further ensuring you’ll be able to safely transverse anything your terrain throws at you. 

Best Features: When it comes to travel, you don’t have to sacrifice comfortability or capability. The SLRV Expedition Vehicles are impressive enough to provide both.

Not only can these vehicles take you places most RVs cannot, but it also does it without giving up comfort and the latest and greatest conveniences. 

Manufacturers utilize every inch of space, including an electric lift-up bed that gives you additional living space when you need it. A wet bath allows you to have an onboard bathroom without taking away too much living space. 

5. Earthcruiser Terranova

About: Take one look at the Earthcruiser Terranova, and you know you are going to be in for an experience. This overland vehicle is solid, giving you confidence that it will stand the test of time.

The Earthcruiser Terranova customers can choose to have their unit built on a Ford F350, RAM 3500, or a Silverado 3500. The interior has a living space intentionally designed to maximize the limited space, improve comfort, and increase usability. 

Best Features: One improved feature of the Earthcruiser Terranova over the EarthCruiser EXD is the expanded living quarters. This is done by having the bed over the cab roof instead of having a convertible dinette-bed combination.

This means it’s more comfortable during daytime and nighttime hours and less work when it comes time to prepare for bed. You can avoid converting your bed each night, which is a huge convenience for many. 

Is An Overland Vehicle Worth It?

An overland vehicle can unlock a tremendous amount of freedom in how you travel or vacation.

Whether you’re looking to take a weekend or extended trip, an overland vehicle can be a great place to call home. Overlanding trips can take you to some incredible places and make some epic memories by yourself or with loved ones. 

Which of these outrageous overland vehicles would you pick for your next trip?

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