A beautiful woman with curly brunette hair smiles and looks out her travel trailer window.

How to Camp at a Famous YouTubers Campground

If you follow the RV YouTube channel RV Odd Couple, it’s not news that they bought a campground. They’re finally ready to start welcoming guests after putting a ton of blood, sweat, tears, and money into it. Could you be one of their first guests?

Today, we’ll show you how you can camp at their campground and what you need to know. Let’s get started!

A beautiful woman with curly brunette hair smiles and looks out her travel trailer window.
The RV Odd Couple hope their campground will be a beautiful retreat for all to enjoy.

Who Is the RV Odd Couple?

John and Mercedes have been documenting their travels and sharing “the good, the bad, and the ugly” when it comes to RV life since 2018. They crisscrossed the country with their young daughter and dog and gained tremendous knowledge. Frequently, they share their views and knowledge they’ve acquired through videos full of tips and tricks to make RVing easier for others.

They were tired of struggling to find and make campground reservations. So, they purchased a campground and announced it in June 2021.

Their goal has been to make the campground into an oasis for their RV Odd Squad members to come to relax and help educate new RVers to help avoid making costly mistakes while RVing.

RV Odd Couple Top Campground Videos

One advantage to buying a dilapidated campground and running a YouTube channel is that there’s no shortage of content. John and Mercedes have shared several videos detailing all that went into the journey of opening their campground.

RV Park Ownership – Dream Come True? Or Nightmare?

RV Odd Couple find themselves deep in a money pit after their campground purchase.

In this video, John and Mercedes discuss the ups and downs of renovating the campground they’ve purchased. They have to manage the list of must-do and want-to repairs.

And while they love the beauty of the campground, a lot of the natural infrastructure is very outdated. They are upgrading electrical connections and making essential upgrades, which all cost money. You can feel the couple’s struggle to make the best decision for the campground and their finances.

The couple walks viewers through the various buildings and rooms on the property. You get a sense that the couple has a tremendous amount of work to get it ready for future guests. 

Thunder Canyon Campground Opening

Timing isn’t on their side as the RV Odd Couple tries to open Thunder Canyon Campground.

They provide an update to their viewers about the progress of Thunder Canyon Campground. They’re on the verge of opening the campground, but the weather isn’t cooperating for construction. Supply chain shortages also have been causing issues for them throughout the process.

Here, they announce that their campground will cater primarily to their Odd Squad members, especially at the start. RV Odd Squad members will be the first to stay in the park. They want the campground to be a place for like-minded people in their community to join together. 

Do John and Mercedes actually regret their campground purchase? 😬

Where Is Thunder Canyon Campground Located? 

Thunder Canyon Campground is in Ider, Ala, and shares the border with Georgia. This tiny town is approximately 35 miles from Chattanooga, Tenn., and an hour from Huntsville, Ala.

How to Camp at Thunder Canyon Campground

If you want to stay at Thunder Canyon Campground, you will want to join the RV Odd Squad. Members can gain early access to book sites, and you’ll need to submit your member number to book one.

Even if you don’t join, you’ll be one of the first to know when non-members can book sites if you’re on their newsletter list.

Thunder Canyon Campground is engulfed by nature, surrounded by trees and streams.

Types of Campsites

Thunder Canyon Campground has all types of campsites. Whether you want to camp in a tent or an RV, there are site options for you.

There are full hook-up, partial hook-up, and some boondocking sites. There’s something for everybody!


At Thunder Canyon Campground, you’ll find miles of nature paths, creeks to splash in, and laundry and showering facilities. There’s a dump station and fresh water fill station for guests that aren’t staying in one of the full hook-up RV sites.

Future upgrade plans include a prayer garden, pool, playground, and a full-service kitchen and dining hall.

A woman smiling and stepping out of her camper trailer with two cocktails in copper mugs on a sunny day.
Thunder Canyon Campground has sites for all types of campers, from RVers to tenters.


Rates to camp at Thunder Canyon Campground range from $32 to 60 per night. Tent sites will be the most budget-friendly camping option, and full hook-up sites with 50-amp electrical connections will be the most expensive.

Several discounts are available for RV Odd Squad members, DeKalb County residents, and veterans.

Is Thunder Canyon Campground Worth Booking?

If you enjoy watching videos from RV Odd Couple, you might enjoy booking a stay at Thunder Canyon Campground. You may get to share a s’more with John or Mercedes and provide them with feedback on how they can continue to grow the campground to serve future guests. It can be exciting to chat with and take a selfie with your favorite YouTube creator. 

Do you plan to book a stay at Thunder Canyon Campground in the future?

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