Redditor Spies Mario Kart RV, the Comments Are Amazing

Redditor Spies Mario Kart RV, the Comments Are Amazing

Some RVs catch your attention for their unique look or design. On a recent trip to Dairy Queen, one Reddit user saw an RV that definitely demanded attention. It didn’t grab their eye because it was massive or loaded with the latest and greatest features. Rather, they noticed that a huge Mario Cart design covered the RV top to bottom. Let’s take a closer look at this truly one-of-a-kind vehicle.

Wait, What Is a Mario Kart RV?

The Mario Kart RV is a 2020 Thor Motor Coach Daybreak. You can rent the Mario Kart RV on Outdoorsy too! The owner wrapped this RV in the Rainbow Road, one of the hardest levels in the entire Mario Kart game.

Eric Zdenek and his wife were looking for a way to travel during 2020. Their goal was to bring smiles to people’s faces across the country as they traversed the open highways. Eric says people couldn’t stop smiling as they admired all 27 feet of the work of art on the road. 

Is This an Actual RV or a Mobile Gaming Vehicle?

The Mario Kart RV is an actual RV. While many Reddit users claim it’s a popular mobile gaming vehicle, it’s not. The RV looks like it rolled off the lot as-is, without modifications.

There’s not a wall of massive TVs for multiple video game systems, and it doesn’t even appear to have a gaming console inside it. However, if you choose to rent this particular RV on Outdoorsy, you might want to bring your gaming system with you to enjoy some Mario Kart on the road.

Is the Mario Kart RV an Official Nintendo Vehicle?

You might see the Mario Kart RV and think it’s Nintendo’s attempt at advertising for the popular game, but it’s not. The Mario Kart RV is in no way affiliated with the Nintendo company. Eric and his wife were looking for a way to bring a little bit of happiness to people during a tough and confusing time.

How Was This RV Customized?

While the RV looks incredible, it can’t shoot red shells at slow-moving traffic or launch banana peels onto the road. Aside from the RV’s custom wrap, the 2020 Thor Motor Coach Daybreak’s interior remains unchanged. There appear to be no modifications or customizations made to the RV aside from the custom wrap.

Look Out for Banana Peels and Green Shells

Reddit user Teripid shares our concern for Eric’s choice of Rainbow Road when he comments, “I’m more concerned that they have a vehicle depicting the most crash-prone, off edge possibility of any stage.” User x31b adds, “Watch out for banana peels if you’re behind them.” 

This RV’s exterior is every gamer’s dream vehicle. Another Reddit user says, “This is exactly how you’d kidnap a 35-year-old man!” We agree and are pretty sure this would score some bonus points with those who grew up in the late 80s and 90s.

While we think it’s awesome what Eric and his wife have done with their RV, their motivation is far more awesome. When they hit the road in 2020, they did so with mixed emotions. We can’t think of a better way to tour the country at the time than a massive RV decorated in fond memories. While the RV and the custom wrap may have been expensive, the smiles it has brought to so many faces are priceless. Would you want to tour the country in a custom Mario kart RV?

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