Embracing detours enjoying their campsite.

Who Is Embracing Detours?

TJ and Bri watched other adventurers on YouTube live incredible lives and decided to ditch their unfulfilling and monotonous life. Now, they’re a spontaneous couple embracing the detours in life instead of stressing about them. Today we’ll take a closer look at this incredible couple and help you get to know them a little bit better. Let’s get started! 

Embracing Detours enjoying their next adventure!

The Backstory of Embracing Detours

When Embracing Detours took a two-week camping trip with a rooftop tent and their pickup truck, they fell in love with the lifestyle. They wished it didn’t have to end and were looking forward to their next big adventure. Little did they know this was the start of what would be a major adventure in their future.

TJ and Bri’s family includes two dogs and a cat: Madley, Brodie, and Jack. The couple demonstrates that while traveling with pets can be difficult, it’s most definitely possible. The couple tested the waters by taking a two-week trip with a roof-top tent and their pick-up truck. They loved the entire experience and felt like they could easily continue for an entire year.

How Long Has Embracing Detours Been RVing? 

Embracing Detours hit the road in December 2017. They were traveling in their RV and started their YouTube channel before it became a trend.

What Type of RV Do They Have? 

The couple travels the country in their 30-foot Airstream travel trailer. They tow the Airstream with a custom 4×4 van. Their van carries their bikes and other essentials to enhance their travels.

Embracing detours camping beside a lake.

Top 3 YouTube Videos from Embracing Detours

This couple has made some incredible memories and shared their adventures with their viewers. Let’s take a look at a few of their most popular videos! 

Quartzsite, AZ – RV Living

In this video, TJ and Bri spend some time in the RV capital of the Southwest, Quartzsite, Ariz. They document their experiences dumping, flushing, and filling their tanks to get ready to dry camp in the Arizona desert. The couple visits the Rock and Gem show, rides out to the Desert Bar, and spends some time at the Big Tent for an RV show. The couple shows how Quartzite is a stop that every RVer should visit if they’re in the Southwest during the winter.

Yuma, AZ – RV Living

The couple continues their Southwest adventures by visiting another popular RV destination, Yuma, Ariz. The couple has spent the past month or so boondocking and is excited to pull into a full hookup site. TJ and Bri head south of the border into Mexico and visit Los Algodones. They take advantage of the discounted dental work in Mexico and get their teeth cleaned. They even discover some new camping options via the Bureau of Land Management. 

Outer Banks, NC – RV Living

In this video, TJ and Bri travel to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. This location was one that the couple had been looking forward to visiting since they purchased their Airstream. They spend time at two budget-friendly campgrounds and take a ferry over to an island. They visit a lighthouse, campground, and beach. While in town, the couple also visits the Wright Brothers Memorial Jockey Ridge State Park and has some incredible donuts. 

Where Can You Follow Embracing Detours? 

If you’d like to connect with TJ and Bri of Embracing Detours, you can support them on Patreon, follow them on Instagram, or like their Facebook page. The more you follow them, the more you’ll feel like you get to know them. You may even learn about a new or exciting place to visit.

Sometimes the road less traveled in life requires you to take a detour. Instead of letting the unexpected frustrate them, TJ and Bri are embracing detours to help them enjoy life. How would embracing the detours in life change the way you travel?

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