Cruise ship on clear blue water

World’s Largest Cruise Ship Will Now Offer Short Trips

Cruising the sea with everything you need and more at your fingertips is a lovely experience. That’s exactly what you get when you embark on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. But do all cruise ships only offer lengthy getaways, or is it possible to do a short trip cruise?

We took a closer look to uncover what are the benefits of hopping on a cruise for just a few days? Keep on reading to learn more about the world’s largest cruise ship and how it is now offering short voyages.

What Cruise Ship Is Offering Short Trips? 

While many cruise ships and cruise lines are known for their three or four-night cruises, Royal Caribbean’s Oasis class vessels were for seven-night cruises. Recently, the cruise line has transitioned its largest ship, Allure of the Seas, into a boat offering three and four-night journeys. This has much allure to many cruise ship guests, as it opens up the possibility of cruising without taking an entire week.

Cruise ship on clear blue water

What Types of Cruise Ships Does Royal Caribbean Have?

Not all Oasis-class ships are transitioning from seven nights to a short trip cruise. The remainder of these ships, ranging from 226,838 to 236,857 tons and holding around 7,000 passengers, will have a minimum of seven-night cruises.

The Oasis-class ships are some of the largest and more well-known vessels in Royal Caribbean’s fleet. They have several pools, waterslides, dining options, and more. However, smaller ships exist. The Quantum class ranges from 168,666 to 169,379 tons and holds 4,500 passengers. 

Smaller than the Oasis-class ships, the Quantum-class make up for their size with new additions to their entertainment value. They have bumper cars, sky rides, and more. These ships are more versatile, and many head to colder climates like Alaska.

Another class is the Radiance line. These four ships are around 90,000 tons and hold approximately 2,100 passengers. You’ll find several pools, restaurants, bars, shops, and more. You won’t have ice skating rinks, giant waterslides, or anything too extravagant like bumper cars.

The Freedom-class has several ships in the 155,000-ton range, holding around 4,000 passengers. With many of the adventures, restaurants, and activities as the other lines, what makes the Freedom-class line stand out is their top-deck extravagances. 

Similar to the Freedom line is the Voyager class. Holding around 3,000 passengers and weighing approximately 138,000 tons, you won’t find many differences in this line. But if you want fewer people, this class may be for you.

The smallest of Royal Caribbean’s ships is the Voyagers. They built these four ships in the 1990s. They average around 76,000 tons for a more intimate cruise experience. Many focus on port access because of their size. They may not have many attractions, but you’ll find luxury in dining, bars, pools, and more.

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About Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas

Whatever line of Royal Caribbean classes you choose, you’ll have an experience of a lifetime. But if you’re looking for a short trip cruise of three or four nights, including all that Royal Caribbean is known for, you should consider Allure of the Seas.


Weighing 225,282 tons, this massive cruise ship holds around 5,400 passengers in over 2,700 double occupancy rooms and suites. The 12,000-foot ship has 16 decks with more than 35 categories of rooms and suites and seven distinct styles of neighborhoods based on varying themes throughout the boat.


Amenities on Allure of the Seas include everything from a sun deck with lounge chairs to the extravagance of a zipline. For entertainment, you can play until you’re exhausted on the surf simulator, the zipline, the rock climbing wall, or the water park. 

Relax waterside at one of the many pools or jacuzzis. Spend some time at the spa, the fitness center, or at one of the many bars and lounges. For dining, you’ll find many options, from casual to elegant, with an array of mouth-watering food options. 

At night, you can dance, sing, drink, gamble, or dine. Is shopping your thing? Take time along the Promenade and shop for yourself and others. There’s no shortage of things to do on this ship.


Depending on whether you start your cruise from Orlando or Miami,  Allure of the Seas heads to several destinations in Florida and the Bahamas for three or four-night cruises. Spend time in Miami or Orlando, enjoy the beauty of CocoBay or Nassau in the Bahamas, or even visit Cozumel in Mexico.


Three and four-night cruises are often quite affordable. For a short yet thrilling cruise on Allure of the Seas, costs can range from $300 to $900 per person, depending on the accommodations. Inner rooms are generally less expensive, while suites with balconies can cost more than a basic room. It all depends on what you need and want in your room.

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What Is the Benefit of Short Trips on Allure of the Seas?

The most significant benefit of a short trip on Allure of the Seas is the ship. With all there is to explore on this massive cruise ship, you’ll surely find something enjoyable. Whether it’s a place in a quiet corner with a book or flying across the decks on a zipline, Allure of the Seas has what you need.

Another benefit is that it’s a short trip. You won’t have to worry about losing a week’s work or how to afford the pet sitter for two weeks. Your plants won’t die in three or four days. Your boss will be ok if you take a few days off. Also, you cannot ignore that a short cruise vacation is affordable. 

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Can You Still Book Long Trips With Royal Caribbean? 

Royal Caribbean may be starting a short trip cruise option, but their long trips aren’t going anywhere. You can book up to a 15-night cruise on other classes of ships in Royal Caribbean’s fleet. Those 14-15-night cruises can take you across the ocean to explore many European places. So whether you’re looking for a short cruise of three to four nights or an extended cruise around Europe, Royal Caribbean is the cruise line to explore.

Is a Four Night Cruise Worth It?

Getting away from it all on a four-night cruise might be worth its weight in gold. You pack once and get to enjoy a new place or two. Once on the ship, your worries about everyday life might slip away.

After all, you’re on a boat in the middle of nowhere, and you can do nothing except relax. Or maybe fly down the waterslide again, laughing all the way. After those four nights, you’ll be relaxed and ready to enter the real world again. 

Where would you travel on one of the Royal Caribbean’s short trip cruise ships?

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