Famous RV YouTubers Catch COVID-19

The longer you RV, the more you develop the skill of adapting to circumstances quickly changing. 2020 was a crazy year of not only RVers learning to adjust but the entire world. It seemed every day we woke up to a world that was a little different than the day before. 

But what do you do when your life is on display for the whole world to see and your family gets COVID-19?

Famous RV YouTubers Catch COVID-19

Nathan and Marissa of Less Junk, More Journey are famous RV YouTubers that contracted COVID-19. Instead of hiding their COVID-positive results, they shared their story with 165,000 subscribers on YouTube. In their video “How DANGEROUS is it to RV DURING a PANDEMIC?” Less Junk, More Journey shares their experience of dealing with COVID-19 while RVing.

Who Is Less Junk, More Journey? 

Five years ago, Nathan and Marissa were tired of working just to have stuff, so they sold their house and hit the road. They were inspired by the freedom they saw in others who were full time traveling and shortly after their brand Less Junk, More Journey was formed.

Since launching into traveling full time, they’ve inspired countless other individuals and families to embrace the lifestyle as well. Their incredible openness is a gift to other RVers who take the opportunity to learn from this amazing couple. They’ve earned the RVing community’s trust because of their willingness to share not only the good but the bad.

Getting COVID on the Road

The couple returned from Michigan in October 2020 where Marissa, who was previously a nurse, was helping a family member recover from surgery. Many of the early signs of COVID were missed as these symptoms are also common in someone recovering from surgery. A few days and one positive COVID test later would confirm to Nathan and Marissa that their family had been exposed to COVID-19.

Marissa was the first in their family to begin showing COVID symptoms, which was initially a headache, which moved to allergy-like type symptoms. She states that about three days after her initial symptoms, she developed a fever and ultimately did lose her sense of taste and smell. Eventually, they both were incredibly sick for about three weeks, but luckily everyone fully recovered.

The couple discusses for them how traveling was safer because they were naturally socially distant. While traveling, they weren’t around people in the same capacity as when they are stationary at home with their community.

How Dangerous is it to RV During a Pandemic?

As Nathan and Marissa state, they’ve felt safer while RVing than when they were stationary. They felt that while RVing, you have more control of how exposed you allow yourself to be. They’ve opted to travel with the warm weather knowing that it will allow them to be outside as often as possible. This allows them to avoid being indoors in places where transmission numbers are higher.

Businesses have been making adjustments for the past year. These necessary adjustments help employees and patrons to be as safe as possible. The beautiful thing about RVing is that even in a campground you can remain essentially 100% socially distant at all times.

How to Avoid COVID-19 While RVing

RVing is most enjoyable when everyone is healthy. So here are a few things you can do to help avoid COVID-19 while RVing.

Practice Social Distancing

Keep at least 6 feet apart from those whom you are not RVing with. This doesn’t mean you can’t go out adventuring and explore on trails but maintain your distance while doing so. Don’t be afraid to step off the trail or slow down to help maintain the recommended distance.

Wash and Sanitize Hands Often

We’ve heard it since we were little, but washing and sanitizing your hands is one of the best lines of defense against germs. Washing your hands before meals isn’t going to cut it during these times. Wash and sanitize your hands whenever you contact shopping carts, door handles, or other shared public surfaces.

Wear a Mask

Many states or businesses still require patrons to wear masks when entering an establishment. This is to protect employees, fellow shoppers, and yourself. Wearing a mask helps the spread of germs that could easily spread COVID-19 to others.

Avoid Crowded Public Places

Some places are harder than others to maintain social distance. Gift shops, visitor centers, and museums are often closed or regulate how many visitors can enter for this very reason. Avoiding these crowded public places may be frustrating or difficult, but another way to keep yourself safe while RVing.

Sanitize Frequently Touched Areas Often

Be sure to carry or grab a sanitizing wipe to wipe down frequently touched areas. This can be helpful whether it’s a door handle, a shopping cart, or even an ATM. Being able to ensure you’re only touching a freshly sanitized area is another great step towards protecting yourself while RVing.

Follow CDC Guidelines

The Center for Disease Control guidelines are updated as COVID numbers fluctuate. Staying updated and aware of these guidelines is key to keeping not only yourself but also those you love most, safe and healthy. 

Be Safe Out There

It’s almost impossible to remember what normal life was like before COVID-19 shut everything down. As Nathan and Marissa share, RVing is a great way to rekindle a little bit of normalcy. You’re able to protect your family and allow yourself to be exposed at whatever capacity you’re willing. How has COVID-19 affected your travel plans in 2020 and so far in 2021?

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