6 Solo Female RVers Who Have Found Freedom on the Road

6 Solo Female RVers Who Have Found Freedom on the Road

There are a growing number of solo female travelers out there. And many of them have embraced the RV lifestyle. RVing provides flexibility and versatility for those with wanderlust and an interest in living more simply. Going at it on your own, no matter your gender, is a fun and adventurous journey. Let’s take a look at six solo female RVers who are out there exploring! 

Solo Female RVing Is All About Freedom

Solo female RVers are finding freedom on the open road. It’s a departure from the day-to-day grind of an office job or owning a sticks and bricks home. The lifestyle is minimalist and promotes the opportunity to be your true self. 

A solo female RVer enjoying her time at a campsite.

6 Solo Female RVers Who Have Found Freedom on the Road

Let’s take a peek into the lives of these six solo female RVers. Each has a YouTube channel you can subscribe to if you want to follow their adventures.

1. Amber of Story Chasing

Amber of Story Chasing has been RVing full time for four years with her dog, Lilly. She started in an RV, and now she’s embarking on van life. Her YouTube channel shows amazing time-lapse videos, cooking tips, RV DIYs, travel vlogs, gear reviews, and more. 

Amber was working more than 60 hours a week, and it didn’t feel like living. So she decided in 2017 to sell her house, quit her job, and become an entrepreneur—all while living and traveling in an RV.

She’s upfront about what it’s like to RV solo, including the ups and downs. Amber has said that RVing has given her a renewed faith in humanity, for example, when her RV was stuck, and strangers helped her. She’s found a strength inside of herself she wasn’t previously aware she had. 

Where to Follow

Follow Amber on YouTube, Instagram, and her website

2. Carolyn of Carolyn’s RV Life

Carolyn is a full-time RVer who loves to boondock. Her popular YouTube channel gives you a glimpse into her life of freedom on the road, along with her dog. She vlogs about backpacking, hiking, and all things RV- and travel-related. 

Carolyn decided to live in an RV to be closer to nature. She loves to backpack but wanted a place to work and have some of the comforts of home. To do this, she chose a small Class C motorhome that allows her to be remote. 

Where to Follow

Follow Carolyn’s RV Life on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and her blog.  

3. Queen Tasha

First of all, Queen Tasha has the coolest-looking purple RV. It’s called the Purple Palace, and it’s a Class C motorhome. Queen Tasha has been RVing full-time for the past couple of years. 

She documents her travels on YouTube to inspire other black women and women of color to step outside of any boxes. Her videos include repair projects, healthy cooking, fitness, sustainability, and more. Reducing waste and having a minimalist lifestyle are extremely important to Queen Tasha. In addition, it helps her feel more connected to nature. 

Where to Follow

Follow Queen Tasha on YouTube, Instagram, and her podcast

4. Lindsey, aka Girl Gone Glamping

Lindsey has been solo RVing for more than four years. Currently, she’s living and traveling in an Overland 4×4 adventure rig. It’s a sweet build that’s perfect for a solo traveler. And as Lindsey will tell you, the interior is designed for glamping.

After living in a big city without a lot of direction, she needed a change. So Lindsey decided to RV full-time. She’d already been working remotely running a logistics brokerage. She’s kept her business going since taking to the road.

Where to Follow

Follow Girl Gone Glamping on YouTube and Instagram.

5. Catherine Gregory

Catherine Gregory is a nomad who sold it all in 2019 and bought a truck and truck camper. She stepped out into the RV life to escape the corporate rat race. Catherine’s life and career were going well but left her less fulfilled than she’d hoped. Her love for the mountains snowballed into full-time travel.

Catherine has a popular YouTube channel that documents her travels. She vlogs about the RV lifestyle, backpacking, and travel. Creating content is her passion, and she enjoys continuing to learn and grow. 

Where to Follow

Follow Catherine on YouTube, Instagram, and her website.

6. Vanna Mae

Vanna Mae is a solo RVer. She travels in a Class C motorhome with her cat. As an artist, full-time travel provides a variety of landscapes to gain inspiration.

She found out about the lifestyle while traveling the country as an art model and creator. Vanna Mae heard about van life through Bob Wells’s YouTube channel. After selling her sticks and bricks house a couple of years ago, she bought her tiny home on wheels and loved it. 

Where to Follow

Follow Vanna Mae on YouTube.

These travelers show that solo RV travel is truly for everyone. Solo RVing is very different from traveling with other people. These female RVers are great examples. Are you following any of these solo RVers yet?

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