A luxury class A motorhome parked outside at a resort.

What Is the Longest RV Allowed On the Road?

Are you in the market for a big rig? If so, you’re probably wondering how big RVs can get. After all, RVing is a constant balance between space and freedom; you want your home to be portable, but you don’t want to feel cramped! 

In this article, we explore the maximum lengths of RVs, restrictions on big rigs in national parks, and whether or not RV length truly matters. Let’s dive in!

A luxury class A motorhome parked outside at a resort.

How Long Are the Longest RVs?

The longest RVs on the market are typically luxury Class As that max out at around 45’ in length. Usually diesel pushers, these RVs look more like tour buses than campers, and many RVers prefer to live in them full-time. 

What Is the Maximum Length Of a Fifth Wheel Trailer? 

The most sizable fifth wheel on the market is the Grand Design Solitude, at 41’5” in length. Considering that, unlike motorhomes, every inch of square feet is living space, this camper is a house.

While there are multiple floorplans, Grand Design seems to make excellent use of the area. There are options for a rear kitchen, walk-in closet, and even a  luxurious double-sink bathroom. You’ll feel like you’re in a high-end apartment rather than a camper.

What Is the Longest Travel Trailer Length? 

In general, travel trailers are usually smaller than Class A motorhomes and fifth wheels, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find extensive travel trailers. The most extended travel trailer is the Jayco Eagle 334DROK.

It has an overall length of 41’2”, including two bedrooms, the main bathroom, a half bath, a large kitchen, and washer/dryer prep. The runners-up include the K-Z Sportsmen 362BH at 40’9” and the Gulf Stream Trailmaster Special Edition 33DBDB at 40’8”. 

What Is the Maximum Length Of a Class A Motorhome? 

Now let’s talk about Class As. As we mentioned before, these motorhomes make up the most extensive RVs on the market, and they can be imposing. The most extended Class A on the market is the Entegra Cornerstone 45B at 45’5”.

This luxury motorhome has a spacious living area, two bathrooms, and the main bedroom. It has an MSRP of $600,000.

Following the Entegra is the Tiffin Allegro Bus 45 OPP at 45’ in length and the Foretravel Realm Presidential Series FS605 LVMS at 45’.

Do you know which RVs are the easiest to drive?

Each state has different rules regarding legal maximum RV length, making it tricky when traveling across the country. However, the maximum permitted length usually varies between 40 and 50 feet.

This doesn’t include your tow vehicle, however, so if you’re towing a fifth wheel with your truck or a car with your Class A, you’ll find that maximum lengths vary between 50 and 65 feet.

What Is the Longest RV Allowed in National Parks? 

If you plan on camping in national parks, RV length is a different story. You probably won’t get into many national park campgrounds with a 45’ motorhome (although there are exceptions).

So what size RV should you get if you want to explore the many beautiful national parks the US offers? 

An excellent rule of thumb is to stay under 25 feet in length, as 93% of National Parks can accommodate RVs of this size. Nevertheless, if you have a large family, are full-timing, or need that extra space, you can still get into 73% of National Park campgrounds in a 35’ RV. Any lengthier, and your travels will become more challenging.

However, some national park campgrounds accommodate big rigs of all sizes. These include Colter Bay RV Park in Grand Teton National Park and Pines Campground in Bryce Canyon National Park. 

Does RV Length Include Tow Vehicle? 

Typically, RV length does not include the tow vehicle unless the manufacturers specify it. This is because the limit usually relates to the space available at campsites. Thus, campgrounds know you can detach your vehicle and park it either at your site or at another parking space at the campground.

However, some campgrounds specify the combined length limit, and this usually means that they have little space. If you’re not sure, ask!

Does Your RV Length Matter?

RV length matters for various reasons. For one, it can significantly impact your travels. Smaller rigs are easier to maneuver in cities, mountain ranges, and campgrounds.

Many RVers downsize simply because they realize how restricted they are in a big rig. Ultimately, only you know what the perfect size RV is for you and your family, and sometimes it takes some trial and error to figure it out! 

What do you think? Is bigger always better? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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