Is There A Nude Campground In Quartzsite?

Want to connect to nature in a whole new way? Why not give nude camping a try! Although the thought of nude camping may have never crossed your mind, it is quite popular in certain places.

If you’re looking to spice up your camping, you won’t want to miss a nude campground in Quartzsite.

So, Is There a Nude Campground in Quartzsite? 

Yes! Quartzsite, Arizona is a popular snowbird destination. But it is also a popular place if you’re looking for a nude campground.

The nude campground in Quartzsite is located just south of the La Posa Long-Term Visitor Area.

What is The Magic Circle in Quartzsite, Arizona?

The Magic Circle is a nude campground in Quartzsite. The Magic Circle offers dispersed camping, but there are a few amenities nearby. Reviewers report there is a dump station and a place to get fresh water and toss your trash.

You’ll just have to drive a couple of miles up the road to the La Posa Long-Term Visitor Area.

The Magic Circle allows for long-term stays, so you can escape for up to 7 months at a time! Most BLM sites require you to move every 14 days. So if you’re looking for a place to stay for an extended period, look no further. You won’t even have to worry about laundry either!

You might even be lucky to catch one of the planned social events. Volunteers plan potlucks, karaoke, and other social events from time to time.  

If you’re wondering whether it is legal to nude camp on BLM land, you’re not the only one. The rules surrounding this issue are a little vague.

Basically, the BLM does not prohibit nude camping. In most cases, they defer to the laws of the local area which means each BLM site might have different rules.

Given the variability, it is important to check out the local regulations before camping sans clothing. But the nude campground in Quartzsite is totally legal and follows all local regulations!

Nude Camping is One Way To Get Closer to Nature

Chilling at a nude campground might sound a little crazy. But it is a great way to connect with nature on a deeper level.

It offers a way for people to get back to the basics of life. So many people feel like they are constantly putting on a show for others — from what we drive, the house we live in, to the clothes we wear. Nude camping strips that all away (literally).

People who frequent the nude campground in Quartzsite and others like it are also very body positive. Nude camping can help you accept your body and develop more self-confidence.

Want to Experience Nude Camping in Quartzsite? Here Are Some Tips

If you plan to visit Quartzsite’s nude campground, there are a few things you need to know. First, bring lots of sunscreen!! You will expose parts of your body that have not seen the sun (possibly ever). This is a recipe for getting scorched. So, lather on the sunscreen before you head outside for the day.

You should also bring a towel to sit on or cover up with as needed. If you start getting too much sun, you can drape the towel over your shoulders to give your skin a bit of respite.

Last, no cameras! This one should go without saying, but we’ll say it, anyway. People looking for a nudist camping experience are not giving you free rein to take photos of them. So use common sense and leave the cameras at home.

The nude campground in Quartzsite offers a unique opportunity. You can nude camp and enjoy meeting other like-minded individuals. Even if this is your first nude camping experience, the folks at Quartzsite will help you feel welcome and comfortable. So, if you have ever wanted to give nude camping a try, the Magic Circle is the place to do it.

Is there a nude campground in Quartzsite? Now you know!

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