Keep Your Daydream’s New RV Revealed (Again)!

Keep Your Daydream’s New RV Revealed (Again)!

When it comes to changing RVs, Marc and Trish of Keep Your Daydream (KYD) change more than the average camper. When it comes to the number of upgrades RVers make, it’s hard to top some of the Keep Your Daydream RVs. In July 2021, they purchased their newest RV, and it was a little surprising. Let’s take a closer look! 

Keep Your Daydreams RV enjoying the beach.

What Kind of RV Did Keep Your Daydream Purchase This Time?

Keep Your Daydream’s new RV isn’t quite so new. It’s a 1984 Blue Bird Wonderlodge that’s 35 feet long. They’re nicknaming their new-to-them RV “The Bird,” but also frequently refer to it as “Daydream.” She’s full of character and nostalgia. The couple hasn’t done a deep dive into their new RV yet, but she’s a beauty. They’ll get settled into their RV first before documenting it and giving a complete walk-through.

Who Did They Buy Their New RV From?

Bunny and Missy are “The Bird’s” previous owners. Marc and Trish formed an instant relationship with the couple through daily communication to ensure the RV was ready for them upon their arrival. They’re thrilled with both the RV itself and the new friendship they formed while buying it. 

Why Did They Choose a Vintage RV to Travel In?

Caleb, the youngest of the KYD kids, says it best when he says the new RV just “suits us.” There’s something about traveling in a vintage RV that’s an experience unlike any other. The bus’s interior contains Route 66 decorations, which is the route that they’ll travel.

A red vintage RV parked at a campsite.

Is Keep Your Daydream Planning to Renovate?

One of the first things the couple did was take “The Bird” to get new tires and a receiver for a hitch. However, KYD shared on Facebook that they don’t plan to make any major improvements to The Bird/Daydream. This winter, they’ll spend some time making minor upgrades, but nothing major.

If Marc and Trish continue their tradition, the minor upgrades will likely make the RV more liveable. In the past, whether it was their Airstream or their massive fifth wheel, their upgrades have always been simple.

The couple isn’t planning to take the bus out on long journeys. They’ve posted several times that it will be for trips 200-300 miles from home. It doesn’t get anywhere quickly, so the couple is hanging on to their Airstream for the bulk of their travels.

Why Does KYD Change Their RV So Often?

Keep Your Daydream has one of the largest platforms in the RVing community. They cast an incredibly wide net when it comes to their audience. This means they need to be relatable to a wide variety of viewers.

Now that they’re established in the RVing community, people value their insights. Each time they change RVs, it allows them to offer their opinion to viewers. Changing RVs isn’t uncommon in the RVing community, so their viewers may benefit from the input KYD provides.

You never know what to expect when Keep Your Daydream buys a new RV. The family has been in everything from a travel trailer to a massive toy hauler. They’ve even rented all of the popular RV types. They’ve traveled to four other countries and almost all 50 states. While their new bus isn’t going to be their full-time rig, they’re going to take some pretty epic trips in it. We’re excited to watch how they make it their own and where they take it. Where would you travel in a bus if you had the chance?

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